affiliate fees

2016 Affiliate Annual Membership Fee

Crossref Service Provider
Crossref Service Provider $2,000

Crossref Query Affiliate
Total Revenue < $1 mil $500
Total Revenue $1 - 10 mil $2,000
Total Revenue > $10 mil $10,000

2016 Crossref Metadata Services Annual Membership Fees

Crossref Metadata Services Affiliate
Gross Revenue      
< $1 mil
$1 - 10 mil
> $10 mil
CMS Basic
CMS Basic
CMS Enhanced
(former CMS Affiliate)

Background on Fees

Crossref is a service run by Publishers International Linking Association, Inc. (PILA), an independent membership
organization comprised of publishers of original scholarly material. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Note: there is no charge to end-user (or publisher) for following a DOI link

*Notes on definition of "Total Revenue":

  • Total revenue includes all revenue from all the divisions of an organization (primary and secondary)
    for all types of activities (advertising, books, journals, databases, article charges, etc). For membership organizations,
    member dues allocated to subscriptions will be included in total revenue.
  • The member is considered to be the largest legal entity rather than a division.
  • Membership fee billing will be done on a calendar year basis.
  • Members will self-categorize.

General Policies

  • Publishers must deposit metadata from all their online journals in the Crossref system.
  • Before retrieving DOIs for references in articles, Members must deposit the article metadata in the Crossref system.
    In other words, in order to link from an article, the metadata for that article must be deposited in the Crossref system
    so that others can link to the article.
  • It is an obligation of Crossref membership to link references in scholarly journals using DOIs.
  • Organizations with both primary and secondary divisions only need to pay one annual fee based on total publishing revenue.
  • Secondary divisions affiliated with primary-division publishers will not be allowed to retrieve DOIs unless the
    primary-division publisher deposits metadata for its journals.
  • Members and non-members may "cache" retrieved DOIs (i.e. store them in their local systems).
  • Members may appoint Affiliates to act on their behalf with Crossref (registering metadata, looking up DOIs).
    An Affiliate can represent any number of members.
Updated December 9, 2015