Vanessa Fairhurst

Vanessa Fairhurst joined Crossref as the International Community Outreach Manager, part of the Member & Community Outreach team, in June 2017 and is based in our Oxford office. She previously worked in International Development with a focus on access to scholarly information and research in developing countries. Having lived and worked both in Asia and Europe, Vanessa has always enjoyed working cross-culturally, with a diverse network of people. Outside of the office Vanessa enjoys travel, writing, improving her Spanish and never goes anywhere without a good book!

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Coming to a venue near you

First of all ā€“ hello! Iā€™m Vanessa. Iā€™m fairly new to Crossref, having just joined our outreach team a few weeks ago. I previously worked in International Development, enabling individuals and institutions in Africa, Asia and Latin America to access cutting edge scholarly research and knowledge, supporting national development and transforming lives.