Amanda Bartell

Amanda joined the Member and Outreach team in late 2017 to help make our member experience as smooth and delightful as possible. She previously worked in educational publishing for over 18 years at the intersection between digital marketing and digital product support and has also tutored in marketing for the Oxford College of Marketing. Outside of work she volunteers as a sighted guide for the visually impaired, and is currently learning to Flamenco dance, because why not? ¡Olé!

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Are you having an identity crisis?

Amanda Bartell

Amanda Bartell – 2018 February 23

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We work with a huge range of organizations in the scholarly communications world—publishers, libraries, universities, government agencies, funders, publishing service providers, and researcher services providers—and you each have different relationships with us. Some of you are members who create and disseminate your own content, register it with us by depositing metadata, and help steer our future by voting in our annual board elections. Some of you don’t vote in our board elections but do play a vital role by registering content on members’ behalf.

Dr. Livingstone, I presume…a two month expedition deep into the heart of research publishing

Amanda Bartell

Amanda Bartell – 2017 December 13

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Hello there. I’m Amanda Bartell, and I joined the Crossref team in mid-October as the new Head of Member Experience. My new Member Experience team will be responsible for onboarding new members, supporting existing members and making sure that everyone can make the most of Crossref services. I’ve spent the last couple of months exploring the world of academic publishing and what our members need - and it’s been fascinating!

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