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Real PRISM in the RSS Wilds

Tony Hammond

Tony Hammond – 2009 February 19


Alf Eaton just posted a real nice analysis of ticTOCs RSS feeds. Good to see that almost half of the feeds (46%) are now in RDF and that fully a third (34%) are using PRISM metadata to disclose bibliographic fields.

The one downside from a Crossref point of view is that these feeds are still using the old PRISM version (1.2) and not the new version (2.0) which was released a year ago and blogged here. That version supports the elements prism:doi for the bare DOI, as well as prism:url for the DOI proxy server URL.

There are still some improvements to be made in serving up these feeds (as Alf’s analysis shows for record type), but overall things are looking pretty good. 🙂

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