Guidelines for Standard Citations in Author Postings (PDF) 32KB -- These Guidelines outline best practices for linking from an author posting of a postprint or preprint work within a repository to the related definitive publication. CrossRef recommends that publishers communicate these Guidelines to their authors and to Institutional Repositories. (Revised July 14, 2011)

CrossRef Glossary -- This Glossary defines standard terms used in the description of published works, unpublished works, posted works, and versions. Comments and feedback on the Glossary are welcome - please email

DOI Display Guidelines -- This document provides basic information about DOI syntax and use.

DOIs in Citation Export Services Guidelines (PDF) 21KB -- This document guides publishers on how to integrate DOIs into their "Download Citation"/"Export References" services. (Updated version soon to be posted).

Metadata Guidelines -- These Guidelines outline best practices in publisher submission of metadata to CrossRef, in order to
enhance the quality of CrossRef's metadata and our ability to provide various services.

Title and DOI Ownership

DOI Conflicts - definition, management, and penalty fee policy

Updated August 3, 2011

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