Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to the November Member Update. The last couple months have been very busy with the Frankfurt Book Fair, the CrossRef Annual Meeting and technical seminar and some important announcements about new CrossRef services.

The Annual Meeting was very successful with over 100 attendees at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, MA, USA. Presentations from the meeting are available on the website - Some highlights were Tim Berners-Lee's keynote (no slides, I'm afraid), Phil Bourne's talk about how journals and databases are becoming more similar and the member panel at the end of the day where ideas for new CrossRef services were presented. We will soon be posting a full write up of the meeting on the website if you weren't able to attend.

The Annual Meeting included an election for the Board of Directors - the results are available on the website - The board made some important decisions which are summarized below. Looking to the 2007 budget it's essential for CrossRef to improve its core services but it's also essential for CrossRef to do more and develop new services.  CrossRef’s success to date shows that by collaborating, publishers can do things collectively that they can’t do as well individually.  The most important beneficiaries of CrossRef services are scholars and researchers who read online content – this is who we must continue to focus on. CrossRef isn’t just a membership association – it’s a vehicle for industry collaboration and investment.  I’m proud that CrossRef is paying back its startup loans ahead of schedule, has built up a robust operational infrastructure and, most importantly, has proven it can get things done.  We need to build on that success in other areas and so are putting in place resources to do that in 2007.

Finally, I'm very happy that there will be no increases in any fees in 2007 (the third year of no increases) and that the Forward Linking fee will be removed in 2007 - so take a look at participating in this important CrossRef service.

In between updates, which I try to do every other month, you can keep up-to-date with the latest CrossRef news and information on the CrossRef Blog -

As always please feel free to contact me with any issues/concerns/problems at

Upcoming Meetings

Online Information

CrossRef will have a stand at Online Information 2006 in London - Chuck Koscher and Ed Pentz will be attending. We are at stand 522 so come along to talk to us or email to set up an appointment. There are a number of CrossRef activities at Online:

  1. Theatre C, Byte size: Content in context, Tuesday, November 28, 15.45-16.15, "Propagating metadata to promote content visibility: CrossRef Web Services and Windows Live Academic Search"
  2. CrossRef Technical Seminar, Wednesday, November 29, 14:00-15:00, Henley Suite 2, Olympia Grand Hall, register -
  3. Drinks Reception, Wednesday November 29, 16:00-17:00, CrossRef Stand 522.

Save the Date! 2007 Annual Meeting, Thursday, 1 November 2007, London, UK

CrossRef at conferences - CrossRef staff variously attended and spoke at several events during the past two months. These include the American Association of Publishers Journal Committee, Oxford Open Journals Day, the Frankfurt Book Fair, the NISO Discovery to Delivery Workshop, and the Charleston Conference.

DOI links in Use

CrossRef would like to increase book reference linking. There are now over 25,000 books in CrossRef, most with DOIs registered at the chapter level. CrossRef has created a "DOIs for Books" page - with some examples of book reference linking.

Richard O'Beirne from OUP has agreed to oversee the updating the CrossRef DOI Guidelines - - as a first step he will send a draft revision to the TWG email list in a few weeks to start discussions.

The most popular DOI number (in terms of total resolutions) in October was doi:10.1117/12.638436 which is:

Nanocontact printing of nonplanar substrate by using flexible h-PDMS stamp. Jeongdai Jo, Kwang-Young Kim, Eung-Sug Lee, and Byung-Oh Choi, Proc. SPIE Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. 6037, 60371T (2005) doi:10.1117/12.638436 (

New Services Update

CrossRef Web Services - CrossRef now has three web services partnerships with Microsoft, Scirus and the European Bioinformatics Institute. We also just announced the availability of an OAI-PMH interface to the CrossRef metadata. See for more information.

Simple Text Query. CrossRef's Simple Text Query service, which provides a free, non-XML alternative to DOI retrieval for researchers and smaller publishers, officially launched last month. For the full press release, go to

Key Statistics

Participating Publishers: 2,272 (
Voting Members: 379 (
Affiliates: 34 (
Agents: 8 (
Library Affiliates: 1,115 (

Statistics Jan-Oct 2006 Jan-Oct 2005 "+/-"
Queries 124,070,303 142,090,254 -13%
Match 40,570,133 35,176,666 15%
Match % 33% 26% 26%
Current Deposits 1,488,682 1,215,195 23%
Backfile Deposits 3,399,405 2,719,383 25%
Total Deposits 4,888,087 3,934,578 24%
Total Records 23,404,179 17,861,858 31%
# DOI Resolutions 119,174,676 87,578,662 36%
# Members 376 327 15%
# Depositing Prefixes 656 467 40%
# Linking Prefixes 515 283 82%
# Journals 15,285 13,090 17%
# Book Titles 25,875 12,180 112%
# Conference Titles 9,280 n/a**
**For a few months in 2005 the number of conference proceedings titles was calculated incorrectly so the numbers aren't comparable.

All statistics are looking excellent. In particular the matching rate is well up at 33% meaning that more DOI numbers are being returned for linking. We also continue to see and increase in DOI resolutions (i.e. users clicking on DOIs) and we are 36% up on 2005.

Deposit and query stats are regularly updated at  

Financial Update


2006 3rd Qtr.

2006 Year-to-Date

2006 Full Year






Last Yr.






















  Operating Income









New Initiatives/Contingencies









  Oper. Inc. Incl. New Initiatives









Interest Income (Expense)









Tax Provision (benefit)/Exch. (Gain)









  Net Income









Operating Income Margin









PILA activities during the 3rd quarter of 2006 covering the months of July, August and September, led to the following financial highlights:

  • $771,000 of revenues – only under budget by $5,000  
  • $621,000 of operating expenses – under budget by $12,000
  • $153,000 of cash used during the quarter - $68,000 more cash used than budgeted

The 9-month year-to-date financial results covering January to September 2006 led to the following financial highlights:

  • $2,354,000 of revenues - slightly over budget by $58,000 (2.5%)
  • $2,002,000 of operating expenses – $74,000 better than budgeted

The 3Q/06 Latest Estimate for the 2006 full year assumed:

  • $3,143,000 of revenues - slightly over budget (by $68,000 or 2.2%) - due to expected strong deposits during the remainder of the year and extra revenue from CrossRef Web Services.
  • $2,778,000 of operating expenses – under budget (by $13,000 or .5%) - due to smaller increases in employee benefits than budgeted.
  • The cash balance forecast for December 31, 2006 was $1,455,000 - over the budget of $1,190,000, mainly due from $273,000 of less-than-budgeted capital expenditures partially offset by unfavorable working capital fluctuations due to timing differences.

Update on Board Decisions

Election of Officers - the following officers were elected:

  • Anthony Durniak (IEEE), Chair
  • Robert Campbell (Blackwell), Vice-Chair
  • Linda Beebe (APA), Treasurer
  • Ed Pentz, CrossRef, Secretary
  • Lisa Hart, CrossRef, Assistant Secretary

Committee chairs and members were also appointed:

  • Audit Committee - Ian Bannerman, Informa, Chair, Carol Richman, Sage, Rebecca Simon, UCP
  • Technical Working Group - Howard Ratner, Nature, Chair
  • Institutional Repositories Commitee, Bernard Rous, ACM, Chair
  • Membership and Fees, Tim Ingoldsby, AIP, Chair
  • CrossRef Search, Craig Van Dyck, Wiley, Chair
  • Metadata Quality Committee, Diana Bittern, Wolters Kluwer, Chair

By-laws - new By-laws that include a conflict of interest section were approved. See Article XII of the By-laws-

Loan Repayment - the board approved repaying $600,000 in principal in December 2006 leaving the final $600,000 to be repaid in December 2007 well ahead of schedule.

Fees - there will be no fee increases for 2007 marking the third year in a row that CrossRef has not had fee increases. Component and data element deposits now stand at six cents per DOI, down from 12 cents. In a very positive development, the CrossRef Forward Linking surcharge will be removed starting in 2007 making this service will be available at no extra charge to member publishers.

Plagiarism Detection - the board approved CrossRef moving ahead with a pilot plagiarism detection service.

2007 Budget - the board directed staff to develop a plan for developing some key new projects in 2007.

Business Development Update

New Members and Affiliates - During the past two months, CrossRef welcomed the following new member publishers: Indiana University Press, Atlantis Press, European Optical Society, Theological Research Exchange Network (TREN), Radiological Society of North America, AHRC Research Centre, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Society of Nuclear Medicine, Landscape Online, American Educational Research Association (AERA), Agricultural History Society, Allerton Press, Down Syndrome Educational Trust, Centre for Bioscience (University of Leeds). In addition, we welcome RefWorks as a new CrossRef affiliate.

CrossRef in the news - the NewsLink NewsBreak for the week of November includes a piece by Barbara Quint on CrossRef's Simple Text Query service -  

The October issue of Learned Publishing has an article about CrossRef :

Pentz, E. "CrossRef at the Crossroads", Learned Publishing, Volume 19, Number 4, p. 250, October 2006, doi:10.1087/095315106778690760,

Content Type Survey - CrossRef is still conducting a member survey of the various content types that publishers are planning to assign DOIs to. This data will help CrossRef tailor future services to the needs of its membership. We invite members to respond to the short survey below linked to here if you haven't already.