5 thoughts on “Metadata in PDF: 2. Use Cases”

  1. Actually, Elsevier is probably moving away from embedding the DOI in the title field of the PDF.
    We’re working on a spec for including fuller metadata as XMP. I’ll draw this entry to the attention of those working on the spec and see if they can share fuller details.

  2. I do believe that Elsevier does this in all their content.
    As I commented in your previous post, I would say neither the Title nor the Subject field really fits the DOI. In my view Elsevier did the right thing when they decided to ONLY provide the DOI and no other metadata. In that case I too would put the DOI in the title. The question is what to do the moment you decide to add the doi AND other metadata.

  3. Chris, could I make a plea to keep the DOI in the normal metadata next to richer xmp metadata? The tools to get to the XMP metadata are rather immature at the moment and make at least the DOI much less accessible.

  4. Alex, I would say that from Nature’s perspective we would very much favour delivering metadata both through the document information dictionary (“normal metadata”) as well as within an XMP packet as I alluded to in my first post in this series, although perhaps did not make explicit.
    Also given that we aim to be delivering more than one piece of metadata within the document information dictionary (e.g. titla and authors) then I would be very much inclined to create an “/Identifier” foreign key for the DOI and to consider including the DOI in one of the other recognized keys, i.e. “/Subject” or “/Keywords”. In fact, I would be inclined to include a full reference (traditional bib citation plus DOI) to the document probably within the “/Subject” field. I’d like to hear comments on this stratey. Like you, I believe that DOI should be available at the lowest entry point – being the document information dictionary.
    Am hoping that Elsevier will be able to contribute to this discussion. They have certainly taken the intiatiave in this area. But would also like to hear from other publishers re their current practice and future plans.

  5. Hi I recently created a test for a class presentation using Word Perfect and made it into a PDF file. The test is a multiple choice exam. Is there anyway to see the correct answers that are embedded in my test by the person viewing it in the PDF, such as by printing it?

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