October 3, 2014

CrossRef Indicators

Last update September 29, 2014

Total no. participating publishers & societies 5369
Total no. voting members 2626
% of non-profit publishers 57%
Total no. participating libraries 1903
No. journals covered 36,144
No. DOIs registered to date 69,632,826
No. DOIs deposited in previous month 582,561
No. DOIs retrieved (matched references) in previous month 35,125,120
DOI resolutions (end-user clicks) in previous month 79,193,741

New CrossRef Members

Updated September 29, 2014

Voting Members
Agora University in Oradea
Classical Association of South Africa
Hind Agri Horticultural Society
International Journal of Integrated Health Sciences (IJIHS)
Jurnal Anestesi Perioperatif (JAP)
Pediatric Neurology Briefs Publishers
Towarzystwo Naukowe W Toruniu

Sponsored Members
IJNC Editorial Committee
Japanese Association of Cardioangioscopy
Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences
The Operations Research Society of Japan

Represented Members
Association for Korea Public Administration History
Educational Research Institute, College of Education, Ewha Womans University
English and American Cultural Studies
Kamchatka Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography
Korea Association of Teachers of English
Korea Productivity Association
Korea Society for Philosophy East-West
Korean Association for Educational Information and Media
Korean Association of Social Welfare Policy
Korean Clinical Psychology Association
Korean Generative Grammar Circle
Korean Society of Exercise Physiology
Korean Society of Special Education
Online Journal of Analytic Combinatorics
Publishing Centre Naukovedenie
Society for Historical Studies of Ancient and Medieval China
Yeol-song Society of Classical Studies

Last updated September 23, 2014

Voting Members
Brazilian Journal of Internal Medicine
Brazilian Journal of Irrigation and Drainage - IRRIGA
Djokosoetono Research Center
Education Association of South Africa
Feminist Studies
Laboreal, FPCE, Universidade do Porto
Libronet Bilgi Hizmetleri ve Yazilim San. Tic. Ltd., Sti.
Open Access Text Pvt, Ltd.
Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow
Revista Brasileira de Quiropraxia - Brazilian Journal of Chiropractic
Scientific Online Publishing, Co. Ltd.
Symposium Books, Ltd.
Turkiye Yesilay Cemiyeti
Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie - Krakow University of Economics
Volgograd State University

Sponsored Members

IJNC Editorial Committee
Japanese Association of Cardioangioscopy
Lithuanian Universtity of Educational Sciences
The Operations Research Society of Japan

Represented Members

Acta Medica Anatolia
Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture
CNT Nanostroitelstvo
Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport
English Language and Literature Association of Korea
Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences
Institute of Korean Independence Movement Studies
Journal of Chinese Language and Literature
Journal of Korean Linguistics
Knowledge Management Society of Korea
Korea Association for International Commerce and Information
Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements
Korean Academic Society for Public Relations
Korean Marketing Association
Korean Society for Art History
Korean Society for the Study of Physical Education
Korean Society of Consumer Policy and Education
Law Research Institute, University of Seoul
Research Institute Centerprogamsystem, JSC
Research Institute of Science Education, Pusan National University
Research Institute of Social Science
Silicea - Poligraf, LLC
The Altaic Society of Korea
The Hallym Academy of Sciences
The Korean Association of Ethics
The Korean Association of Translation Studies
The Korean Society for Culture and Arts Education Studies
The Korean Society for Feminist Studies in English Literature
The Korean Society for Investigative Cosmetology
The Regional Association of Architectural Institute of Korea
The Society for Korean Language and Literary Research
Ural Federal University
V.I. Shimakov Federal Research Center of Transplantology and Artificial Organs
World Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Yonsei Institute for North Korean Studies

October 2, 2014

The Public Knowledge Project and CrossRef Collaborate to Improve Services for Publishers using Open Journal Systems

2 October 2014, Lynnfield, MA, USA and Vancouver, BC, Canada---CrossRef and the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) are collaborating to help publishers and journals using the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform take better advantage of CrossRef services.

The collaboration involves an institutional arrangement between CrossRef and PKP, and new software features. Features include an improved CrossRef plugin for OJS that will automate Digital Object Identifier (DOI) deposits, as well as plans to create new tools for extracting references from submissions. To facilitate CrossRef membership, PKP has also become a CrossRef Sponsoring Entity, which will allow OJS-based publishers to join CrossRef through PKP.

The latest release of OJS version 2.4.5 includes a new CrossRef plugin with improved support for CrossRef deposits, the process by which CrossRef member publishers can assign DOIs (persistent, actionable identifiers) to their content. A CrossRef deposit includes the bibliographic metadata about an article or other scholarly document, the current URL of the item, and the DOI. Publishers need only update the URL at CrossRef if the content's web address changes. The cited DOI will automatically direct readers to the current URL.

OJS 2.4.5 includes several general improvements that benefit CrossRef members directly and indirectly. First, OJS now allows for automatic deposits to the CrossRef service - manually uploading data via CrossRef's web interface is no longer necessary. Second, users of the plugin will be able to deposit Open Researcher and Contributor Identifiers (ORCIDs), which OJS can now accept during the author registration and article submission processes.

Additionally, this release also allows OJS publishers to more easily participate in the LOCKSS archiving service of their choice (including the forthcoming PKP PLN Service).

Finally, this new release will serve as the foundation for further integration of other CrossRef features and services, such as the deposit of FundRef funding data, and the CrossMark publication record service.

"The release of OJS 2.4.5 signals a new strategic direction for PKP in the provision of enhanced publishing services, such as the new CrossRef plugin," said Brian Owen, Managing Director of PKP. "Our collaboration with CrossRef has enabled us to move up the development of features that our publishers have been asking for. The partnership doesn't end here, either. We're looking forward to supporting publishers more directly now that we are a Sponsoring Entity and to jointly develop tools that will make it easier for publishers to comply with CrossRef's outbound reference linking requirements."

CrossRef Executive Director Ed Pentz noted, "The profile of CrossRef's member publishers has changed significantly over the years. We are growing by hundreds of members each year. Many of these publishers are small institution-based journals from around the world. And many are hosted by the open source OJS software. It has been challenging for some of these organizations to meet our membership obligations like outbound reference linking and arranging for long-term archiving. And many have not been able to participate in newer services, because they require the ability to deposit additional metadata. We want all of our publishers to have a level playing field, regardless of their size. Our cooperation with PKP will help make that happen."

Journals and publishers that use OJS and that already have established a direct relationship with CrossRef, or those that have an interest in becoming members through PKP, may take advantage of the enhanced features in the new CrossRef plugin by upgrading to OJS 2.4.5. And starting now, eligible journals can apply for a PKP-sponsored CrossRef membership for free DOI support. See PKP's CrossRef page for more information.

About PKP
The Public Knowledge Project was established in 1998 at the University of British Columbia. Since that time PKP has expanded and evolved into an international and virtual operation with two institutional anchors at Stanford University (http://www.stanford.edu/) and Simon Fraser University Library (http://www.lib.sfu.ca/ ). OJS is open source software made freely available to journals worldwide for the purpose of making open access publishing a viable option for more journals, as open access can increase a journal's readership as well as its contribution to the public good on a global scale. More information about PKP and its software and services is available at pkp.sfu.ca.

About CrossRef

CrossRef (www.crossref.org) serves as a digital hub for the scholarly communications community. A global not-for profit membership organization of scholarly publishers, CrossRef's innovations shape the future of scholarly communications by fostering collaboration among multiple stakeholders. CrossRef provides a wide spectrum of services for identifying, locating, linking to, and assessing the reliability and provenance of scholarly content.

James MacGregor, PKP
Email: pkp.contact@gmail.com

Carol Anne Meyer, CrossRef
Phone +1 781-295-0072 x23
Email: info@crossref.org

October 1, 2014

CrossRef Newsletter - October 2014 Edition

The latest edition of the CrossRef Newsletter has been posted.

The October 2014 edition contains news and updates on CrossRef Text and Data Mining, CrossMark, FundRef and more. The Tech Corner has updates on new technical developments such as the Notification Callback Service. We will be attending various meetings this Fall including exhibiting at the Frankfurt Book Fair next week. The CrossRef Annual meeting in London is coming up in November and there's a story on that. As well as important updates on Board of Directors Election, billing and more.

September 25, 2014

CrossRef Indicators

Updated September 23, 2014

Total no. participating publishers & societies 5363
Total no. voting members 2609
% of non-profit publishers 57%
Total no. participating libraries 1902
No. journals covered 36,035
No. DOIs registered to date 69,191,919
No. DOIs deposited in previous month 582,561
No. DOIs retrieved (matched references) in previous month 35,125,120
DOI resolutions (end-user clicks) in previous month 79,193,741

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