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Members, Affiliates and Agents


Journals: 8,563
Total Records: 9,186,438
September DOI resolutions: 3,989,238
Linkers: 140 (we still need to increase this number!)
Depositors: 209

Deposits YTD: 2,425,428 current and backfile
Queries YTD: 79,073,995 (references submitted to match DOIs)
Matches YTD: 14,881, 463 (number of DOIs returned)
Overall Match Rate: 19%

DOIs in Use

CrossRef member Public Library of Science went live this week with PLOSň╩Biology. PLOSň╩Biology is using DOIs - for example http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pbio.0000006. The DOI is displayed after the abstract. Also, PLOSň╩Biology provides a DOIň╩finder box at the top of every page to make it easy to locate an article.

Google as a Universal DOIň╩Finder - DOIs and Google searches go very well together. Using the DOI of an article (if the site has been crawled by Google) is a very effective way of finding that article. In addition, web pages that cite the article using the DOI will show up too. For example, putting doi:10.1038/nature02012 in Google (or click this link to run the search - http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=doi%3A10.1038%2Fnature02012) leads to a link to the article but also picks up a reference to the article on a discussion list. If you put the PLOS Biology article DOI in Google - doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0000006 (http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=10%2E1371%2Fjournal%2Epbio%2E0000006) - you get a link to PLOS, a link to the article on PubMed Central and a number of references to the article on other websites.

Remember - always show DOIs as "doi:[doi]" and always link DOIs through http://dx.doi.org/ the central DOI Resolver.

CrossRef Annual Meeting 2003

CrossRef had a very successful Annual Meeting on September 16th in London at IEE's Savoy House. The agenda and PowerPoint presentations from the meeting are available on the website - http://www.crossref.org/06members/40meetings.html. The talk by Howard Ratner from Nature gives a great overview of the extensive use they are making of DOIs and their experience linking references through CrossRef and to PubMed.

The election for the board went well - the current list of board members and terms of office are at http://www.crossref.org/06members/41election_results.html.

At the board meeting on September 17th, Tony Durniak, Staff Executive for Publications, IEEE was elected Chairman and President and Bob Campbell, President of Blackwell Publishing was elected Treasurer. The full news release is at http://www.crossref.org/01company/pr/press0924.htm. The board also paid tribute to Pieter Bolman, Director of STMň╩Relations, Elsevier the outgoing Chairman and the founding Treasurer of CrossRef. Pieter was instrumental in the founding and subsequent success of CrossRef.

The 2004 Annual Meeting will be November 9th, 2004 in Cambridge, MA so save the date.

3rd Quarter Financials

Income Statement: 2003 Year-to-Date 2003 Full Year
$000's Actuals Budget Last Yr Forecast Budget Last Yr
Revenues 2,104 1,818 1,231 2,647 2,424 2,068
Expenses 1,391 1,526 1,063 1,910 2,100 1,536
Operating 713 292 168 737 324 532
New Initiatives/Other - (50) (40) - 50 108
Oper. Inc/ New Init. 713 242 128 737 274 424
Interest Income (Expense) (62) (72) (68) (86) (100) (103)
Net Income 651 170 60 651 174 321

Financial Summary:

The 3rd quarter continued the trends of the 2nd quarter. Revenue has been good and expenses have been kept in line to provide a healthy net income year-to-date. In the 4th quarter CrossRef will have costs associated with the Annual Meeting, exhibiting at Frankfurt and International Online in London and a number of system improvements will be completed, so expenses will be higher. The projections for the full year are good and CrossRef should be able to pay off the first set of startup loans at the beginning of 2004.

Members Not Yet Linking References

CrossRef is continuing to charge the non-linking fee for publishers who have been members for longer than 18 months but who do not have outbound links in their journal references. CrossRef is analyzing the survey of non-linking members to find out what types of technical support CrossRef should consider offering to increase the number of publishers with outbound links. Members have been implementing reference linking and about 60% of members are linking references.

Administrative Matters: 2004 fees and membership agreement

The Business Contact for each member will have recently received a Membership Data form and the new Membership Agreement. We need the Membership Data form returned as soon as possible to determine the annual membership fee for 2004. Invoices for the 2004 membership fee will be sent in November - all members will now be on a calendar year basis and credit will be given for any unused portion of the 2003 membership fee (i.e. if a member paid the annual membership in July 2003, they will be given credit against the 2004 fee).

The new Membership Agreement was also sent to each Business Contact - all members should sign the new Agreement as soon as possible.

Both documents are available on the website - Membership Data form (PDF) and Membership Agreement (PDF).

The 2004 Member fees have been posted to the website - http://www.crossref.org/02publishers/20pub_fees.html.

Business Development Update

Recruitment News

CrossRef has reached a milestone of 250 member publishers. Some recent new members are Walter de Gruyter, American Scientist and Amphibian and Reptile Conservation.


If you missed seeing CrossRef's exhibit at Frankfurt earlier this month, please come visit our stand at London Online. Affiliates (secondaries and A&Is), mark your calendars for a special affiliate technical workshop, to be held during Online on Wednesday December 3rd, from 2 to 4pm, in a meeting room at the Olympia venue. Details and sign-up forthcoming soon.

CrossRef will also be doing a presentation on the exhibit floor 10.45-11.15 on Tuesday 2 December in the Technology and Content Solutions Theatre.

CrossRef will be presenting at the Charleston conference again this year -- look for our consultant Carol Meyer.

CrossRef System

Summary of System Changes for 2003


  • DOI Overwrite (enable deposit of DOIs with the same metadata)
  • OpenURL queries (metadata query using the 0.1 OpenURL spec)
  • Failed query report (this provides details on why queries don't match, e.g. title isn't known)
  • DOI history report (track when and how a DOI is changed)
  • XML query and enhanced XML query results with multiple hits
  • Tracking Ids
  • Forward Matching and Alerting
  • Real time proxy (a special interface to provide a guaranteed service level for queries)

In Process:

  • Handle synchronization (audit capabilities to check MDDB against Handle)
  • Multiple resolution - step 1 (process multiple resources for a single DOI)
  • Title Project (augmenting holdings data with MARC records)
  • Forward Linking

Forward Linking - a description and specification for Forward Linking (i.e. providing "cited by" links using DOIs) is available. The board approved initial software development for this project. Business and policy issues will be discussed at the January 2004 board meeting before any final decisions are made.

IDF Update

The October DOIň╩News has a number of interesting items - http://www.doi.org/news/031001News.html. The German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB), is to act as IDF contact for a major project, initially of one year duration from 1 October, made possible by a grant from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation). The project will look at the use of DOIs to persistently identify scientific data sets.

Release 1.0, Esther Dyson's influential newsletter, has an article on "Online Registries: the DNS and beyond". This article has very positive coverage of DOIs and the Handle System and very clearly describes how DNS and other registries are connected. A one page abstract is available free, and the full 33 page report is available from the publisher, via the DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1340/309registries.

There is also information on interesting developments on DOI projects in Australia.

Other News

NFAIS Linking Statement: We can't say it any better than NFAIS. The National Federation of Abstracting and Indexing Services recently issued Guiding Principles in Support of Industry Wide Collaboration on Reference Linking (http://www.nfais.org/2003_Guiding_Princ_Ref_Linking.htm) in which they (1) reiterate the value of linking technology as an enrichment to the end-user experience, to the scholarly research process, and to the utility of linked resources; and (2) strongly endorse:

- Linking among diverse electronic resources

- Collaborative efforts among full-text publishers, information aggregators, and abstracting & information services to link resources, in the context of a secure information environment

- The right of information purchasers and users to expect broad-based linking capabilities from their information and technology providers.

CrossRef can help the broader information community, including A&I services, reach these linking goals! If you are an affiliate or a member with secondary products, you are entitled to unlimited DOI querying and caching with the 2004 fees. We expect this change in CrossRef policy to have a significant, positive impact on the inter-linking of diverse services and publications.

NISO News - On October 29 and 30 NISO will hold two one-day conferences on OpenURL and Metasearching - two hot topics. Details on the meetings are at http://www.niso.org/news/events_workshops/MS-2003_workshop.html. CrossRef is on the agenda for the OpenURL meeting.

NISO is participating in the ISO ISSNň╩Revision. The ISSN is up for its five-year review and a working group is being set up to look at:

  • specifications for any extensions or changes to the scope of the ISSN system;
  • specifications regarding the types of resources to which ISSN may and may not be assigned, including those in electronic formats;
  • definitions to support the introduction of any new concepts into the revised standard (e.g. "continuing resource");
  • specifications concerning the display of ISSN on various formats of eligible resources, including electronic resources;
  • specifications concerning the assignment of ISSN to different editions or versions of a resource;
  • specifications on the metadata requirements associated with each ISSN assignment;

It's possible that CrossRef will participate in the ISSN revision working group.