Outreach Day DC. Next Up? You Tell Us

Rallying the community is a key Crossref role. Sometimes this means collaborating on new initiatives but it is also an ongoing process, a cornerstone of our outreach efforts. Part of rallying the community is bringing people together, literally, in a series of outreach days around the globe. It means we encourage dialog with us and among members and non-publisher affiliates. We want to hear from the community and we hope to facilitate conversations in it.

Crossref Brand update: new names, logos, guidelines, + video

Ginny Hendricks

Ginny Hendricks – 2016 April 29

In BrandMember Briefing

It can be a pain when companies rebrand as it usually requires some coordinated updating of wording and logos on websites, handouts, and slides. Nevermind changing habits and remembering to use the new names verbally in presentations. Why bother? As our infrastructure and services expanded, we sometimes branded services with no reference to Crossref. As explained in our The Logo Has Landed post last November, this has led to confusion, and it was not scalable nor sustainable.

The logo has landed

Crossref_Logo_Stacked_RGB_SMALLThe rebranding of Crossref was top priority when I joined in May in a¬†new role called¬†“Director of Member & Community Outreach”. Since then I‚Äôve been working to understand the array of services, attributes, and audiences we have developed; to answer the questions “What do¬†we¬†do, for whom, and why?”

As Crossref prepares to¬†celebrate turning fifteen at our annual meeting next week, I am thrilled to present our new brand identity with¬†key messages and logo. And along with “thrilled” you may also detect¬†“nervous excitement”.

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