Members, Affiliates and Agents

Publishers: 651 (
Members: 297 (
Affiliates: 28 (
Agents: 6 (
Library Affiliates: 432 (

2004 Annual Meeting, November 9th, Cambridge, MA, USA

The agenda and registration form for the 2004 meeting are now available - The meeting is being held at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, MA, USA - just over the river from Boston. The meeting will cover a wide range of very interesting topics and there are some very good speakers lined up. Register today!

DOIs in Use

The new Sage journal platform uses DOIs well- Food Science and Technology International, Vol. 10, No. 1, 29-34 (2004) doi:10.1177/1082013204041347 []. Check the reference list to see linked references.

The Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics published by IOP has been DOI'd - doi:10.1888/0333750888/5531 []

The Lawrence Erlbaum journals implement DOIs well. Language Acquisition: A Journal of Developmental Linguistics, Vol. 11, No. 1: pages 1-31. doi:10.1207/S15327817LA1101_1 []. View the "PDF with links" to view the linked references.

Statistics Year-to-date, August 31st

Growth has continued in all areas and it's encouraging to note the strong growth in 2004 compared with the same point in 2003. This month the statistics include the number of book and conference titles which have been registered - deposits for books and conferences are starting to grow more quickly.

The book depositor report is at - there are links from this page to the journal and conference depositor reports.

2004 Totals as of August 31 2003 Totals as of August 31
Journal Titles 10,160 8,410
Conferences 5,771
Book Titles 3,689
Total Records 12,092,519 8,642,509
August DOI Resolutions 5,177,781* 3,450,815
Publishers & Societies 651
Members 297 236
Linkers 199 140
Depositors 293 205
Total 2004 Deposits (DOIs registered) 2,131,888 1,636,355
Queries (references submitted) 123,266,550 70,272,950
Matches (DOIs returned) 37,177,801 13,633,281
Match % 30% 19%

*Resolution reports now exclude activity by the Google crawler.

Financial Update

The 3rd quarter financial report will be available later in October after the next billing at the beginning of October. For reference, the mid-year results, included in the July Member Update, are also included below. Continued robust deposits mean that the full year forecast of $2.6 million in revenue is conservative and revenue will most likely be closer to $2.7 million.

For the 2nd quarter revenue was 5% below budget due to the shortfall in the Annual Membership fees described previously. Expenses were 4% over budget largely due to higher legal expenses for preparation of the application for tax exempt status for CrossRef. CrossRef's cash position remains strong and will enable CrossRef to repay all accumulated interest on outstanding loans at the end of 2004.

2nd Quarter Financials
Income Statement:
YTD Full Year
'04 Actuals '04 Budget 2003 '04 Forecast '04 Budget 2003
Revenues 1,347 1,425 1,440 2,600 2,920 2,919
Expenses 1,146 1,092 878 2,150 2,211 1,875
Contingencies 125 50 250
Operating Income 201 208 562 400 459 1,044
Interest Income (expense) (40) (48) (42) (80) (96) (99)
Income Taxes 44 0 44 0 245
Net Income 117 160 520 276 363 700
Cash Balance 1,968 1,086 1,486

2005 CrossRef Fees

CrossRef fees for 2005 were approved at the July 27th board meeting. We are happy to announce that deposit fees will remain unchanged at $1 for Current articles (current year plus two previous years) and $0.17 for Backfiles. There continue to be no maintenance or usage charges for the DOIs. The deposit fees are for CrossRef services. Member Local Host annual fees are increasing to $20,000 from $15,000.

There are some changes to the Annual Membership fees - there are now eight categories with the addition of a new $500 category between the $250 and $1500 categories. The revenue tiers for the first three categories have also changed. The first three categories are now - under 1 million dollars, 1-5 million dollars and 5-10 million dollars.

2005 Annual Fees - Total Publishing Revenue*

<$1 million $ 250
$1 million - $5 million
$ 500
$5 million-$10 million $1,500
$10 million-$25 million $3,500
$25 million-$50 million $7,500
$50 million-$100 million $12,500
$100 million-$200 million $20,000
>$200 million $30,000

*The definition of "Total Publishing Revenue" has also been clarified:

  • Total (gross) publishing revenue includes all publishing-related proceeds from all the divisions of an organization (primary and secondary) for all types of activities (advertising, books, journals, databases, article charges, author fees, publication grants, institutional memberships, etc) before expenses are taken into account. For membership organizations, member dues allocated to subscriptions will be included in total publishing revenue.
  • For organizations that publish scholarly information an an ancillary activity, such as government organizations, the higher of total expenses for publishing operations or gross publishing revenue should be used in determining the appropriate membership fee.
  • The member is considered to be the largest legal entity rather than a division.
  • Membership fee billing is done on a calendar year basis.
  • Members will self-categorize.

Administrative/Governance Issues

Revised By-laws - at the July 27th board meeting, revised By-laws were approved. The new version of the By-laws is available in the members' area on the website - (username: cr_member password: ref-linking).

The major changes were to to reduce the percentage of members needed for a quorum at a annual meetings from one-half to one-third, which is a change that is permitted by New York law and consistent with the procedures followed at other not-for-profit companies with large numbers of members; to formalize the procedures by which potential members apply for membership (Article I of the By-laws); and to create an Audit Committee as a standing committee of the Board. (Article VII, Section 5). In addition, the procedures on how special committees of the board are created were clarified (Article VII, Section 6).

October billing/Overdue invoices - the next billing will be done at the beginning of October. Before the next billing please make sure that all previous invoices from CrossRef have been paid.

Non-Linking Fee - members who do not implement outbound reference links within 18 months of becoming a CrossRef member are subject to the Non-Linking Fee -

CrossRef Search Pilot

Four more publishers are now participating in the CrossRef Search Pilot bringing the total to 29. The new publishers are Cambridge University Press, IEEE, Springer and Taylor & Francis. Content from these publishers is being added on an ongoing basis and will be complete within the next two months. We are now getting very useful feedback from a web survey that is being conducted and there will be a report at the Annual Meeting in November.

Information on how to participate is at

Business Development Update

New Members - Among the dozens of new organizations joining CrossRef in recent months are Aries Systems Corporation, an established technology provider and online hosting platform for scientific publishers, and the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences, a database with over 2 million references to articles and books in the social sciences.

Flash Demo - A new Flash demo of CrossRef in action (focused on end users) is now available at the CrossRef website:

Participating publishers and societies now number 652 but note that this number is only considered to be a partial list because not all members have provided us with the names of the societies or organizations for whom they serve as co-publisher. Please send Amy ( the list of organizations your company co-publishes for so that we can add to this already impressive list.

Upcoming conferences - be sure to look for the CrossRef presentation at 2004 Charleston Conference, November 3-6. CrossRef will also have a high-profile presence at this year’s Online Information (London, November 30 - December 2), with an exhibit, a case study presentation on the exhibit hall floor, and a technical workshop. Stay tuned for details. Ed Pentz will be at the Frankfurt Book Fair - email if you would like to arrange a meeting.

Linkers - CrossRef runs periodic checks of the membership to verify linking status but sometimes our information is out of date. You can help by checking your linking status at (username: cr_member password: ref-linking) and letting us know if your "reference-links-live status" should be changed to “yes” (that is, active outbound reference linking) so that we can update this page accordingly and improve the accuracy of our records.

CrossRef System

Failed Query Report - there is a now a Failed Query Report available at (username: cr_member password: ref-linking). This page provides a summary view about reference queries that failed to find a match and why they failed to find a match (e.g. the journal abbreviation in the reference query wasn't recognized, the journal was recognized but the volume and issue weren't available, etc). The report is a brief view of the data but at the bottom are links to a more complete report for the current and past months. CrossRef will use this to identify areas where querying can be improved and in future will contact members to notify them of any issues.

Easy Deposit Form - an easy-to-use web-based deposit form will soon be available where a non-technical user can enter journal and article information and make deposits to the CrossRef system. This will be practical for small publishers who do not have large numbers of titles or articles per title.

Query Match Alerts/Stored Queries -using the XML query format publishers have started to use the query match alert functionality, where CrossRef stores unmatched queries and notifies the submitter when there is a match in future. The use of stored queries is on the rise and we're regularly sending out about 500 stored query matches each week.

Component Deposits - the schema for depositing components has been completed and the implementation of component deposits should be complete by mid-October. Note: the system already accepts DOIs for journal titles and at the issue level, so DOIs for these items can be deposited via CrossRef now.

Multiple Resolution - the multiple resolution pilot is moving along well. A draft change to the deposit schema has been completed and any publisher wishing to particpiate can now constuct trial XML files with multiple resolution information.  Information and a demo are at

Forward Linking - Forward Linking is now fully live and operational. Information and a link to the sign up page is available at -

Open Channel Interface (OCI) - As a better performing alternative to the HTTP interface for queries there is now the Open Channel Interface (OCI). The OCI is based on the technology from the Real Time or Premium query interface without the service level guarantees or dedicated hardware. The OCI provides about a 10X improvement over the HTTP interface. It operates using a communications 'stream' that remains constantly open. Accounts must be enabled in order to use the OCI and we encourage users who execute a steady flow of small queries to consider using OCI. We also would like users who irregularly submit large numbers of queries to migrate to the batch upload query service. For complete technical details on using the OCI please refer to

DOI News

The IDF added a new registration agency, The Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (OPOCE). A full press release is at


Understanding Metadata [ is NISO's newest publication and includes an overview of leading metadata contenders and examples of practical applications. You are invited to download Understanding Metadata as a free pdf.