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Helping Researchers Decide What Scholarly Content to Trust

What happens when the record of scholarly research published in journals, books, proceedings or other documents changes? As careful as authors, reviewers, and publishers are in the publication process, corrections, updates, errata, and even retractions and withdrawals are sometimes necessary. But how can researchers find out about these important changes?

The CrossMark identification service from Crossref sends a signal to researchers that publishers are committed to maintaining their scholarly content.

It gives scholars the information they need to verify that they are using the most recent and reliable versions of a document. Readers simply click on the CrossMark logos on PDF or HTML documents, and a status box tells them if the document is current or if updates are available.

CrossMark can also provide additional valuable “publication record” information.

CrossMark logos have already been added to thousands of documents published by Crossref members. See the Gallery for examples.

Any reader can access CrossMark information from a participating publisher’s PDF or HTML documents—at no charge. See our pages for Librarians and Researchers to see how CrossMark can help ensure the integrity of the published record.

Any Crossref member in good standing can participate in this important update identification service. To find out how to get started, see our Publisher’s page.

Crossref Affiliates who want to display CrossMark logos in their search results to indicate those versions being updated and maintained by the publishers can find more information on our Affiliate page.

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Updated May 9, 2016