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This form allows individuals to retrieve Crossref Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for non-commercial use. Please contact us ( if you represent an organization that needs to retrieve Crossref DOIs in quantity.

Important Notice: Simple Text Query users will be required to use a verified email address starting on May 5, 2010. You may sign up for a free account here.

We are taking this action because a number of users are querying this service in very high volumes. The Simple Text Query is not an appropriate tool for high volume operations and monthly usage limits of 1000 references will be put into effect (intended to be a limit on an individual or the organization represented by an individual). Please contact Crossref ( to inquire about options appropriate for volumes of use above these limits.

How to use this form

This form allows you to retrieve Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for journal articles, books, and chapters by simply cutting and pasting the reference list into the box below. You may use the form with any reference style, although the tool works most reliably if references are formatted in a standard style such as shown in this example:

Clow GD, McKay CP, Simmons Jr. GM, and Wharton RA, Jr. 1988. Climatological observations and predicted sublimation rates at Lake Hoare, Antarctica. Journal of Climate 1:715-728.

To test the interface, simply cut & paste this reference!

Please separate individual references by a blank line. For best results, there should be no line breaks within an individual reference. When submitting multiple references they must be in alphabetical order or presented as a numbered list. For editorial purposes, to check the accuracy of a reference click on the DOI link that is returned with the reference.


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