Similarity Check Plagiarism Screening

What Authors and Researchers Need to Know

Similarity Check powered by iThenticate, is a plagiarism screening service designed to help publishers verify the originality of content submitted to them for publication.  While publishers know that the vast majority of authors and researchers are ethical, they are also aware that the intentional misconduct of a single individual can seriously damage the reputation of a department, an institution, and a publication. 

What is Similarity Check?

Similarity Check allows publishers to ascertain the originality of manuscripts submitted to them and helps them to identify cases of misconduct. 

Wherever you see a Similarity Check logo on a website, publication, or individual article or other scholarly content, you can be reassured that the publisher is doing all it can to ensure the originality of its published content and protect its authors from having their works misappropriated. 

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How Does it Work?

Participating publishers analyze submitted manuscripts with iThenticate software, which checks submissions against millions of published research papers (the Similarity Check database), documents on the web, and other relevant sources.  These submitted papers are not retained in the Similarity Check system after they have been checked. Manuscripts with overlapping text are flagged to editors, who are able to further compare the documents to establish the reason for the matches.  

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Authors and researchers can also use the iThenticate system to screen papers ahead of submission by visiting http://research.ithenticate.com/.   iThenticate for Researchers is a separate service to Similarity Check and is not compulsory in any way, but may help you to be sure you have correctly attributed passages and text in your paper.

Finding out More about Plagiarism

Authors can avoid unintentionally plagiarizing content  by accurately and comprehensively citing all sources.  
Additional information is available from the following sites:

            •            Office of Research Integrity’s “Guide to Ethical Writing
            •            Plagiarism.org’s FAQs

To see if the publisher(s) you work with participate in Similarity Check, visit our list of members. To learn more about Similarity Check please visit: http://www.crossref.org/crosscheck.html or contact crosscheck_info@crossref.org.  To learn more about how you can use iThenticate please visit: http://research.ithenticate.com

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