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Statistics Year-to-date, June 30th

CrossRef has continued its growth across all areas. Journals, deposits, queries and matches are all up significantly from last year. In particular, the number of queries and matches has increased dramatically. With the elimination of the DOI retrieval at the beginning of this year, increases in query activity were expected. The increases mean that there are more reference links, and links from secondary databases and libraries, than ever!

CrossRef has also made a change to the way it reports on the number of CrossRef members and participating publishers and societies. There are now two lists - the number of official members and the number of participating publishers and societies, which includes organizations with content in CrossRef via publishing arrangements with CrossRef members (e.g. societies working with Project Muse or a commercial publisher).

2004 Totals as of June 30 2003 Totals as of June 30
Journals 10,000 7900
Total Records 11,673,342 7,806,490
June DOI Resolutions tba* 3,171,058
Publishers & Societies 625
Members 283 207
Linkers 197 98
Depositors 270 180
Total 2004 Deposits (DOIs registered) 1,712,711 1,304,677
Queries (references submitted) 86,727,788 43,143,922
Matches (DOIs returned) 27,729,419 9,691,395
Match % 32% 23%

*June resolutions jumped to over 14 million. The resolution logs are being reprocessed to exclude search engine crawlers - we believe that the Google crawler has accounted for most of the jump but we will know more in the next week.

2004 Year-to-date Financials as of June 30, 2004

Income Statement:
YTD Full Year
'04 Actuals '04 Budget 2003 '04 Forecast '04 Budget 2003
Revenues 1,347 1,425 1,440 2,600 2,920 2,919
Expenses 1,146 1,092 878 2,150 2,211 1,875
Contingencies 125 50 250
Operating Income 201 208 562 400 459 1,044
Interest Income (expense) (40) (48) (42) (80) (96) (99)
Income Taxes 44 0 44 0 245
Net Income 117 160 520 276 363 700
Cash Balance 1,968 1,086 1,486

Financial Summary: CrossRef had a strong 2nd quarter with deposits remaining high. Revenue was 5% below budget due to the shortfall in the Annual Membership fees outlined in the last Member Update. Expenses were 4% over budget largely due to higher legal expenses for preparation of the application for tax exempt status for CrossRef. CrossRef's cash position remains strong.

DOIs in Use

now publishers ( have gone online with a new publication using DOIs - one of the DOIs is doi:10.1561/0100000001 (

Book deposits have been increasing - a report on the book deposits is at Elsevier has started to deposit books and series. An example is from Advances in Accounting - doi:10.1016/S0882-6110(03)20010-9 (

John Wiley and Sons is also registering book chapter DOIs. An example is from Textbook of Clinical Trials - doi:10.1002/0470020245.ch10 (

Administrative Matters

CrossRef UK Office - I relocated to Oxford and started officially in the UK on July 1st. My new contact details are:

Belsyre Court
57 Woodstock Rd
Oxford, OX2 6TF, UK

Tel: +44-1865-292 052
Mobile: +44-7870 567458
Fax: +1 781 623-6496

2nd Quarter Invoices - The invoices for the 2nd quarter were sent out last week. Please pay as promptly as possible. Summary information on deposits can be found at (this is a large page and will take time to load. You will also need to use the member area username: cr_member and password: ref-linking).

Annual Member Meeting - The Annual Meeting is November 9th in Cambridge, MA at the Charles Hotel - save the date!

CrossRef Search Pilot

16 more publishers are now participating in the CrossRef Search Pilot bringing the total to 25 - a news item is available at and general information, including the participating publishers, on the Pilot is at A web survey form to gather feedback from users will be up online next week and plans to do a more formal evaluation of the Pilot are being developed.

Information on how to participate is at Some important points:

  • Please contact me ( if you are interested in participating in the CrossRef Search Pilot. The current plan is to add publishers in a controlled way in August or September.
  • Participation is entirely optional for CrossRef members.
  • While there is no charge for the Pilot, CrossRef may charge for participationg in CrossRef Search in 2005 when the service moves out of the Pilot stage. The fee would need to cover CrossRef's costs in creating the DOI Sitemap and staff resources in working on CrossRef Search - CrossRef's costs are not high but we want Pilot participants to be aware that there may be a charge in future. CrossRef members will have a chance to discuss and review the fees before the Pilot moves into a production service and Pilot participants will have the option not to participate past the Pilot stage.
  • CrossRef member publishers can still arrange to be crawled by Google directly with or without participating in the CrossRef Search Pilot. Google would like to work individually with CrossRef members to index full text content. If you are interested in exploring this possibility, please contact Kiran Bapna ( or Anurag Acharya (

Business Development Update

Website - Be sure to visit the CrossRef website regularly for up-to-date information on new members ( and adoption statistics(

A new Flash demo of CrossRef in action (focused on end users) is now available at the CrossRef website:

New Members - CrossRef now provides two lists of active organizations: official members, versus all participating publishers and societies, including those whose content is registered in CrossRef by virtue of co-publication with a CrossRef member. By this count, CrossRef now includes 627 participating publishers and societies. Among the newest members to sign on is the Modern Language Association, which will use CrossRef both for adding persistent links to full-text to records in the MLA International Bibliography, and for linking in its journal PMLA.

Articles - Recent industry articles about CrossRef include:

CrossRef and the Research Experience. Learned Publishing, Volume 17, Number 3, July 2004, Pages 225 -- 230. doi:10.1087/095315104323159658

Publishers joining forces through crossref. Serials Review, Volume 30, Issue 1, Spring 2004, Pages 3-9. doi:10.1016/j.serrev.2003.11.001

CrossRef: Citation Linking Gets a Backbone. EContent, June 2004 Issue, Posted Jun 16, 2004.

Links to publications are available at

Presentations - CrossRef staff have made presentations at the following conferences so far in 2004:

  • Ingenta Publishers Forum (February)
  • Association of Computational Linguistics (May)
  • Council of Science Editors (May)
  • NISO Metadata Workshop (May)
  • ICSTI (May)
  • Society for Scholarly Publishing (June)
  • International Publishers Association (June)
  • American Association of University Presses (June)

In early May CrossRef held a successful XML Webinar (online seminar). The presentation from this is available at - download the open the Zip file to view the presentation in PowerPoint.

CrossRef System

Forward Linking - Forward Linking is now fully live and operational. Information and a link to the sign up page is available at -

Open Channel Interface (OCI) - As a better performing alternative to the HTTP interface for queries there is now the Open Channel Interface (OCI). The OCI is based on the technology from the Real Time or Premium query interface without the service level guarantees or dedicated hardware. The OCI provides about a 10X improvement over the HTTP interface. It operates using a communications 'stream' that remains constantly open. Accounts must be enabled in order to use the OCI and we encourage users who execute a steady flow of small queries to consider using OCI. We also would like users who irregularly submit large numbers of queries to migrate to the batch upload query service. For complete technical details on using the OCI please refer to

Multiple Resolution - Our multiple resolution demo/pilot is continuing with several technology pieces now in place with only one major piece remaining. Once ready this pilot will allow publishers to upload XML that describes their multiple resolution targets and to then place MR links on Web pages referring to these DOIs. Such links will then display a selection menu to end users. CrossRef, for now, will operate the necessary software to enable MR but will in the long range make this available to any member to host on their own. Please watch for further developments.

Conflict Reports - when two DOIs with matching metadata are deposited a conflict arises. Deposit conflict report processing has now been automated with all reports available at A regular process will now send out email notifications to technical contacts alerting them of a change in status of their conflicts. Please refer to for more information on the cause of conflicts and how to deal with them.

IDF Update

The IDF annual meeting took place in London on June 22 and was the best attended meeting for the IDF so far. New RAs R.R. Bowker and Nielsen BookData and an RA candidate - the Office of Publications for the European Commission - made presentations to introduce themselves. Existing RAs presented updates on ongoing and new initiatives. CrossRef continues to be the largest RA in operation with most of the others still exploring possible business opportunities. The presentations are available at

There was also a Registration Agencies Working Group meeting that discussed criteria for RA performance and other operational matters. In addition, there was an RA Interoperability Workshop to review developments with Application Profiles which will allow DOIs registered one RA to be easily reused in services provided by other RAs.

The IDF has published some very useful factsheets - These are short overviews of important areas such as DOI and Handle and how DOI fits into wider Internet developments with URI/URN.

The June DOI News is at