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The Open Funder Registry provides a common taxonomy of over 11,000 funding body names that funding data initiative participants should use to normalize Funder Names and IDs for deposit.

The list should be used to present authors with a pre-populated "Funder Name" option at the time of submission, and can also be used to match the funding names in backfile content if this data has been previously extracted.

The list is available to download as an RDF file, and is freely available under a CC0 license waiver.


Version History

  • August 11th 2016 (v1.2)
    Funder count: 13,320

    There are no other changes in this release.

    • June 13th 2016 (v1.2)
      Funder count: 12,928

      12,817 active funding bodies, 111 defunct or replaced.

      There are no other changes in this release.

    • April 19th 2016 (v1.1)
      Funder count: 12,265

      There are several changes in this file:
      We have introduced schema versioning in the header of the file (see below), and release versioning in this repository.

      There have been namespace changes to reflect the recent deprecation of the FundRef name for what is now known as Crossref funding data: has been replaced with

      There is a new status of Deprecated to reflect funders that are no longer valid and should not be displayed to authors through submission system interfaces or used to match publisher data. These funders were added in error and have been removed from previous versions of the registry before release, but to reflect best practice for managing DOIs (i.e. they should never be deleted) they are being added back in. If a funder has the status of Deprecated it should for all intents and purposes be ignored.

      <fd:status rdf:resource=""/> (16.1 MB)

    • February 16th 2016 (v1.0)
      Funder count: 11,503
    • October 28th 2015
      Funder count: 11,503
    • September 2nd 2015
      Funder count: 10,847
    • June 12th 2015
      Funder count: 10,246
      Schema change: addition of “narrower” and “splitFrom” tags to reciprocate existing “broader” and “splitInto” tags
    • February 12th 2015
      Funder count: 9,522
    • January 6th 2015
      Funder count: 8,797
      Schema Change: to distinguish abbreviations from other alternate names we have added a label for abbreviations <fref:usageFlag rdf:resource="" />
    • October 1st 2014
      Funder count: 8,168
      In this file 25 funding bodies that were erroneously removed in the September 25th update have been replaced.
    • September 25th 2014
      Funder count: 8,143
      There are two new tags in the schema with this release:
      ""svf:continuationOf" This represents funding bodies that have changed name. The previous name should be retained to allow authors to select the historical name where relevant.
      "dct:replaces rdf:resource=" and "dct:isReplacedBy rdf:resource=" These are used to indicate duplicated entries in the file. The "isReplacedBy" name should be ignored and is in the file for reference only.
      NOTE: a small number of funders were erroneously deleted from this file, all related to the US Department of Energy. Work is underway to replace them and a new file will be issued week of September 29th.
    • June 25th 2014
      Funder count: 7,333
    • May 16th 2014
      Funder count: 6,586
      Enhancements to existing metadata and new funders added. South Korean funding bodies added.
    • April 10th 2014
      Funder count: 6,164
      Enhancements to existing metadata and new funders added.
    • March 7th 2014
      Funder count: 5,934
      Enhancements to existing metadata and new funders added.
    • January 29th 2014
      Funder count: 5,540
      Enhancements to existing metadata and new funders added.
    • December 13th 2013
      Funder count: 4,973
      Enhancements to existing metadata and new funders added.
    • November 19th 2013
      Funder count: 4,817
      Bug fixes to correct some labelling errors in the RDF.
    • November 6th 2013
      Funder count: 4,817
      New Registry file incorporating corrected hierarchy information for the US Department of Energy, separating out second and third tier organisations.
    • May 28th 2013
      Funder count: 4,785
      First Registry File.

    To the extent possible under law, Crossref has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the Open Funder Registry.

    Additional Options

    Download a CSV file of the funder names and identifiers in the Open Funder Registry.

    To suggest modifications to the registry, contact For more information about Funding Data, visit


    Updated August 15, 2016