Zotero - next generation research tool?

Ed Pentz

Ed Pentz – 2006 December 12

In News Release

[]1 was mentioned at the STM Innovations talk in London and it’s worth taking a look. It’s billed as the next generation of bibliographic management software - End Note but a lot more included. DOIs should be incorporated into this tool - I couldn’t find any mention of Crossref or DOIs.

And Just Relax


thammond – 2006 November 28

In Xml

Nice piece of advocacy here by Tim Bray for RELAX. High time to see someone standing up for RELAX - a much friendlier XML schema language.

Journal Supply Chain Efficiency Improvement Pilot

Ed Pentz

Ed Pentz – 2006 October 12

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This project - - (which needs a new name or clever acronym) has released a

Mid Year Report. The pilot is being extended into 2007 and there is clearly value for publishers in having an unique ID for institutions at the licensing unit level. Ringgold, one of the project partners, has a great database with a validated hierarchy of institutions from consortia down to departments - I had a demo at Frankfurt. The report has some info on benefits for publishers and on possible business models. I think a central, neutral registry of unique IDs would be a real benefit to the industry.

Ruby Makes A-List


thammond – 2006 October 12

In Programming

Um, well. Seems according to O’Reilly Ruby that Ruby is now a mainstream language. “The Ruby programming language just made the A-list on the TIOBE Programming Community Index, and Ruby is now listed as a mainstream programming language. For the past three or four years Ruby has consistently placed in the high 20’s in this index, but is now placed as the 13th most popular programming language!” (No language wars, but I am, I will confess, a big admirer - for some time.

STIX and Stones


admin – 2006 October 05

In News Release

The STIX Fonts project funded by six major publishers to develop a comprehensive font set for STM publishing has completed its development phase and is about to move into beta testing (planned to commence in late October). Participation is open to all publishers - so now is the time to get involved to ensure your needs are met by this significant activity.



thammond – 2006 October 03

In Metadata

A new version of the AdsML Framework 2.0, Release 8 from the AdsML Consortium is now available for download from

Below is an extract from the “Vision” document which outlines the broad goals of AdsML.

Blogs, Well Duh!


thammond – 2006 October 03

In Blogs

Steve Rubel has a reponse here to Lexis-Nexis’ survey on consumers preferred outlets for breaking news and their rubbishing of blogs as a credible publishing forum. It’s something called, er, the Long Tail by Chris Anderson at Wired Magazine.

Couple Web Feeds to Note


thammond – 2006 October 03

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Sorry to be somewhat backwards, but just in case any folks didn’t already know there’s a couple new feeds set up recently (or at least they’re newish to me 🙂 News from STM (from the STM Association) eFoundations (from Andy Powell and Pete Johnston at Eduserv Foundation in the UK)

Science Commons


thammond – 2006 October 03

In Meetings

Peter Murray-Rust posts on the SPARC-OpenData mailing list about a Commons for Science Conference (Oct. ¾ in DC). The meeting is invitation-only but the papers are online (see here) and there should be public reports. The meeting underlines the importance of Open Data. There’s a brief abstract below.



thammond – 2006 October 02

In Discussion

Just a couple comments about CrossTech: 1. Shouldn’t it (or couldn’t it) be linked to from the Crossref home page? (This is a public read list after all and so should be made more widely available.) Maybe at some point could be announced on some lists of interest. 2. Would be very nice to (at least) have a count of membership. I would also like to canvas opinions about making names of the membership public.
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