Members, Affiliates and Agents

Participating Publishers*: 1,434 (
Members: 380 (
Affiliates: 30 (
Agents: 6 (
Library Affiliates: 537 (

*This number is only considered to be a partial list because not all members have provided us with the counts or names of the societies or organizations for whom they serve as co-publisher. Please send Amy ( the list of organizations your company co-publishes.

Upcoming Meetings

Technical Workshop - a workshop on new CrossRef services is being held just prior to the SSP Annual Meeting on Tuesday May 31, 2005, from 2PM - 5PM at the Westin Copley Place in Boston (location of SSP's annual meeting). Register at:

The intent of this workshop is to introduce new features of the CrossRef system, provide insight into best practices, and to discuss frequently asked questions. New and experienced users are encouraged to participate in the discussions. View the detailed agenda at

2005 Annual Meeting - November 15th, 2005 in London.

DOIs in Use

Forward Linking is now live! The Institute of Physics Publishing provides an "articles citing this article" feature that now includes several links from other participating CrossRef publishers. To see a live example from the New Journal of Physics (an open-access journal), click on doi:10.1088/1367-2630/1/1/006 ( follow the "articles citing this article" link below the abstract.

The Public Library of Science has also gone live with CrossRef-based forward linking. To see an example, click on doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0000005 ( and follow the "see articles citing this article" link on the right.

For information on CrossRef Forward Linking please go to

Innovative use of DOIs category - Connotea is an online reference management service and social bookmarking tool created by the Nature Publishing Group that makes use of DOIs. For more information see


Statistics Year-to-Date

April 2005 Totals April 2004 Totals % Change 2004/2005
Journal Titles 11,991 9,700 +24%
Conferences 13,113
Book Titles 9,329
Total Records 15,902,615 11,449,426 +39%
Total DOI Resolutions 30,907,610 24,916,648 +24%
Publishers & Societies 1,434
Members 380 312 +22%
Linkers (by prefix) 279 196 +42%
Depositors (by prefix) 533 270 +36%
Total Deposits (DOIs registered) 1,985,261 1,197,373 +65%
Total Current Deposits 476,010 426,108 +12%
Queries (references submitted) 54,876,922 53,195,353 +3%
Matches (DOIs returned) 11,696,168 14,819,568 -21%
Match % 21% 28% -25%

Growth in most areas was very strong.  In particular, deposits continue to grow with a 65% increase from 2004 to 2005. The number of DOI resolutions (the number of DOIs clicked and therefore the level of DOI traffic) increased 24%.

The one area where there were some declines is in the number of matches and therefore the overall matching rate of references submitted and DOIs returned. The decline is related to a large number of queries being submitted by a few abstracting and indexing affiliates who have already matched most of their DOIs, so their matching rate is very low and drives down the overall matching rate.

Deposit and query stats are regularly updated at  

Financial Update

1st Quarter 2005 Financials
Income Statement:
1st Quarter 2005 2005 Full Year 2005 Full Year
Actuals Budget '05 Budget '05 Estimate
Revenues 825 748 3,021 3,092
Expenses 491 593 2,597 2,590
Contingencies 0 37 150 120
Operating Income 334 118 274 382
Interest Income (expense) (20) (22) (86) (85)
Income Taxes 125 0 52 125
Net Income 189 96 136 173
Cash Balance 1,691 1,519 915 1,164

CrossRef had a very good 1st quarter of 2005 and generated $825,000 of revenue - over budget and prior year's quarter by $77,000 (10%) and $226,000 (38%) respectively. Most of this revenue gain occurred from a high level of backfile deposits.

The 1st quarter operating expenses were $491,000 or $102,000 (17% under budget). This is largely due to timing issues - professional fees will be higher with audit costs and legal costs due to patent issues and software support and contractor fees will be higher in subsequent quarters. The 1st quarter operating income of $334,000 was over budget by $216,000 (283%).

The income tax provision for the 1st quarter was increased to $125,000 reflecting the very favorable 1st quarter operating income, which is likely to remain at year-end.

The cash balance at March 31, 2005 was $1,691,000. This cash balance was slightly over the cash budget of $1,519,000. Most of this difference was directly attributable to favorable operating income and working capital change (related to the annual fee billings, collections and unearned liability).

The financial outlook (reflected in the 2005 Full Year Estimate) remains slightly better than budgeted. In looking at the net cash generation for the full year, the LE is $341,000 positive cash (even after the disbursement of $200,000 to retire member loan principal and $108,000 for interest payment on member loans).

Administrative/Governance Issues

2005 Board Elections- elections for 5 of the 15 CrossRef Board of Director seats will be held at the Annual Meeting in November. The Executive Committee of the board acts as the Nomination Committee and proposes a slate of candidates for the 5 seats. In addition, any member can be an Independent Candidate as defined in the By-laws. A candidate list for the board will be fixed by the Nominating Committee in July.

The Nominating Committee is interested in hearing from smaller, not-for-profit members interested in serving on the board. The board meets four times a year (twice in the US and twice in Europe) to set the strategic direction for the organization and oversee operations. In January there is a two-day strategic board meeting and the other three meeting are one day each. Board members also serve on the various committees. The list of current board members and their terms is at -

The Nominating Committee would like to hear from any organizations interested in standing for election to the board.  If you are interested then please contact Ed Pentz (

Committees - A list of the committees and the members of the committess is available at For updates on the committees activities, please see the summary of the April board of directors meeting below.

1st Quarter invoices - invoices for the 1st quarter were sent at the beginning of April. The breakdown of deposits by publisher and title is available at New wire transfer details will take effect in June. The wire new information has been emailed to the appropriate billing contacts.

Forward Linking - those publishers who are now depositing references for Forward Linking need to sign up for the service - information and a link to the sign up form are at

Non-Linking Fee - members who do not implement outbound reference links within 18 months of becoming a CrossRef member are subject to the Non-Linking Fee -

Summary of April 20th Board of Directors Meeting

The most recent Board of Directors meeting was held at the American Chemical Society in Washington, D.C. on April 20th.

The meeting began with a summary of the first quarter financials, a report on the audit carried out in March (the full audited results will be available to members in June) and the latest CrossRef statistics. The Audit Committee will meet with auditors in June and report to the full Board in July, with any recommendations for possible changes to CrossRef's financial procedures. There was then a discussion of the current situation with the CrossRef Search Pilot and the ongoing work with Google (see update below) and an update on the IDF (see update below).

The board then discussed establishing a patent policy. Charles Cella, an IP attorney, prepared a report for the board on patent matters and attended this session of the board meeting by phone. The board decided the following actions: Charles Cella, working with Lois Wasoff and CrossRef staff, will:

  1. Review and train staff in the relevant patents and patent applications and in the core DOI Specification;
  2. Compile a “library” of documents describing the development of DOI, for possible future use in connection with patent disputes if they were to arise;
  3. Prepare and submit recommendations for possible future patent strategy, which might include seeking patents on behalf of CrossRef;
  4. Review agreements with vendors and employees as needed to aid in this effort.

There was a discussion of the Multiple Resolution pilot and the board requested a report from staff for the July meeting on the value proposition for Multiple Resolution, policy issues that need to be decided and an update on technical developments.

There was a review of the PatientInform (pI) project ( - CrossRef has been participating in the technical group (Chuck Koscher is chairing the group) planning the project and is also hosting the pI web site (right now one or two pages). As the project moves forward, CrossRef will be hosting and managing the pI registry. Voluntary Health Organizations (VHOs) will designate articles to be summarized. Publishers will then permit users, coming from VHO site through use of a DOI, to get access to the full text of the article. The pI program is being organized by STM and members of CrossRef are participating in the program. CrossRef will charge the project at cost for hosting the website.

The Institutional Repositories (IR) Committee provided a report. The IR Committee surveyed a number of Institutional Repositories in the US and Europe and is working on a report for the end of the year to the Board that will address a number of different areas. There is clearly a vibrant IR community but developments are at a very early stage. Some IR goals are consistent with CrossRef’s goals and some are not. There is a strong interest on the part of the IRs in discoverability of content and in branding. For some of the IRs providing free access to scholarly literature is important. The IRs the Committee met with are not strongly interested in CrossRef membership to register DOIs but some see the use of DOIs as a way of increasing discoverability, but there is generally little interest in reference linking or the capability to do it. Most IRs have mixed content, including both original materials and content published by CrossRef members.

The Committee is looking at standard wording for publishers to communicate to their authors who self-archive about using DOIs in versions of papers that they post to their homepages or Institutional Repository. The DOI is a perfect way to link to the official, published version of the article. The Committee is investigating what might be done to support automated incorporation of proper wording and DOIs in author versions of published work or in preliminary works.

The Committee is looking the issues around IR membership in CrossRef and will make some formal recommendations about terms of IR CrossRef membership. Where IRs publish original, non-duplicative work and meet the other obligations, membership in CrossRef may be appropriate. At the present time CrossRef is looking at organizations on a case-by-case basis.  

Based on the recommendation of the Membership and Fees Committee (M&F) the board approved pricing for databases and original database records. A DOI for a top-level database (e.g. the Protein Data Bank) will be $1 and the price for each DOI assigned to a database record will $0.12, which is the same as the component price. The M&F Committee was instructed to work with the Treasurer on reviewing CrossRef fees for 2006 to announce any changes in fees to members as soon as possible.

The Library Advisory Board met on April 4, 2005. A report of the meeting is available on request.

The next Board of Directors meeting is July 26th.

CrossRef Search Pilot

43 publishers are now participating in the CrossRef Search Pilot - information is available at CrossRef Search receives a steady number of queries averaging about 9,000 per day. Discussions with Google are continuing on a number of fronts.

CrossRef is working on a possible hosting agreement or “Authorized Search Partner” agreement through which Google would be given access to the bulk DOI Sitemap containing DOIs and associated metadata. This would enable Google to populate Google Scholar with DOIs and use the DOI for linking to the publisher's authoritative copy of an article. The bulk DOI Sitemap is being tested with DOIs and metadata from the 43 CrossRef Search publishers but could in future be expanded to all CrossRef members.

In the area of agreements between between Google and individual publishers, pursuant to which those publishers give full text access to Google, Blackwell has been working on an agreement that could be put forward as a template for agreements between Google and other publishers choosing to participating in CrossRef Search and be crawled by Google. When the individual agreement with Google is concluded, a generic version of this will be used as a template for review by other publishers.

The CrossRef Search Committee is still evaluating whether to switch the CrossRef Search results over to come from Google Scholar rather than the regular Google index.  In particular, the Committee is looking at coverage of content in Google Scholar and how update-to-date the Google Scholar index is. CrossRef and Google are exploring ways to assess coverage of content in Google Scholar.

Business Development Update

New Members - In the past month, CrossRef has added the following organizations as members: American Roentgen Ray Society; Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University; Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Integrated Ocean Drilling Program; International Hormesis Society; Japan Society of Civil Engineers; Japan Welding Society; Protein Data Bank, Rutgers University; Stewart Postharvest Solutions; Tokyo Dental College.

In addition, two new affiliates have joined: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and NanoVantage Inc.

For a regularly updated listing of new members, go to


CrossRef staff will be speaking this month at NASIG and the Council of Science Editors. Please see for a listing of CrossRef past and future exhibits and presentations.

Use of Failed Query Report - All members should make a point of checking the Failed Query Report at (cr_member, ref-linking) on a monthly basis. This report provides information about whether attempts to link to specific publications have failed and why; for instance, you may discover that there have been attempts to link to volumes and issues of your journals that may not yet be registered with CrossRef. CrossRef staff also uses this report to identify publishers and content for recruitment purposes. Be sure to scroll down for links to detailed reports.

Library Advisory Board - the Library Advisory Board met on April 4, 2005. The topics discussed included CrossRef Search and Google Scholar, CrossRef working with institutional repositories, developments in link localization, and new content types in CrossRef. A report of the meeting is available upon request to

CrossRef System

General System - the CrossRef System has been performing very well. Query performance continues to be quite strong. Individual HTTP requests on average still take less than 1 second to complete. On the deposit side, 60% of deposits are processed in less than 5 minutes, 15% within one hour and zero take longer than 18 hours.

Title Management - a title management function has been deployed on the system. This allows CrossRef administrators to establish correct, authoritative journals titles and add additional ISSNs and alternative journal titles. We are now learning how best to use this tool in ways that ultimately will lead to improved matching rates. We will examine the data present in the failed query report to identify alternative titles and ISSNs being used in queries. These will be added to the title information for our current holdings. In addition, using this title admin function should produce a cleaner mddb.xml file.

New Features - New features have been added to the XML query interface. These are utilized by adding specific attributes to the query tag or by adding a new tag in the body of the query (inside the <query> tag). The features are

  • the ability to retrieve the DOIs for any components attached to an article. <query key="123" list-components="true">
  • the ability to retrieve the article title along with other metadata <query key="123" expanded-results="true">
  • the ability to query on article title <article_title>The article title </article_title> (see

Note: in order to use these features you must use version 2.0 of the XML query schema:

<query_batch version="2.0" xmlns = "" xmlns:xsi="">

Web Deposit Form - The Web Deposit form now enables the deposit of journal title and article, book title and chapter and conference proceeding title and article DOIs. The page is available at

DOI Ownership Transfer Policies - The TWG discussed these policies and decided to require that the acquiring publisher provide evidence that the disposing publisher agrees to the transfer when requesting the DOI transfer. This must be submitted along with the list of DOIs to transfer. CrossRef will post information on the Web site regarding this.

DOI News

The April 2005 DOI News is available at At its April meeting the IDF board elected Jonathan Clark from Elsevier as Chair and Craig Van Dyck from Wiley as Treasurer. Ed Pentz from CrossRef remains as Vice Chair and Chair of the Registration Agencies Working Group (RAWG). The IDF is undertaking a number of important initiatives. In May the RAWG will be reviewing a Patent Policy for the IDF and the Core DOI Specification - a document that details the DOI System as it is going forward for ISO standardization and details how RAs can file patents and what disclosures are required when patent are filed.

In a very important step the IDF is undertaking a strategic review with input from its members, registration agencies, founders and other stakeholders to enable the DOI to fulfil its mission by moving the DOI infrastructure to the next stage of development. CrossRef and some of its member publishers are very closely involved in this work on the strategic review.


The May NISO Newsline is available at  One particular item to note is that the OpenURL is now officially approved as a NISO standard. You can get a free copy of the OpenURL standard and others at