stq and forward linking

CrossRef’s forward linking service allows publishers to deposit the references for an article along with its DOI so that we
can build our cited-by linking index and enable publishers to retrieve links to works that cite a target work. This form
allows you to deposit references in a cut-and-paste interface, using the subFL button. You will be asked for the
DOI of the article that contains the submitted references, along with the CrossRef login for the publisher account with
permission to deposit this DOI. Please supply your email address so that we can send you the XML file from this process,
along with the deposit results.

Please note that this deposit is processed as a complete set, which means that any previous deposit of forward links for
this article will be replaced in full by any subsequent deposits. You may deposit an incomplete set -- just remember to
include previous references each time you make a deposit.

The forward link deposit will include all references that were parsed by the XStyles engine and not just those that
returned a DOI. CrossRef will ‘remember’ any non-DOI matched references and will attempt to find a match later on.


1) Submit your references using the Simple Text Query form (gets you to the result page having the subFL button)

2) Select subFL and then enter the DOI, email address and publisher account login

3) Again select subFL

Once your deposit XML has been constructed and submitted to the main CrossRef system, you will see a confirmation
page. Later, when the deposit has been processed, you will receive the log results via email.

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