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CrossMark® Publication Record Info

The Record tab may give additional publication record information about the content that helps readers evaluate the work. Publication record information is an optional part of the CrossMark system, and each participating publisher may choose whether to include it and what to include.

In the example below from an International Union of Crystallography article, you have to click on the CrossMark Logo first and then a popup box will appear with two tabs. One of the tabs will be called a record tab. There you can see optional data about the content type, the copyright statement, the peer review process, and publication history.

Types of information you may see in the record tab might include:

  • FundRef funding information
  • Peer review process
  • Publication history
  • CrossCheck plagiarism screening status
  • Conflict of interest disclosures
  • Location of related data
  • Rights or licensing information

Some organizations are experimenting with using the Record tab for threaded publication information to highlight related research.

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