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RSC’s Project Prospect v1.1

We updated our Project Prospect articles today to release v1.1, with a pile of look & feel improvements to the HTML views and links. The most interesting technical addition is the launch of our enhanced RSS feeds, where we have updated our existing feeds for enhanced articles. These now include ontology terms and primary compounds both visually (as text terms and 2D images) and within the RDF - using the OBO in OWL representation and the info:inchi specification mentioned here by Tony only a few weeks ago.

The enhanced entries will soon become more common as we concentrate our enhancements on our Advance Articles, but the current example below from our Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences feed is lovely. RDF code after the jump - just as beautiful to the parents…


So the RDF code for the OBO terms and InChIs looks like this:

<tt><br /> <rdf:li><br /> <content:item rdf:about="info:inchi/InChI=1/C20H28O/c1-16(8-6-9-17(2)13-15-21)11-12-19-18(3)10-7-14-20(19,4)5/h6,8-9,11-13,15H,7,10,14H2,1-5H3/b9-6-,12-11+,16-8+,17-13+"/><br /> </rdf:li><br /> <rdf:li><content:item rdf:about=""/><br /> </rdf:li><br /> </tt>

We now have over five hundred 2007 articles enhanced, so we’ve brought the majority back into controlled access. There are always examples from each journal freely available.

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