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Implementing CrossMark®

What Do Publishers Have to Do to Implement CrossMark?

  1. Publishers must be members of CrossRef in good standing. That means they don’t owe CrossRef any money, and they are meeting all obligations, such as assigning DOIs and linking their references via CrossRef DOIs. Content must have a CrossRef DOI to display a CrossMark logo.
  2. Publishers pay a per-item fee to participate in CrossMark. These fees will be billed with regular CrossRef deposits.
  3. Publishers must create a corrections/updates policy, display a page outlining their CrossMark policy on their web site, and assign a DOI to it. See our Policy Page for more information.
  4. Publishers should consider what additional optional “publication record” information they wish to provide on the CrossMark “Record Tab”.
  5. Publishers deposit CrossMark metadata when (or after) they make their CrossRef DOI deposits. CrossMark-only deposits are possible in order to populate backfiles with CrossMark metadata. More information about the deposit process is available on our Technical Implementation Guidelines.
  6. Publishers provide CrossRef DOIs for all content that is being corrected and identify HTML content in CrossMark with a CrossRef DOI.
  7. Publishers attach a CrossMark logo widget to their HTML and PDF content and apply CrossMark metadata to their PDF content. The CrossMark logos and guidelines for their use are available on the CrossMark logo page.
  8. Publishers must commit to promptly updating CrossMark metadata whenever a change that changes the interpretation or crediting of the work occurs.
  9. Publishers cooperate with CrossRef in explaining the service to readers. Marketing materials are available from CrossRef to support participating publishers. See CrossMark Web Banners for advertisements to display on publisher websites.

The early experience of CrossMark participants indicates that the most time consuming part of implementing CrossMark has been the internal work to identify where the corrections and changes information can be found and to institute a workflow that will promptly and easily enable them to update their CrossMark metadata with that information. Publishers must give careful thought to their update policy before making any CrossMark metadata deposits.

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