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Crossref Metadata Services: structured, cross-publisher metadata for your indexing and linking services.

Crossref Metadata Services, or CMS, offers an easy-to-use suite of tools for authorized partners to collect metadata on a cross-publisher basis to streamline their own crawling, indexing, and linking services. CMS includes a variety of metadata dissemination tools and provides standard terms and conditions for partners using the cross-publisher metadata available through Crossref. Just as the core Crossref linking service removes the need for bilateral linking agreements among publishers, the CMS program removes the need for bilateral agreements covering use of metadata between publishers and partner service providers. There are two types of CMS services that Crossref offers; Basic CMS and Enhanced CMS.

Basic Crossref Metadata Services Affiliates
Please see our affiliate page for details.

The Enhanced Crossref Metadata Affiliate Membership (Enhanced CMS)

The Enhanced CMS Affiliate membership allows affiliates to access over 50 million+ metadata records registered in Crossref via our OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) interface. The Crossref OAI-PMH repository interface serves as the central point for the distribution of metadata from participating publishers, utilizing a robust and widely adopted technology targeted at consumers of large quantities of metadata. Access to the Crossref’s metadata repository is controlled by IP authentication and can be tailored to provide specific content from select publishers to each authorized recipient.

Current Enhanced CMS Affiliates

Please view our current Enhanced CMS subscribers.

Enhanced CMS Metadata

Please note that our metadata holdings are not a comprehensive, error-free set of all publisher article-level data because in the past we did not require publishers to submit complete bibliographic information. We have recently begun to take measures to ensure higher quality data, but the current data is highly variable from publisher to publisher.

metadata sample 1

metadata sample 2

Enhanced CMS Fees

The Enhanced CMS  Affiliate fees range from $3,000-40,000 depending upon gross revenues.

CMS Enhanced License fee table

CMS Agreement Forms

Enhanced CMS Affiliate Agreement

CMS was developed to standardize how published content is crawled, indexed, and linked to on the Web. Participation by Crossref member publishers is optional. Crossref’s mission is to enable researchers and scholars to get to authoritative primary content and CMS will enable this to happen by streamlining the delivery of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for persistent linking and authoritative metadata.”
                                                                       Ed Pentz, Executive Director of Crossref

Updated January 23, 2012