We collect and share metadata about research published in articles, books, preprints, reviews, and more—such as licenses, clinical trials, and retractions—all of which helps funders measure reach and return.

Registering research grants

Whilst the scholarly community has adopted open persistent identifiers (PIDs)—for people (e.g. ORCID), content (e.g. DOIs, PMIDs), and now organizations (ROR) including funders (Funder Registry)—the record of the award was not captured in a consistent way across funders worldwide. And they were not easily linked up with the literature or the researchers or the institutions.

With tens of thousands of funding organizations in the Open Funder Registry, we needed to find a way for all of them—small and large, private and government—to register their grants, whilst making it easy for researchers to include this information in their submissions to publishers and data repositories.

We knew this system would work even more smoothly and accurately if we could create a universal open and unique grant identifier registry. Our Funder Advisory Group worked from 2017 to 2019 to develop such a system on a global scale.

Read more about how funder members can register research grants.

Connect grants with their published outputs

Our members register DOIs and bibliographic metadata with us for journal articles, preprints, books, peer reviews, and more.

We make this information available via a funder search interface and via our public REST API so that it can be seamlessly integrated into systems downstream.

Crossref metadata is the bedrock for many thousands of platforms and services from search and discovery to research and assessment tools.

This metadata will always be open and freely available but we also offer a more dedicated service with more predictable API response times, through our Plus service.

Watch the video below to find out more about funding data and the registry:


As the video shows, we take this largely unstructured grant data, and help the research community match products and people to funding. In turn, funders use this metadata to track the impacts of their investment, and understand similar investments made by other funders.

If you’d like to join Crossref in order to register grants, you can apply here. If you have any questions about membership or registering grants, then our membership team can help. Our technical support team can also help with any questions about retrieving metadata through our APIs.

Last Updated: 2019 September 17 by Ginny Hendricks