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Librarians, metadata and Crossref are a winning combination. Libraries have long been an integral part of the Crossref community. In fact, significant traffic from digital identifier links originates with library systems.

Libraries typically use the Crossref system in a few ways:

  • To retrieve digital object identifiers (DOIs) to create reliable links from database and catalogue records to publishers’ full text, or to enhance localized resolution where the DOI is not already available from the source (i.e. citing) document.

  • As a source of metadata to enhance OpenURL-based local link resolvers; the Crossref system will accept a DOI as input and return its bibliographic citation.

Crossref benefits for librarians

  • Truly persistent links
  • Increased usage of linked resources
  • Expanded access to content not owned
  • Enhanced local linking
  • Metadata retrieval at no cost to most libraries

Libraries can create links to Crossref member publishers without signing bi-lateral linking agreements with each publisher and without having to track publishers’ individual linking schemes.

Ready to become a Crossref Library Affiliate?

Terrific! Please review these terms and submit the form. We will follow up with you shortly:

Crossref Library Use Agreement

We are happy to have you join our community and we know that you’re good stewards of metadata, respectful of use terms and copyright and experienced with license agreements so we’ve kept this as short as possible, with a minimum of legalese.

  • Metadata Retrieval and Use: The Usual Library Uses are Fine (& Encouraged!):

    • The Library may retrieve Crossref DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) and their associated metadata, which may be used by The Library:
      • to make persistent links to full-text works online in library records, content and link resolvers and other Library systems
      • for scholarly, research, educational, personal or non-commercial purposes
  • The Library will make a reasonable effort to use DOIs to link prominently to their intended target, without any ‘interrupting technologies,’ like pop ups

  • Metadata Retrieval and Use: The Usual Prohibitions & Caveats Apply

    • The Library may not use Crossref DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) and their associated metadata in ways that may infringe on copyright
    • Crossref-provided metadata does not grant or imply Library access to publisher full text
  • Other Typical Legal Stuff

    • Term of agreement: Is 12 (twelve) months but The Library or Crossref can terminate with 30 (thirty) days notice to the other. Otherwise, it automatically renews annually.
    • If the agreement changes: Crossref will alert the designated Business Contact.
    • Using Crossref trademarks and brand: The Library is welcome to associate the Crossref name and trademark with activities described in this agreement, for its duration.
    • Library use is nonexclusive and revocable.
    • Any other use, including by non-Library parties, requires prior written consent from Crossref.
    • Limitations and Disclaimers: Sometimes, despite best efforts, things will go wrong:
    • Crossref won’t be held liable for damages resulting from the use of Crossref systems or data.
    • Metadata is provided ‘as-is.’
    • Crossref disclaims any and all other warranties, conditions or representations (express, implied, oral or written), relating to the DOIs and metadata, the Crossref system or any parts thereof.
    • Waiver: Delays or omissions by either Crossref or The Library will not be construed as a waiver.
  • Entire Agreement: Finally, this is the entire agreement and supersedes any previous one(s).

If you agree to these terms, please Contact us to set up an account. We look forward to working with you!

Good to know:

1. Crossref does not compete with OpenURL

OpenURL is a syntax for transporting metadata and identifiers within URLs, and Crossref is a DOI registration agency. These initiatives complement one another and work together. Crossref uses the OpenURL syntax in its own system for metadata retrieval and parameter passing, and makes all of its publishers “OpenURL compliant” for its library participants, by allowing them to retrieve publisher metadata from the Crossref system.

3. Metadata requirements for participating publishers

Crossref publisher members must submit a minimal set of metadata as XML compliant with the Crossref deposit schema: For journals that is: journal title, ISSN, first author, year, volume and issue, page numbers and DOIs and URLs. Publishers are encouraged to submit additional metadata.

4. Funder Registry

The Crossref Funder Registry provides a standard way to report funding sources for published scholarly research.

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Last Updated: 2017 January 23 by Jennifer Kemp