Members, Affiliates and Agents

Participating Publishers*: 1,375 (
Members: 334 (
Affiliates: 30 (
Agents: 6 (
Library Affiliates: 467 (

*Participating publishers and societies now number 1,375 but note that this number is only considered to be a partial list because not all members have provided us with the counts or names of the societies or organizations for whom they serve as co-publisher. Please send Amy ( the list of organizations your company co-publishes for so that we can add to this already impressive list.

Meetings: 2004 Annual Meeting and December Technical Seminar

The 2004 Annual meeting on November 9th was a great success. There were over 100 attendees and a range of interesting speakers. All the presentations are now available online at

Congratulations to the board members who were elected at the meeting - AAAS (Science), Beth Rosner, Elsevier Science, Karen Hunter, Nature Publishing Group, Annette Thomas, Thieme Publishing Group, Thomas Connertz, Springer Science + Business Media, Ruediger Gebauer. A full listing of the board and their terms is at

Next year's meeting will be November 15th, 2005 in London - so save the date!

London Online Technical Seminar - CrossRef will be running a Technical Seminar at London Online - December 1st, 10:00-12:30, Henley 2 - a sign up form is at CrossRef also has a stand at London Online - Stand 26. Ed Pentz ( and Chuck Koscher ( will be attending - please contact them if you would like to set up a meeting.

DOIs in Use

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is using its CrossRef DOIs in RSS newsfeeds- full information is available at Tables of contents are sent out in a machine-readable format and CrossRef DOIs are used to provide persistent links to the articles.

BMJ uses DOIs well - displaying the DOIs on TOCs, articles and linking references - doi:10.1136/bmj.329.7476.1220 (

Examples of two Multiple Resolution DOIs are available at CrossRef is working on an expanded Multiple Resolution pilot for early 2005.

Statistics Year-to-date, October 31st, 2004

2004 Totals as of Oct 31 2003 Totals as of Oct 31
Journal Titles 10,449 8,600
Conferences 5,836
Book Titles 3,347
Total Records 12,614,482 9,341,382
August DOI Resolutions 7,755,967 5,089,247
Publishers & Societies 731
Members 307 250
Linkers 281 143
Depositors 307 219
Total 2004 Deposits (DOIs registered) 2,653,851 2,845,355
Total 2004 Current Deposits 1,097,388 695,737
Queries (references submitted) 154,885,288 85,416,055
Matches (DOIs returned) 43,601,823 15,834,104
Match % 28% 19%

The numbers for the year through October 31, 2004 look very strong and in most categories there are large increases over the same period in 2003. While total deposits are down slightly due to fewer backfile deposits, Current deposits have increased substantially (almost 60%) from 2003. There has been almost a 50% increase in the matching rate.

Financial Update

3rd Quarter 2004 Financials
Income Statement:
YTD Full Year
'04 Actuals '04 Budget 2003 '04 Forecast '04 Budget 2003
Revenues 2,008 2,165 2,104 2,658 2,920 2,919
Expenses 1,641 1,623 1,391 2,175 2,211 1,875
Contingencies 25 40 250
Operating Income 342 542 713 443 459 1,044
Interest Income (expense) (62) (72) (62) (84) (96) (99)
Income Taxes 44 165 44 0 245
Net Income 236 305 651 315 363 700
Cash Balance 1,975 939 1,086 1,486

Year-to-date revenue of $2,008,000 was slightly under budget by $157,000 due to the shortfall in the Annual Membership Fee category described in an earlier Update. Deposits were strong in the 3rd quarter which helped overall revenue figures. Expenses are over budget by $18,000. The cash position was very strong at $1,975,000.

The 2004 forecast (full year basis) reflects payments of $600,000 in principal and $478,000 in accrued interest-to-date related to the first installment of startup loan repayments (and hence the need for a relatively high cash balance at the end of the 3rd quarter). At its November meeting the board of directors approved a new loan repayment plan. All existing loans will be consolidated into notes with a term of 10 years with equal repayment of principal and interest for all lenders. After the initial repayment in 2004 the board will determine repayment amounts in subsequent years with the target being to pay all accrued interest each year and $200,000 in principal.  The new loan notes will enable the repayment of principal and interest while keeping fee growth to a minimum.

Administrative/Governance Issues

Categorization for 2005 Annual Member Fees - we need to get updated categorizations for all members to assess the 2005 Annual Member Fee. If you received a message about this please reply as soon as possible. The link to categorize your organization for the 2005 fees is - Remember that for classification revenue is "Total Publishing Revenue" - the 2005 fee schedule and definition of "Total Publishing Revenue" is at

October invoices - invoices for the 3rd quarter were sent at the beginning of November . The breakdown of deposits by journal is available at

Forward Linking - those publishers who are now depositing references for Forward Linking need to sign up for the service - information and a link to the sign up form are at

Non-Linking Fee - members who do not implement outbound reference links within 18 months of becoming a CrossRef member are subject to the Non-Linking Fee -

CrossRef Search Pilot

There was an update at the Annual Meeting on the CrossRef Search Pilot - the presentation is available at Between July and October 2004 there were 466 responses to the CrossRef Search Pilot End User Survey. In general the results were positive: 85% of respondents view the Pilot as “good” or “excellent” overall, 76% experienced their search as “successful”, 85% find the domain-restricted feature useful, 79% find the full-text indexing feature useful and 81% are positive about DOI links to publisher sites. Users expressed concerns about not getting access to content and being able to view what they have access to on the search results. Also, DOIs are not yet showing up prominently in many searches (this is due to the direct URLs to publishers having a higher PageRank than DOI links, although this will change over time). There were also many requests for enhanced functionality, e.g. more search options (limit search by date, author, subject or a set of journals) and more comprehensive coverage of the literature.

At the CrossRef Board of Directors it was agreed to have the Pilot continue into 2005 and to look at moving out of the Pilot by mid-2005 if certain criteria are met - the criteria include more comprehensive indexing of content, a formal agreement between CrossRef and Google and finalizing the terms of participation and policies for CrossRef members. The board agreed that a fee of 10% of the annual membership fee would be charged to CrossRef Search Pilot participants to cover CrossRef's administrative and marketing costs when the service moves into production. In addition, a fee of 5% of the annual member fee will be made on all CrossRef Search Pilot participants in January 2005 (to be set against the full 10% fee when the service moves of out of the Pilot phase).

A report on the CrossRef Search Pilot was presented at the board of directors meeting - copies of the report will be made available to members on request in December. Please contact Amy Brand ( if you would like a copy of the report.

Information on how to participate is at

The Google Scholar Beta ( was announced on November 18th. Google Scholar is separate from CrossRef Search and CrossRef was not involved in developing Google Scholar. CrossRef Search results come from the main Google index and are restricted to the (currently 29) CrossRef Search publishers' content. Google Scholar is a separate index pulled from the main Google index and includes anything that looks like a scholarly article or an abstract of a scholarly article - therefore, CrossRef Search content  (and the content of any scholarly publishers being crawled by Google) is included in Google Scholar. CrossRef will be reviewing the Google Scholar Beta and discussing it with Google.

Business Development Update

New Members - Among the many organizations who joined CrossRef in recent months are Geoscience World, a comprehensive Internet resource for research and communications in the geological and earth sciences; Social Science Research Network (SSRN), a leading source of working paper research in the social sciences for academics and other professionals; MBL Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, with content in the marine biological sciences; the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, with a public-domain digital collection of French-language books in the social sciences; and Peeters Publishing, the Belgian publisher of books and journals in the humanities and social sciences. For a regularly updated listing of new members, go to

Conferences/presentations - CrossRef was on the program at this month's Charleston Conference and SPARC Workshop on Institutional Repositories. CrossRef has booth #26 again at this year’s Online Information (London, November 30 - December 2). There is a CrossRef technical workshop at the meeting, to be held on Wednesday December 1st, from 10:00-12:30. The location is Henley Suite 2, on the second floor of the Olympia Grand Hall. Please sign up at:

Finally, CrossRef & CABI are offering a joint presentation on Wednesday December 1st at 16:00, on the floor of the Hall. The focus of the presentation is secondary publishers using DOIs.

Linkers - CrossRef runs periodic checks of the membership to verify linking status but sometimes our information is out of date. You can help by checking your linking status at (username: cr_member password: ref-linking) and letting us know if your "reference-links-live status" should be changed to “yes” (that is, active outbound reference linking) so that we can update this page accordingly and improve the accuracy of our records.

Fees - CrossRef recently announced discounted DOI fees for large reference works and components. For a single work with multiple DOIs registered within the same billing quarter, pricing is as follows:

Chapters/Entries 1 to 100 $ 1.00

Chapters/Entries 101 to 1,000 $ 0.50

Chapters/Entries 1,001 to 10,000 $ 0.25

Chapters/Entries 10,001 and up $ 0.17

As of November 1, 2004, the CrossRef system supports DOI deposit for components of a registered work at the discounted price of 12 cents per DOI. Components include items such as graphs, tables, images, audio, video, programs, etc.

CrossRef System

Web Deposit Form - an easy-to-use web form is now available for depositing metadata and registering DOIs for journal articles.  No XML knowledge is necessary. This form is best suited for small numbers of manual deposits. The page is available at

Forward Linking - Forward Linking is now fully live and operational. References are being deposited for 840 journals so far. This service will really start to take off in 2005. Information and a link to the sign up page is available at -

Stored Queries - (formerly known as "Query Match Alerts" and "Forward Matching) - using the XML query format publishers have started to use the query match alert functionality, where CrossRef stores unmatched queries and notifies the submitter when there is a match in future. The use of stored queries is on the rise and there are now about 1 million stored queries.

Component Deposits - component deposits are now accepted by the CrossRef System. The XML Schema version 3.0.3 includes components.

Unified Queries - the recently deployed unified query now uses the same style query for journal articles and conference proceedings. Previously there were separate formats for queries for journals and conference/books; however, most queries for conferences are in the "journal" format so this change should increase the matching rate for conferences.

Multiple Resolution - the multiple resolution pilot is moving along well. A draft change to the deposit schema has been completed and any publisher wishing to particpiate can now constuct trial XML files with multiple resolution information.  Information and a demo are at Examples are available at

DOI News

The October DOI News is available at and the November News is at


ISSN Revision Committee - the Committee met in October in Washington, DC and reviewed a number of areas. A key question was whether the ISSN would address the issue of identifying serials at the title level (i.e. one ISSN assigned to a title to collocate the manifestation/version ISSN) and the issue of product-level identification. The current plan is that the ISSN standard itself will not identify serials at the title or product level but the ISSN will remain a bibliographic identifier with different versions of serials (e.g. print and online) getting separate ISSN. However, an appendix to the ISSN standard will address the issue of title identification and how ISSN can work together with DOI, URI/URN and other standards. This could involve a "title" ISSN number being created which could be used as the DOI suffix to identify a serial (journal) title. In addition, the ISSN International Centre in Paris will work on an improved ISSN lookup service for the central ISSN Registry to make it more accessible. The current schedule is for a draft of the revised standard to be finished in September 2005.

The latest NISO Newsletter is available at There is information on the new 13-digit ISBN, a Blue Ribbon Panel established by NISO to look at strategic issues for the organization and a number of "NISO Registrations" - as an alternative to a full NISO standard, these Registrations offer a lighter-weight review and accreditation process for emerging specifications. Current Registrations include SRW/SRU Search Retrieval for the Web and MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema).