Christine Buske

Christine joined Crossref in early 2018, with an initial focus on all things Event Data. She began working in scholarly technology during the final stretch of her PhD (Neuroscience, University of Toronto), and upon completion, continued her tech and product management path at both SpringerNature and Elsevier, where she worked on the reference management products Papers and Mendeley respectively. Her experience before product management spanned scholarly outreach, marketing and business development. Beyond scholarly communications, workflows, and data, Christine loves to travel, photograph wildlife, and is currently (re)learning salsa dancing.

Event Data is production ready

We’ve been working on Event Data for some time now, and in the spirit of openness, much of that story has already been shared with the community. In fact, when I recently joined as Crossref’s Product Manager for Event Data, I jumped onto an already fast moving train—headed for a bright horizon.

Hello, meet Event Data Version 1, and new Product Manager

I joined Crossref only a few weeks ago, and have happily thrown myself into the world of Event Data as the service’s new product manager. In my first week, a lot of time was spent discussing the ins and outs of Event Data. This learning process made me very much feel like you might when you’ve just bought a house, and you’re studying the blueprints while also planning the house-warming party.