Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to the May Member Update. CrossRef has had a good start to 2007 and the first quarter statistics and financials are very strong - see below for more details. At its last meeting the CrossRef board approved repaying the final amount still owing on the original startup loans. This means that by the end of May CrossRef will have paid back all outstanding loans and interest which is a real milestone and a sign of our success.

Over the last couple of months CrossRef staff members have been busy on a number of fronts. As part of its disaster recovery plan CrossRef is setting up an alternative data center in Denver, CO in addition to the existing data center in Billerica, MA. The Denver data center will have a full backup copy of the CrossRef system and database. A new Guest Query page has been created enabling the lookup of DOIs using bibliographic information or just with author and title - Work has started on a project to consolidate reports for members so a complete view of CrossRef activity can be seen on one page - this will be completed later this year. See below for updates on many other developments.

At its April board meeting the board of directors approved the recommendation of the Membership and Fees Committee that there be no increases in deposit fees for 2008 - this will be the fourth year with no increases in deposit fees. The board also approved modest increases (approximately 10%) in the annual membership fee and the addition of a new top tier for publishers with revenue over $500 million (see details below).

CrossRef is a member of the UKSG Transfer Working Group which just released the Transfer Code of Conduct to make transfer of journals between publishers more efficient and predictable - and make sure that librarians have access to information on changes. Publishers are being asked to agree to the Code of Conduct with the intent of becoming Transfer Compliant in 2008 when audit procedures will have been developed. I would recommend that all CrossRef members take a careful look at the Code of Conduct and let me know if you have any issues or concerns. See for more information.

Jon Udell has a podcast series of "Interviews with Innovators" and interviewed CrossRef's Geoffrey Builder, Director of Strategic Initiatives on the topic of "Winning the Battle Against Linkrot" - - this is an excellent discussion about persistence, authority and scientific communications in a Web 2.0 world. As a bonus you'll learn what incunabula are.

I'm happy to announce that Patricia Feeney joined CrossRef in April as Metadata Quality Coordinator and will be helping publishers with deposits and working to improve the quality of CrossRef's metadata. Please join me in welcoming her to the CrossRef team.

Remember that you can keep up-to-date with the latest CrossRef news and information on the CrossRef Blog -

As always please feel free to contact me with any issues/concerns/problems at

Upcoming Meetings

Save the Date! 2007 Annual Meeting, Thursday, 1 November 2007, London, UK at the Royal College of Surgeons, Lincoln Inn Fields. The topic for this year's meeting is trust and authority in the changing online publishing world and we've started to line up an interesting set of speakers.

CrossRef @ conferences CrossRef staff will be speaking at several upcoming meetings, including the Council of Science Editors (May 18-22, Austin, TX) and the SSP Annual Meeting (June 6-8, San Francisco, CA).

IDF Open meeting: The DOI System, the Internet, and Libraries, Tuesday, 21st June 2007, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 1200 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC - this will be a very interesting short, free meeting on DOIs and libraries - to see the agenda and register at

DOIs in Use

CrossRef recently did a count of DOIs by year and the results were illuminating. The following table shows the break down of journal article DOIs by century:

Century # of DOIs
17th 1,674
18th 4,436
19th 381,187
20th 15,750,357
21st 8,031,503
Total 24,169,157

CrossRef has a detailed breakdown by year and it's interesting to note the trends. Of course the list isn't comprehensive - it depends on which publishers have registered DOIs for their backfiles but it shows that there is a lot of backfile content for linking to. As the backfiles get more comprehensive it is also an interesting record of trends in journal article production over the years and decades.

This week OSTI (Office of Scientific and Technical Information - - US Dept of Energy) will complete registrations of OSTI's technical report holdings which is about 80,000 items.

Some examples of registered DOIs are:

Services Update

Forward Linking - CrossRef held a very successful webinar on Forward Linking on April 30th and we have subsequently seen an increased uptake in the service. The presentation from the meeting is available - PowerPoint - Get information on Forward Linking and sign up (at no cost!) here -

Article & Title Search - CrossRef has added new search functionality to the Free DOI Lookup page. Now you can enter just article title and first author last name to try and match a DOI. This is useful if you don't have full bibliographic information for an article or want to locate the published version of a pre-print. This functionality is also available via the other query interfaces (OpenURL, XML batch, etc).

Key Statistics

Participating Publishers: 2,360 ( )
Voting Members: 435 ( )
Affiliates: 36 ( )
Agents: 8 ( )
Library Affiliates: 1,219 ( )

Dashboard Targets Jan-Apr '07 Jan-Apr '06 06/'07 change
Queries  48,988,346 54,839,380 -11%
Matches 20,816,288 16,906,556 23%
Match % 42% 31% 38%
Current Deposits 639,015 565,984 13%
Backfile Deposits 1,465,712 1,095,969 34%
Total Deposits 2,104,727 1,661,953 27%
Total Records 26,394,575 20,163,234 31%
# DOI Resolutions 56,424,595 45,442,514 24%
# Members 434 348 25%
# Depositing prefixes 737 556 33%
# Linking prefixes 538 456 18%
# Journals 17,526 14,421 22%
# Book Titles 31,741 21,291 49%
# Conference Titles 10,108 8,212 23%

All statistics are looking excellent. In particular the matching rate is at 42% meaning that more DOI numbers are being returned for linking. This is the highest matching rate ever in CrossRef's history and is due to the increased number of older articles available to link to and also to improved matching of author names by the CrossRef system. We also continue to see an increase in DOI resolutions (i.e. users clicking on DOIs) and we are 24% up on 2006.

Deposit and query stats are regularly updated at  

Financial Update

Invoices - please make sure you are up-to-date with payment of all your CrossRef invoices. If payment becomes more than 90 days overdue your access to the CrossRef system may be suspended.

2007 First Quarter Financials

Income Statement:

1st Quarter 2007

Full Year 2007





Latest Est.

Last Yr.













  Operating Income












  Oper. Inc. Incl. New Initiatives






Interest (Income) Expense, Net






Inc. Tax Provision/Translation Losses*






  Net Income







PILA activities during the 1st quarter of 2007 covering the months of January, February and March, led to the following financial highlights:
  • $940,000 of revenues---favorable to budget (by $158,000 or 20.2%)--due to much higher than projected backfile deposits (1.2 million against a budget of 500,000). 
  • $725,000 of operating expenses--unfavorable to budget (by $28,000 or 4.0%)--mostly due to timing issue from professional fees and meetings and conference expenses.
  • $853,000 of cash was generated during the 1st quarter reflecting the seasonal collection of annual fees from member publishers, however, cash generation was $198,000 less than budgeted.  Two factors contributed to this variance:  $82,000 budget phasing for cash collections in accounts receivable phased too aggressively (a timing difference that will even out during the year) and prepaid IDF fees during the 1st quarter ($106,000 payment - $69,000 over the prepaid budget).

PILA staff prepared the Latest Estimate for the full year 2007, highlighted by:

  • Revenues, expenses and operating income close to budget
  • Payment of the remaining $600,000 of outstanding member loans planned for the 2nd quarter of 2007.  By paying the $600,000 early, PILA can avoid the interest on the member loans of approximately $14,000 per quarter
  • Cash balances at December 31, 2007 are estimated at $1,183,000--slightly over budget.  This cash balance includes the payment of the final installment of member loans.

Update on Board Decisions from April 2007

Mission Statement

A committee was formed at the last meeting to review the CrossRef Mission Statement. The group put forward a recommendation to change the mission statement and the following was agreed on 26 April 2007:

CrossRef is a not-for profit membership association whose mission is to enable easy identification and use of trustworthy electronic content by promoting the cooperative development and use of a sustainable infrastructure.

New Initiatives

The board approved further action on the following new initiatives:
  • CrossCheck - this is a proposed plagiarism detection service. Development of a pilot will go ahead.
  • Metadata Hub - this is an extension to make CrossRef Web Services customizable to deliver different metadata to different partners under terms set by individual members. A discussion paper with details of a possible service will be written.
  • Author/Contributor ID - research is being done on a possible architecture for a service to uniquely identify contributors. A project plan is being prepared for the July board meeting.

2008 Fees - the board approved the recommendation that no increases will be made to deposit fees for 2008.

The approved changes to the annual fees for 2008 (the first changes in four years). The 2008 annual membership fees will be:
< $1 million 250 275
$ 1-5 million 500 550
$ 5-10 million 1,500 1,650
$ 10-25 million 3,500 3,900
$25-50 million 7,500 8,300
$50-100 million 12,500 14,000
$100-200 million 20,000 22,000
$200-500 million 30,000 33,000
> $500 million n/a 50,000

Fee rebates - The board approved the following:

  • Beginning with 2007 year-end revenues, if revenues are at least 5% over budget, the Board should decide at its next January meeting whether to issue rebates to members based on the previous year's excess revenues; in deciding whether or not to implement a rebate, and of what amount, the Board will consider budgetary needs for the coming year
  • Rebates would be apportioned to members according to the total number of full-cost (i.e., current article and proceeding) deposits during the previous year, and delivered as a credit toward coming year deposits

CrossRef Search - the board approved keeping the prototype running as is since it doesn't take any resources. This will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Business Development Update

New Members and Affiliates

March-May thus far:


  • Estonian Academy Publishers
  • Lavoisier
  • Comparative Legislative Research Center
  • Opulus Press AB
  • McFarland and Company, Inc. Publishers 
  • Society for Experimental Biology 
  • Medicine Science Reviews 2000 LTD 
  • International Glaciological Society 
  • Swiss Forestry Society 
  • AB Svensk Papperstidning 
  • Societe De Pathologie Exotique 
  • International Federation of Automatic Control 
  • Vietica, Inc.
  • White Horse Press
  • Phorte Editora
  • Czech Geological Society
  • AIS Educator Association
  • Heldref Publication
  • Vittorio Klostermann GMBH
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 
  • College Art Association 
  • Periodica Polytechnica 
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics 
  • Specjalisci Dermatolodzy 
  • RMIT Publishing


  • Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
  • Green Data

CrossRef Academic Advisory Board

CrossRef is pleased to announce that it has formed a new Academic Advisory Board. CAAB will meet for the first time later this year and is charged with providing an open forum for discussion with the CrossRef staff and Board of Directors about the behavior of researchers, and their evolving publishing and communication needs.

The first 10 CAAB members are:

  • Herbert Von De Sompel, Los Alamos
  • MacKenzie Smith, MIT
  • Lorcan Dempsey, OCLC
  • Dale Flecker, Harvard
  • Stephen Abram, SirsiDynix
  • Phil Bourne, Protein Data Bank
  • Roy Tennant, UCOP
  • Clifford Lynch, CNI
  • Jon Udell, Microsoft
  • Kate McCain, Drexel University