Fabienne Michaud

Fabienne joined Crossref in 2021 as Product Manager. She previously worked in academic, research and not-for-profit libraries for over 20 years in academic liaison, customer services and management roles. Prior to joining Crossref, she was Head of Library and Information Services at the Geological Society of London where she led the Plate Tectonics Archive project. Outside of work, Fabienne is often seen with a book or other bookworms.

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Similarity Check news: iThenticate v2.0 ready for launch

Crossref Similarity Check news: iThenticate v2.0 ready for launch Last year, we announced the upcoming launch of a new version of iThenticate, the product from Turnitin that powers Crossref Similarity Check. We know some of you have been waiting a long time for this upgrade and we are very happy to share with you that we are now ready to release it. We will be rolling out this new version in stages, so not everyone will be able to upgrade to the new version immediately.
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