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Enhanced Crossref Metadata Services (CMS) Policies

Enhanced Crossref Metadata Affiliates are permitted to do the following:

  1. display the licensed metadata (citation) to a work, which must include a link to the publisher's definitive version via the Crossref DOI
  2. verify and enhance metadata they previously obtained or independently developed 
  3. enhance the process of indexing scholarly content represented by the Crossref Metadata
  4. develop citation metrics and to report the results of such metrics to their users

The following conditions on the use of the metadata also apply; Enhanced Crossref Metadata Affiliates:

  1. may not charge end users for DOI links
  2. may not recreate tables of contents linking to anything other than the publishers' definitive version
  3. may not resell or redistribute the metadata
  4. may not use the metadata to create a competitive DOI lookup system
  5. if they display the Crossref metadata, it must include the DOI, which must link to the publisher version
  6. must display links to the definitive publisher version of the content before any other versions and clearly label the definitive publisher version if other links are displayed
  7. must keep the Crossref metadata updated

Crossref Member Publishers have an option to opt out of Enhanced CMS deliveries to any individual recipient. When a potential Enhanced CMS Affiliate applies for an account, Crossref Members have thirty days to respond to a request for opt-out instructions.

For Enhanced CMS, Crossref Member Publishers may choose:

  1. to opt out of all metadata deliveries for a particular recipient
  2. to opt out of reference metadata deliveries for a particular recipient
  3. to globally opt out of all metadata deliveries to all recipients

Note that references are only available from Crossref Members who participate in Crossref Cited-By Linking.

Updated January 15, 2016