Get involved

We’re only as strong as our links with the community we work with. There are lots of opportunities to participate in the Crossref community, to get together, and to contribute.


If you publish scholarly content that is available online and/or you represent organizations who publish, you can become a member to register content and deposit metadata with us. That’s a good starting point, but we’re also keen for members to involve themselves in our advisory and working groups who help to support and give input on our different services and initiatives.

Want to use our metadata rather than deposit it? If so, you can look into becoming an affiliate. This is a global group including – but not limited to – hosting platforms, submission systems, libraries, publishing services companies, metrics and analytics companies, and many others who employ our metadata within their own tools and services to make sure the community can discover and cite content persistently.

Get together

We run free Crossref LIVE events for our members and the wider community. This incorporates a two-day event each year featuring a mashup day and a conference day, coupled with other LIVE meetings around the globe. Through these we aim to inform and educate members and talk about what we’re working on, but we also want your feedback - what’s happening with you and what do you need from us?

Aside from our LIVE events, we’re also involved in lots of other industry events, so keep an eye out for our team at conferences. We’re happy to speak, present or meet with members.

We want to encourage you to come and join us at our our annual LIVE meeting and other free LIVE events, chat with us on Twitter, comment on our blog (or offer to write a guest post), meet up with us at conferences, speak with us on panels and community webinars, or code alongside us at hackathons.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, grumbles, ideas and your gossip, so find the medium or model that suits you best and get involved!


Our regular webinars are a great way to find out more about the various Crossref services. We are now doing face-to-face meetings online. You can find our virtual events on our events page.. Look back at some recent recordings such as an update on Crossmark, the Funder Registry, getting started with Content Registration, maintaining your metadata, or the latest on Similarity Check. Recordings of recent webinars Our getting started series Get started with Content Registration Slides, Recording Get started with Reference Linking Slides, Recording Getting started as a new Crossref member Slides, Recording Getting started with looking up metadata Slides, Recording Our how-to webinar series Crossmark how-to Crossref Cited-by how-to Participation Reports The ins and outs of our Admin Tool About our services Content Registration maintaining metadata Crossmark update Crossref Cited-by Funding data and the Funder Registry Introduction to Crossmark Introduction to Similarity Check Research infrastructure with and for funders Similarity Check update Similarity Check Members update Webinars in Arabic Getting Started with Content Registration - in Arabic Introduction to Crossref - in Arabic Reference Linking & Cited-By - in Arabic ندوه عن كيفية استخدام كروس مارك باللغة العربية | Crossmark How-To Arabic webinar Webinars in Indonesian Crossref LIVE Indonesia webinar series: Introduction to Crossref, Content Registration, The Value of Crossref metadata - July 13 - 15 - Online Recordings Webinars in Portuguese Funder Registry - in Portuguese Getting started with Content Registration: Portuguese Webinar Introduction to Participation Reports webinar in Portuguese Introduction to Similarity Check webinar - in Portuguese Reference Linking & Cited By webinar - in Portuguese Registering content and adding to your Crossref metadata - in Portuguese Melhores Práticas para Registro de Conteúdo/Crossref Content Registration in Brazilian Portuguese Introduction to Crossmark/Crossmark: O que é e como usar Webinars in Russian Crossref and OJS - in Russian Recording Introduction to Crossmark - in Russian Slides, Recording Understanding Crossref reports - in Russian Slides, Recording Crossref LIVE, in Russian: Value & Use of Metadata Slides, Recording Webinars in Spanish Introduction to Crossref and Content Registration - in Spanish Reference linking and Cited-by - in Spanish Registro y actualización de contenido en Crossref / Register and update content in Crossref Crossref ‘Similarity Check’, en español Seminario web de Informes de Participación / Participation Reports Webinar, in Spanish Crossmark (en español Webinars in Turkish Introduction to Crossref: Turkish Seminar Crossref İçerik Kaydı Webinarı, Türkçe | Content Registration at Crossref , Turkish Webinar Webinars in Ukrainian Participation Reports webinar in Ukrainian Other Asia Pacific community webinar Beyond OpenURL: Making the most of Crossref metadata Crossref and DataCite joint data citation webinar Getting started with books at Crossref Introduction to ROR Maintaining your metadata Participation Reports webinar Preprints and scholarly infrastructure Proposed schema changes - have your say Using ORCID in publishing workflows Where does publisher metadata go and how is it used?

Last updated: 2018-May-23