Ed Pentz, Executive Director

COMM - Community, Outreach, Membership and Marketing Team

Ginny Hendricks, Director of Member and Community Outreach

Rosa Clark,
Marketing Coordinator

Susan Collins
, Associate Membership Manager

Patricia Feeney, Product Support Manager

Anne Hotchkiss, Member Services Coordinator

Anna Tolwinska, Marketing Manager

April Ondis, Digital Content Marketing Manager

Finance & Operations Team

Lisa Hart, Director of Finance and Operations

Amy Bosworth, Accounts Receivable Administrator

Christopher Cocci
, Staff Accountant

Paula Dwyer
, Controller

Shauna Lee, Administrative Assistant

Jairo Minaya, Accounts Payable Specialist

Lindsay Russell, Payroll and Benefits Coordinator

Product Management Team

Jennifer Lin, Director of Product Management

Rachael Lammey, Product Manager

Kirsty Meddings, Product Manager

Strategic Initiatives Team

Geoffrey Bilder, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Karl Ward, Principal R&D Engineer

Joe Wass, R&D Programmer

Technical Team

Chuck Koscher, Director of Technology

Andrew Gilmartin, Senior Software Developer

Tim Pickard, System Support Analyst/Administrator

Jon Stark, Software Developer

Mike Yalter, Software Developer

Updated November 4, 2015

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