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Failed query report generated on October 15,2013

Date of coverage: September 2013

This page provides a brief version of the failed query report for the specified month. Links to more extensive versions are available for this and prior reporting periods at the bottom of this page.
Failed queries where title was not found
Failed queries where ISSN was not found
Failed queries where title/ISSN was found, but coverage was lacking
Statistics about all failed queries

Failed queries where title was not found


Failed queries where no title was provide and the ISSN was not found


Failed queries where title or ISSN was found, but coverage was missing


Statistics about all failed queries

SubjectQuery Count
Journal title not found (ISSN may/may not be provided)104
Journal/ISSN found but article not found 0
No journal title supplied and the ISSN did not match0
No journal author supplied and page did not match24
Journal found, but more than one candidate DOI (ambiguous result)0
Journal title, author and year not supplied0
Page number not supplied43

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