Metadata affiliates

Affiliates use aggregate metadata

This diverse, global group includes–but is not limited to–hosting platforms, submission systems, libraries, publishing services companies, metrics and analytics companies, and many others.

A shared benefit

Affiliates extend and disseminate publisher metadata in a variety of sources and services; publishers in turn benefit from this work through enhanced content discoverability.

Metadata options

There are a number of ways for affiliates to work with metadata, including service providers such as hosting platforms who may deposit metadata into the system on behalf of publishers.

Some factors in choosing which may be the best service(s) are:

  • Will searches be manual or automated?
  • Do you prefer a particular output format?
  • Do you need publisher references (i.e. citations)?

Our Metadata Delivery page provides guidance on choosing the best service for you.

Obligations & fees

  • Affiliates must sign and abide by the terms of an Affiliate Agreement and pay their Annual Fees, which are based on the annual revenue of the largest business unit of the Affiliate organization.
  • Affiliates may store retrieved metadata in their local systems.
  • The copyright owner of a publication has the sole authority to designate, or authorize an agent to designate, the depositor and resolution URLs for content that appears in that publication.
  • A primary journal (whether it is hosted by the publisher or included in an aggregator or database service) must be deposited in the Crossref system before Affiliates or Members can retrieve Crossref DOIs for references in an article.

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Last Updated: 2017 October 28