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This click-through registration form contains the policies applicable to participating in cited-by linking. Please read it carefully.


1. Participation in Cited-by Linking (formerly Forward Linking (FL)) is optional for Crossref members.

2. Members must deposit references from their current material to retrieve Cited-by Linking data (i.e. to retrieve “cited-by” links).

3. Members may only retrieve Cited-by Linking data to display in primary articles that they publish. Agents will be able to retrieve Cited-by Linking data on behalf of members who participate in Cited-by Linking and deposit references.

4. There will be no “public” interface for retrieving Cited-by Linking data. There is currently a form for free single DOI lookup on the CrossRef website but no equivalent form will be available for Cited-by Linking data.

5. Cited-by Linking will not be available for secondary records.

6. Local Hosting will only be available for member use in primary content.

7. All policies will be reviewed in 2005.

Cited-by Linking Fees - (the forward linking fee has been dropped as of January 2007)

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