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39,332 CrossMark deposits have been made since CrossMark went live in April 2012. These deposits include 314 updates and 215,631 assertions. Assertions are the extra items of information such as peer review method or status, publication dates, licensing information that publishers are displaying on the CrossMark record tab.

AIP Publishing

AJIT - E Academic Journal of Information Technology

American Diabetes Association

American Society for Microbiology

Amsterdam University Press

Bentham Science Publishers Ltd.

Bioinfo Publications

Biomedical Research and Therapy




Cambridge University Press (CUP)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Cognitive - CRCS

Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre

Elsevier BV

European Respiratory Society

F1000 Research, Ltd.

Grupo Comunicar

Harrington Park Press

Herbert Publications PVT LTD

Hittite Journal of Science and Engineering

Innovative Joiurnal

International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP)

International Engineering Journal

International Union of Crystallography (IUCr)

Journal of Biology

Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE

Korean Physical Society


Kowsar Medical Institute

Macedonian Journal of Medical Science

Medical University of Lublin

Medwave Estudios Limitada

Michael Joanna Publications

NeuroQuantology Journal

Nexus Academic Publishers

Ommega online Publishers

Omnia Publisher SL


Philippine Association of Institutions for Research (PAIR)

Philosophy Documentation Center

PLOS (The Public Library of Science)

PNRPU Publishing House

Prepress Projects Ltd

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)

Riga Technical University

Rockefeller University Press

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Scholar Science Journals

Science Reviews 2000 LTD

Smith and Franklin Academic Publishing Corporation


The Geological Society of London

The International Child Neurology Association (ICNA)

The Royal Society

Today's World

Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication (TOJDAC)

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University


World Bank

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Updated July 20, 2015