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PRISM Press Release


thammond – 2008 July 09

In Metadata

The PRISM metadata standards group issued a press release yesterday which covered three points:

PRISM Cookbook

The Cookbook provides “a set of practical implementation steps for a chosen set of use cases and provides insights into more sophisticated PRISM capabilities. While PRISM has 3 profiles, the cookbook only addresses the most commonly used profile #1, the well-formed XML profile. All recipes begin with a basic description of the business purpose it fulfills, followed by ingredients (typically a set of PRISM metadata fields or elements), and, closes with a step-by-step implementation method with sample XMLs and illustrative images.”

PRISM 2.0 Errata

The Errata “addresses a range of issues, from editorial to technical, that have been reported by the PRISM user community.”


The next version of the PRISM Specification, PRISM 2.1, is slated for release in late 2008. “This release will address complex rights for multi-platform and global distribution channels.”

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