Members can help spread the word about CrossRef in a variety of ways. Informational materials for publishers and libraries, as well 4x6 inch CrossRef signs, are now available for use in your exhibit booths. Please contact (

New PDF color and black-and-white ads

New PDF color and black-and-white ads (6x9 and 7.25x10) targeting the research community are posted below. Quark files for the same ads for available upon request (, in case you would like to customize the ad copy. Website banner ads are also available.


6x9 color

6x9 color

6x9 b/w

6x9 b/w

7x10 color

7x10 color

7x10 b/w

7x10 b/w

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CrossRef Enabled

Use this button to brand your journals as CrossRef-enabled. You can have the button link to the CrossRef website (for instance, the researcher benefits page) or to your own site's explanatory page about the DOI and CrossRef.

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CrossRef Branding Guidelines (PDF)

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