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CrossMark® for Affiliates

CrossMark®--Identifying Publisher Versions of Scholarly Content

Discovery tools provide important resources for today’s scholars to identify the content they need. Now, with CrossMark, CrossRef Affiliates can add information about updates and other changes to their results lists.

How It Works

CrossRef members participating in CrossMark deposit metadata about their updates, corrigenda, retractions, and other changes along with their normal CrossRef bibliographic metadata deposits.

Optionally, they may also deposit “publication record” information that may include

  • publication history
  • the location of supplementary data
  • access policies
  • funding sources
  • peer review processes

All of this CrossMark metadata will be available to Affiliates through the CrossRef’s standard application programming interfaces (APIs). That means that CrossRef Affiliates will be able to query for CrossMark metadata through their CrossRef query accounts.

They will be able to display CrossMark logos on results lists to indicate which versions are being actively maintained by their publishers.

Subscribers to CrossRef Metadata Services will also be able to get CrossMark metadata to incorporated into their authorized services. They may build applications using the CrossRef APIs to enhance their existing offerings. For example, they may offer an update service to end users to let them know when an article they are “watching” has an update.

What Kind of Documents Will Display the CrossMark Logo?

Any scholarly content that has been assigned a CrossRef DOI may have a CrossMark logo displayed, including

  • journal articles
  • books
  • book chapter, and
  • conference proceedings
  • technical reports

CrossMark logos will only appear on published versions that the publisher has made a commitment to maintain. For this reason, you will not see CrossMark logos on author preprints. CrossMark will be an optional service for CrossRef Member publishers, so not every item with a CrossRef DOI will display a CrossMark logo.

What Should Affiliates Do?

To stay up to date out how CrossMark metadata can enhance your products and services, view our recent webinar for affiliates, and join our information list. As more publishers participate in CrossMark, more data will be available for harvesting and incorporating in third party services.

For CrossRef Service Providers, please see the Publisher Implementation Guidelines and Technical Implementation Guidelines page for information on how you can support your clients’ use of the CrossMark update service.

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