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About CrossMark®

The CrossMark update system is an optional service of Crossref, a not-for-profit trade association of scholarly publishers that facilitates reference linking and other sustainable cross-publisher services for the scholarly community.

CrossMark allows scholars to easily identify instances of documents that are being actively maintained by their publishers. The appearance of a CrossMark logo on a HTML, PDF or ePub document indicates that the publisher is taking care of or stewarding it through any updates, corrections, retractions, or other changes.

The researcher simply clicks on the CrossMark logo to view status information about the document. If an update exists, the status information will include a Crossref DOI link to the updated document.

Cross Mark logo

Clicking on a CrossMark logo may also provide important publication record information about the document. This information, provided at the option of the publisher, might include peer review, publication history, funding sources, location and links to data sources, CrossCheck plagiarism screening, or rights.

CrossMark is funded completely by the Crossref members who participate. Publishers must be Crossref members and participate in reference linking to offer the service to their readers. More information for publishers is available on the Publishers section of this web site.

There is no charge for readers and librarians to access CrossMark information. More information on CrossMark for Researchers and Librarians are available.

Updated March 18, 2013