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This click-through registration form contains the policies applicable to participating in cited-by linking. Please read it carefully.


1. Participation in Cited-by Linking is optional for Crossref members.

2. Members must deposit references from their current material to retrieve Cited-by Linking data (i.e. to retrieve “cited-by” links).

3. Members may only retrieve Cited-by Linking data to display in primary articles that they publish. Agents will be able to retrieve Cited-by Linking data on behalf of members who participate in Cited-by Linking and deposit references.

4. There will be no “public” interface for retrieving Cited-by Linking data. There is currently a form for free single DOI lookup on the Crossref website but no equivalent form will be available for Cited-by Linking data.

5. Cited-by Linking will not be available for secondary records.

6. Local Hosting will only be available for member use in primary content.

7. All policies will be reviewed periodically.

Please supply the following information to register for Cited-by Linking:

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