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CrossMark® Participation Agreement

CrossMark® is an optional service for CrossRef members in good standing. Any digital object (journal article, book chapter, conference proceeding, etc.) that is assigned a CrossRef DOI for which the publisher is taking responsibility for stewarding can be registered in the CrossMark system.

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By completing this form, the CrossRef Member identified above agrees to participate in the CrossMark program and comply with the CrossMark Terms and Conditions and also agrees to periodically review the CrossMark Terms and Conditions for revisions and modifications. CrossRef will provide written notification to the CrossMark Administrator (designated above) of any material changes by email.

Upon receipt of this form by CrossRef, an email confirming the CrossRef Member’s participation in CrossMark will be sent to both the CrossMark Administrator listed above and to the Business Contact designated in the CrossRef Member’s signed Membership Agreement.

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