Our ambassadors

The Crossref Ambassador Program is an exciting and important program initiated in early 2018, and one which fully embraces a key strategic focus—to adapt to expanding constituencies.

Our Ambassadors are enthusiastic volunteers who work within the global academic community in a variety of ways—as librarians, researchers, publishers, and societies,—and all of whom share a strong belief in the mission-driven work we do to improve scholarly research communication. They support us by using their industry expertise, local knowledge, and translation skills to represent Crossref at regional events—providing training to our members in different languages, locations and time zones.

Read more about our Ambassador team below to find out who is based in your region:

Australia - Melroy Almeida

Melroy Almeida

Melroy currently works at the Australian Access Federation (AAF) as their ORCID Technical Support Analyst. AAF is the consortium lead for the Australian ORCID Consortium and as part of his day to day work Melroy works with the Australian ORCID Consortium members on their ORCID implementations as well as assists them in planning their communication and engagement strategy. As part of his work with ORCID, Melroy occasionally gets questions about DOIs, metadata and discoverability. “My aim is to help research organisations and researchers understand the benefits of PIDs, why it is needed and how it helps within the scholarly research lifecycle”. In addition to English, Melroy also speaks Hindi and Marathi.

In his spare time after work and family commitments, Melroy can be found playing/coaching football (soccer) or sitting on the couch reading a good book.

Brazil - Edilson Damasio

Dr. Edilson Damasio

Edilson Damasio has been a librarian since 1995, holding a PhD in Information Science from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro-UFRJ/IBICT. He currently works in the Department of Mathematics Library of State University of Maringá-UEM, Brazil. With 20 years’ experience in scientific metadata and publishing, is expertise is wide-ranging including knowledge of scientific communication, Crossref services, research integrity, misconduct prevention in science, publishing in Latin America, biomedical information, OJS-Open Journal Systems, Open Access journals, scientific journal quality and indexing, and scientific bibliographical databases. He is enthusiastic about presenting and disseminating information about Crossref services to his community in Brazil and working within the wider community, exchanging ideas and experience. You can contact Edilson via Twitter @edilsondamasio or on LinkedIn.

Eu sou bibliotecário desde 1995, Doutor em Ciência da Informação pela Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro-UFRJ/convênio IBICT. Eu trabalho na Biblioteca do Departamento de Matemática da Universidade Estadual de Maringá-UEM. Com 20 anos de experiência em metadados científicos e editoração, entre outros. Meus conhecimentos são diversos sobre comunicação científica, cientometria, metadados XML, serviços Crossref, integridade em pesquisa, prevenção de más condutas na ciência, editoração, editoração na América Latina, informação biomédica, OJS-Open Journal Systems, revistas de Acesso Aberto, qualidade de periódicos científicos e indexação, bases de dados bibliográficas. Gosto de disseminar meu conhecimento a outras regiões e pessoas e de trabalhar em comunidade junto as instituições e outros países, de planejar novas apresentações, de trocar experiências como palestrante ou convidado e trabalhar na disseminação do conhecimento para todos.

Brazil - Bruna Erlandsson

Bruna Erlandsson

Bruna graduated in 2012 in Editorial Production and since then has been actively involved in scientific publication. As co-owner of the company Linceu Editorial, Bruna has supported Brazilian journals in improving their quality by teaching them the best way of presenting rich metadata. She acted as a facilitator at ABEC-IBICT-Crossref partnership, supporting hundreds of journals to get their own DOI prefix. She has been elected to join the council of The Brazilian Association of Scientific Editors, as well as the editorial board of publication ‘Science Editors’ from The Council of Science Editors (CSE) and is currently in the final stage of the CSE Publication Certificate Program. She expects, as an Ambassador, to improve dissemination of knowledge and teaching on how to explore and use all the tools offered by Crossref.

Bruna graduou-se em 2012 em Produção Editorial e, desde então, tem se envolvido em publicação científica de forma bastante atuante. Sócia-proprietária da empresa Linceu Editorial, tem apoiado periódicos na melhoria da qualidade por meio da adoção de padrões internacionais para apresentação de metadados. Atuou como facilitadora na parceria ABEC-IBICT-Crossref, a qual possibilitou a atribuição de DOI a centenas de periódicos no Brasil. Faz parte do Comitê Editorial da revista Science Editors publicada pelo Council of Science Editors (CSE) e é membro do conselho deliberativo da Associação Brasileira de Editores Científicos (ABEC). Participa também do CSE Publication Certificate Program, encontrando-se na fase final da certificação. Espera, como embaixadora, disseminar o conhecimento e ensinar como explorar e usar todas as ferramentas oferecidas pela Crossref.

Colombia - Arley Soto

Arley Soto

Arley Soto is a professional in Information systems, Librarianship and Archives. He is also the co-founder of BITECA Ltda, a company that provides services for libraries and publishers since 2006, and his current role as innovation manager is to explore new products, services and tools that contribute to enhance the scholarly communication processes in Latin America. He is constantly exploring new technologies, methodologies and practices that improve the quality and dissemination of scholarly content, like new functionality for OJS, OCS, OMP, XML, DOI, ORCID, Crossmark and other editorial activities. He has also completed The European Master in Digital Libraries from the University of Oslo and Akershus, Tallin University and University of Pharma in 2016, with a thesis about the digital preservation of Colombian academic journals. Currently he is exploring the field of Web Archiving as well as Mobile Human-Computer Interaction in Scholarly Contexts.

Arley Soto es profesional en Sistemas de información, bibliotecología y archivística. En 2016, completó el Máster Europeo en Bibliotecas Digitales de la Universidad de Oslo y Akershus, la Universidad de Tallin y la Universidad de Pharma, con una investigación sobre la preservación digital para revistas académicas colombianas. Es cofundador de BITECA Ltda., una compañía que brinda servicios a bibliotecas y editoriales desde el año 2006. Su rol actual como gerente de innovación es explorar y gestionar nuevos productos, servicios y herramientas que contribuyan a mejorar los procesos de comunicación académica en América Latina. Estudia y examina nuevas tecnologías, metodologías y herramientas que permitan mejorar la calidad y difusión del contenido académico, tales como las funcionalidades para OJS, OCS, OMP, XML, DOI, ORCID, Crossmark y otras actividades editoriales. Adicionalmente, se encuentra interesado en analizar temas relacionados con la preservación de sitios web y la interacción con dispositivos móviles en contextos académicos.

Colombia - Juan Felipe Vargas Martínez

Juan Felipe Vargas Martínez

Juan Felipe Vargas Martínez, Systems Engineer and Senior Management Specialist, has worked for more than 10 years in contributing to the editorial work of scientific publications. Previously, he was component coordinator of ‘Sistema Nacional de Acceso Abierto al Conocimiento’ (National System of Open Access to Knowledge) in Colombia and has served as assistant and editorial advisor for various scientific publications in Colombia, Ecuador and Spain. Currently, Juan Felipe works as Co-Founder and Director of Journals & Authors, a company that, has supports scientific publications to improve their editorial quality and scientific dissemination through the optimization of editorial processes. Journals & Authors holds a regional meeting of academic journal editors, through which it provides training in editorial work and generates an integrated space within academia to address and discuss the new challenges of scientific publishing. Juan Felipe also acts as coordinator of journal management processes in Open Journals System, metadata deposit in Crossref, Crossmark, and databases.

Juan Felipe Vargas Martínez, Ingeniero de Sistemas, Especialista en Alta Gerencia, ha trabajado por más de 10 años contribuyendo a la labor editorial de las publicaciones científicas. Fue coordinador de componente del Sistema Nacional de Acceso Abierto al Conocimiento (Colombia) y se ha desempeñado como asistente y asesor editorial para diversas publicaciones científicas en Colombia, Ecuador y España. Es cofundador y actualmente director de Journals & Authors, empresa que por más de 5 años viene apoyando las publicaciones científicas en el mejoramiento de la calidad editorial y la difusión científica a través de la creación de metodologías que permitan la optimización de los procesos editoriales. Journals & Authors realiza un encuentro regional de editores de revistas académicas, a través del cual busca capacitar en la labor editorial y generar espacios de integración entre la academia para abordar y discutir los nuevos retos de la edición científica. Coordinador de procesos de gestión de revistas en Open Journals System, depósito de metadatos en Crossref, Crossmark y bases de datos.

India - Anjum Sherasiya

Anjum Sherasiya

Anjum Sherasiya has been Editor-in-Chief of Veterinary World since 2008 and the International Journal of One Health since 2015. With 11 years’ experience in scientific publishing, he has extensive experience in Open Access (OA) and scholarly publishing. He was the first to bring the idea of an OA Veterinary journal to India and made Veterinary World the first open access journal among Veterinary journals of India in 2011. He is enthusiastic about disseminating information about Crossref services to his community and throughout the world. His journals benefit from Crossref services such as Content Registration, Similarity Check, and Cited-By.

Dr. Anjum Sherasiya is a passionate advocate of the importance of plagiarism checking in academia. However, in his experience, few universities have adopted this practise in Southeast Asian countries. In addition to English, Dr. Anjum Sherasiya speaks Hindi and Gujarati. He is from Wankaner, Gujarat, India.

Indonesia - Muhamad Ratodi

Muhamad Ratodi

Muhamad Ratodi has been in academic publishing since 2011 and currently works in the Department of Architecture at State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel (UINSA) Indonesia. He is also a member of Relawan Jurnal Indonesia, a non-profit volunteer organization committed to improving the quality of scientific publications in Indonesia. He is very enthusiastic in making publications in Indonesia easy to find, cite, link, and assess as well continuously campaigning the Open Access concept to his academic colleagues. He also serves as an editor in several academic journals and likes to write blogs in his spare time. You can interact with him on his twitter account: @m_ratodi

Muhamad Ratodi telah berkecimpung di dunia penerbitan akademik sejak 2015. Saat ini Muhamad tercatat sebagai dosen di Program Studi Arsitektur, Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel (UINSA). Saat ini Muhamad juga merupakan anggota dari Relawan Jurnal Indonesia, sebuah lembaga non-profit yang berkomitmen dalam peningkatan kualitas publikasi ilmiah di Indonesia. Antusiasmenya adalah membuat publikasi di Indonesia menjadi mudah ditemukan, diakses, ditautkan dan disitasi, serta mengkampanyekan konsep Open Access pada komunitas akademik di lingkungannya. Saat ini ia berperan sebagai editor pada beberapa jurnal akademik dan sering meluangkan waktu luangnya untuk menulis blog. Anda dapat berinteraksi dengannya melalui akun twitternya di @m_ratodi

Indonesia - Mochammad Tanzil Multazam

Mochammad Tanzil Multazam

Mochammad Tanzil Multazam has been working at Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo as a lecturer in Faculty of Law with specialization in Business Law since 2013. His interests in scholarly publication started when he was a journal editor in scientific journal since 2014. Tanzil earned his Master in Notarial Law from Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia. He is active as a volunteer in Relawan Jurnal Indonesia, a non profit organization to help Indonesian journal editors in managing their scientific journals. Tanzil usually works with the academic community in Indonesia to advocate the use of digital technology in teaching and scholarly publication. His expertise includes Open Journal Systems, science communication, open access journals, scientific bibliographic databases, and copyright licensing.

Mochammad Tanzil Multazam telah bekerja di Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo sebagai dosen di Fakultas Hukum dengan kepakaran Hukum Bisnis sejak tahun 2013. Ketertarikannya dalam publikasi ilmiah dimulai saat dia menjadi editor jurnal ilmiah sejak tahun 2014. Tanzil mendapatkan gelar Master di bidang Hukum Notaris dari Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia. Dia aktif sebagai sukarelawan di Relawan Jurnal Indonesia, sebuah organisasi nirlaba untuk membantu editor jurnal Indonesia dalam mengelola jurnal ilmiah mereka. Tanzil biasanya bekerja dengan komunitas akademis di Indonesia untuk mengadvokasi penggunaan teknologi digital dalam pengajaran dan penerbitan ilmiah. Keahliannya termasuk Open Journal System, komunikasi sains, jurnal akses terbuka, database bibliografi ilmiah, dan lisensi hak cipta.

Indonesia - Azhar Aziz Lubis

Azhar Aziz Lubis

Azhar Aziz Lubis started his academic career as an English lecturer at the Faculty of Languages and Arts, State University of Medan in 2016 and moved to the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Bengkulu (UNIB) in 2018. He also serves as the technical coordinator for Open Journal System (OJS) at his university and chairs a weekly online forum with Indonesian journal managers and editors called ‘Jumat Jurnal’. Since 2019, he has been a member of Relawan Jurnal Indonesia (RJI), a voluntary non-profit organisation which aims to help Indonesian journal managers involved in academic publishing.

Azhar Aziz Lubis memulai kariernya sebagai dosen Bahasa Inggris pada Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni Universitas Negeri Medan di tahun 2016 dan pindah ke Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan Universitas Bengkulu (UNIB) pada 2018. Dia juga bekerja sebagai Koodinator Open Journal System (OJS) di universitasnya dan memimpin kegiatan rutin mingguan bernama ‘Jumat Jurnal’. Sejak 2019, ia terdaftar menjadi anggota Relawan Jurnal Indonesia (RJI), sebuah organisasi relawan non-profit yang bertujuan untuk membantu pengelola jurnal di Indonesia dalam menangani publikasi akademik.

Malaysia - Mohammad Tariqur Rahman

Mohammad Tariqur Rahman ambassador

After completing his M.Sc. in Microbiology from the University of Dhaka, Mohammad Tariqur Rahman started his academic career as a Lecturer in Biotechnology at Khulna University, Bangladesh. Receiving the Interfaculty Council for Development Co-operation Scholarship he completed a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Biochemistry from KU Leuven, Belgium and returned to Bangladesh where he served as the founding Chair of the Department of Pharmacy at East West University. Later Tariq joined the University of Fukui Medical School in Japan as CoE researcher and subsequently the Faculty of Science at the International Islamic University Malaysia. Since July 2015, he has been affiliated with the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya. His research interests include metallo-biochemistry in health and diseases; neocortex development; medicinal applications of natural products; halal food science; stem cells; and scientometrics. Tariq is the current Executive Editor of Annals of Dentistry University of Malaya and has been elected as President of the Malaysian Society for Oral Microbiologists and Oral Immunologists, MySOMOI.

Mexico - Eduardo Alvarez

Eduardo Alvarez

Eduardo Alvarez is a biologist dedicated to the implementation of open access and open scientific data in Mexico. He was involved in setting up the institutional repository of the Faculty of Sciences-UNAM with DSPACE software and has worked with the Open Journal System platform. He is currently Marketing Director at the International Biotechnology Color Journal where he suggested the migration of the journal to the OJS platform, as well as the rejuvenation of editorial policies.

Eduardo also acts as an external advisor to the Journal of ‘Investigaciones Geográficas’ as a bibliometric researcher and web positioner. He has recommended the use of open data, as well as advising on the importance of linking journal data to relevant sources within other scholarly journals, academic social networks, and more widely. He obtained his master’s degree in Marine Biotechnology in 2017. He currently works as a specialist in the safety of biotechnological drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Eduardo Alvarez es biólogo dedicado a la implementación de acceso abierto en México. Ha participado como ejecutor del repositorio de la Facultad de Ciencias-UNAM con el software DSPACE y ha trabajado con la plataforma Open Journal System. Actualmente es director de mercadotecnia de International Biotechnology Color Journal donde sugirió la migración de la revista a la plataforma OJS, así como en la renovación de las políticas editoriales de la revista.

También es asesor externo de la Revista Investigaciones Geográficas como investigador bibliométrico y posicionador web y quien ha sugerido el uso de datos abiertos, así como la gestión de datos ligados del contenido de la revista con redes sociales académicas, entre otras fuentes digitales. Terminó su maestría en Biotecnología Marina en 2017. Actualmente trabaja en el área de farmacovigilancia de medicamentos biotecnológicos.

Mexico - Guillermo Chávez

Guillermo Chavez

Guillermo Chávez is Deputy Director of Academic Journals and Digital Publications at UNAM, where he manages institutional strategies to strengthen and consolidate academic and scientific publications. He has developed several projects on books and online journals; digitalization of collections; repositories and digital libraries; information systems and document management, among others. For more than 15 years, he has promoted open access publishing; the use and exploitation of open source platforms such as the OJS, OMP and DSPACE; the implementation of interoperable standards such as OAI-PMH, DUBLIN CORE and DOI; and the adoption of good practices and international standards. He also serves as Technical Coordinator of the LATINDEX System and a professor at the School of Librarianship of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UNAM.

Guillermo Chávez es subdirector de Revistas Académicas y Publicaciones Digitales en la UNAM, donde gestiona estrategias institucionales para fortalecer y consolidar las publicaciones académicas y científicas. Ha desarrollado diversos proyectos de libros y revistas en línea; digitalización de acervos; repositorios y bibliotecas digitales; sistemas de información y gestión documental, entre otros. Durante más de 15 años, ha promovido la publicación de acceso abierto; el uso y aprovechamiento de plataformas de código abierto como OJS, OMP y DSPACE; la implementación de estándares interoperables como OAI-PMH, DUBLIN CORE y DOI; y la adopción de buenas prácticas y estándares internacionales. También se desempeña como Coordinador Técnico del Sistema LATINDEX y profesor en el Colegio de Bibliotecología de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la UNAM.

Mexico - Amanda Falcone

Amanda Falcone

Amanda Falcone is an editor and translator. She holds a B.A. in English Studies, particularly interested in literature and postcolonial theory. She also holds a degree in Reading Promotion—keen to know the reading habits of university students, she carried out a research stay on digital reading at the University of Salamanca, Spain. Since 2014 she has worked for the Publishing House of the University of Veracruz in the acquisition of foreign rights and recently, she has focused on the display of scientific works in open access. She speaks Spanish, English, and Italian.

Amanda Falcone es editora y traductora. Estudió la licenciatura en Lengua Inglesa con interés particular por la literatura y la teoría poscolonial. También tiene una especialización en Promoción de la Lectura, motivada por conocer los hábitos lectores de los estudiantes universitarios, lo que la llevó a realizar una estancia de investigación sobre lectura digital en la Universidad de Salamanca, España. Desde 2014 ha trabajado para la Editorial de la Universidad Veracruzana en la gestión de derechos de autor y recientemente se ha enfocado en la puesta a disposición de las obras científicas en acceso abierto. Habla español, inglés e italiano.

Nigeria - Blessing Abumere

Blessing Abumere

Blessing Oghenero Abumere is the Executive Director of Journal Issues, a growing global open access publisher based in Nigeria. His passion for information dissemination and sharing led him into publishing. He has been in academic publishing since 2009. Blessing ensures that his team work with authors all over the world to provide intellectually viable content, with an emphasis on developing countries.

He has developed end-to-end publishing processes for journals. He is delighted with Crossref’s persistent and tireless efforts in developing novel tools to make content easy to find, cite, link, and access. He is constantly exploring new technologies, methodologies and practices to improve the quality and dissemination of scholarly content.

He enjoys reading and listening to music in his spare time.

Peru - Isabel Recavarren

Isabel Recavarren

Isabel Recavarren has a degree in Operational Research from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and a masters in Gestión y Política de la Innovación, Ciencia y Tecnología from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Currently, she works as an information manager of science, technology and innovation in the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica (CONCYTEC). She has coordinated and promoted in Peru the creation of networks and information systems (Agrored Peru, Biblioteca Virtual en Salud Peru, SciELO Peru and the National Digital Repository of Open Access ALICIA). She has extensive experience in the development of information services, information management and evaluation of scientific journals.

Isabel Recavarren es Licenciada en Investigación Operativa por la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, magister en Gestión y Política de la Innovación, Ciencia y Tecnología por la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Actualmente, se desempeña como gestor de información en CTI en el Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica (CONCYTEC). Ha coordinado y promovido en Perú la creación de redes y sistemas de información (Agrored Perú, Biblioteca Virtual en Salud Perú, SciELO Perú y el Repositorio Nacional Digital de Acceso Abierto ALICIA). Tiene amplia experiencia en el desarrollo de servicios de información, gestión de información y evaluación de revistas científicas.

Russia - Maxim Mitrofanov

Maxim Mitrofanov

Current position – Not-for-Profit Partnership National Electronic Information Consortium (NP NEICON). NEICON provides all kinds of services for the editors, universities, libraries, etc., such as publishing, consulting, ensuring access to international databases and many more.

I was born in Moscow, Russia April 8, 1977, graduated from the University of Foreign Relations and then worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia for nine years. Within that term I spent six years on different positions in Russian Embassies to Canada and then Ghana.

After I left the Ministry in 2007 I worked for the Russian largest Exhibition company, Expocentre and then joined NEICON in 2014. Besides the regular activities in 2015 I was invited to become a DOAJ Ambassador and Associate Editor and I’ve held this position since then. Within my activities I was one of the first in Russia who started to promote Crossref services and advise editors about their importance to the editorial process and science information exchange at personal meetings, conferences and seminars. NEICON is a Crossref Sponsoring Organization in Russia as well. As a result of the work and the recognition of DOIs by the wide Russian editorial audience I receive a number of applications for Crossref services daily and provide the applicants with the necessary information. Since 2018 Crossref Ambassador in Russia.

Максим Митрофанов. В настоящее время Руководитель партнерских программ в Некоммерческом партнерстве Национальный электронно-информационный консорциум (НП НЭИКОН). Основная задача НЭИКОН – предоставление полного спектра услуг для научных организаций России – вузов, университетов, библиотек, издательств научной литературы, это и помощь в издании научной периодики, обеспечение подпиской на международные ресурсы, консультации и прочее.

Родился в Москве 8 апреля 1977 г. Закончил Московский государственный институт международных отношений после чего девять лет работал в МИД России, включая различные позиции в Посольствах России в Канаде и Гане.

С 2007 г. работал в крупнейшей российской выставочной компании Экспоцентр. Пришел в НЭИКОН в 2014 г. Помимо основной работы с 2015 г. являюсь представителем и редактором DOAJ в России. В 2014 г. в рамках НЭИКОН одним из первых в России начал пропагандировать использование цифровых идентификаторов для научного контента, пояснять правила и технологии использования doi на встречах, в ходе конференций и семинаров.  C 2018 г. являюсь представителем Crossref в России.

Russia - Angela P. Maltseva

Angela Maltseva

As Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Chief Researcher and Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Culturology, Angela Maltseva conducts lectures and seminars in Political Science, Sociology, Sociology of Trust, Modern Political Structure of Western countries, History and Philosophy of Science. She has been Editor-In-Chief of the scientific journal “Volga Region Pedagogical Search” since 2017. The journal is interested in the ways and means of creating trusted environments, the social and educational influences on country development, citizen well-being and dignity, and articles about the role of educational institutions and children-adult communities in the accumulation of social capital. Since 2018 her University (UlSPU named after I.N. Ulyanov) is the first Crossref Sponsoring Organization in the Volga region.

Мальцева Анжела Петровна. Будучи доктором философских наук и главным научным сотрудником, Мальцева А.П. в настоящее время читает лекции по социологии, политологии, социологии доверия, современному политическому устройству стран Запада, истории и философии науки. С 2017 года Анжела Петровна является главным редактором научного журнала «Поволжский педагогический поиск», публикующего материалы о доверительных средах и путях их создания, о роли образовательных институтов и взросло-детских сообществ в накоплении социального капитала, о влиянии социальных и образовательных институтов на благополучие граждан, чувство их собственного достоинства. C 2018 года УлГПУ им. И.Н. Ульянова функционирует как первый в Поволжье представитель Crossref и спонсор организаций, осознающих всю важность цифровой идентификации своего контента.

Singapore - Woei Fuh Wong

Woei Fuh Wong singa

Woei Fuh Wong has gone through a career transformation from a researcher to an engineer and later, an information specialist over a period of three decades. During his 10 years with Web of Science (in Thomson Reuters) since 2004, he actively engaged with researchers and academics in Asia Pacific region on bibliometric insights and research assessment. In 2015, Woei Fuh started a consulting firm based in Singapore and he founded a research program, Research 123, helping younger researchers with research skill sets. Since then, he is a strong advocate of research best practices ranging from authoring, publishing and outreaching. His consultancy work focuses on research communication and he delivered numerous workshops to university researchers about: research impact, research storytelling, and research clustering & collaboration. In his recent consulting work, he helped local journal publishers in improving their visibility through research outreaching program for their research authors. He holds a Ph.D. in Polymer Science & Technology from the University of Manchester, UK, and a MBA from Louisville University, USA.

超过三十年的职业生涯,黄伟富博士从研究者转型成为工程师与企业管理者,目前则是资讯科学专家。在汤森路透旗下专售Web of Science部门的十年间,黄博士积极参与亚太地区书目计量与研究评量相关的各项活动。2015年于新加坡成立以研究传播为焦点的顾问团队,并致力推广为年轻研究者建立研究核心能力的计划Research 123,积极提倡从写作、出版、到行销全方位的研究最佳实践。黄博士经常至学术机构进行演讲与工作坊,主题包含研究的社会影响力、研究口语化、协同合作等。在近期的顾问计画中,他协助地区性的期刊出版社利用研究行销计画提高期刊与作者的能见度。黄博士于英国曼彻斯特大学高分子科学取得博士学位,并为美国路易斯维尔大学企管硕士。

South Korea - Jae Hwa Chang

Jae Hwa Chang

Jae Hwa Chang has been working at infoLumi as a manuscript editor in academic journals since 2010. Prior to joining infoLumi, she was a medical librarian at International Vaccine Institute and was engaged in medical information management and service. Her interests in information control and management started when she was doing work indexing newspaper articles at JoonAng Ilbo. She was fascinated by Crossref’s persistent efforts and contribution in developing new services to “make content easy to find, cite, link, and assess” and has been introducing them to Korean scholarly publishing communities. Jae earned her MA in Library and Information Science from Ewha Womans University, Korea. She serves as a vice chair of the Committee on Planning and Administration at the Korean Council of Science Editors. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures.

장재화는 2010년부터 인포루미에서 의학학술지 원고편집을 담당하고 있다. 그전에는 국제백신연구소 도서관에서 사서로 일하면서 의학정보와 학술지논문 유통에 관심을 가졌으며, 그에 앞서서는 중앙일보에서 신문기사 DB 색인을 하면서 정보관리와 활용에 대해 연구하였다. 정보의 검색, 평가, 활용을 위해 꾸준히 새로운 서비스를 개발하는 Crossref에 매력을 느꼈고, 그 서비스들을 한국의 학술지 출판 관계자들에게 소개해왔다. 이화여자대학교에서 문헌정보학을 전공하였고, 한국과학학술지편집인협의회 기획운영위원회 부위원장을 맡고 있다. 여행과 다양한 문화 체험을 즐긴다.

Taiwan - Iris Hsu

Iris Hsu

Iris Hsu has acquired an in-depth knowledge of scholarly publishing ecosystem progressively at different stages of her 15-year career. With the foundation of a Bachelor’s Degree in Library & Information Science from National Taiwan University, she took several leadership roles in iGroup, the leading regional information provider for science and education in Asia Pacific. That has given her the opportunity to collaborate with global premier publishers like ACS (American Chemical Society). Currently Iris Hsu is the key consultant based in Taipei for ies Research, an innovative startup from iGroup helping researchers to improve their research visibility across different disciplines and in alignment with SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) Impacts. She is also the Chief Editor of ACCESS@LibraryLearningSpace.com, Asia’s newspaper on information products and services, sponsored by iGroup.

徐惠玲女士服務於學術出版相關產業多年, 自臺灣大學圖書資訊學系畢業後, 任職於亞太區規模最大之學術資訊提供商 iGroup, 其間經歷商品開發、行銷、教育訓練等不同職位, 與知名學術出版社如ACS (American Chemical Society, 美國化學會) 等維持著長期的合作關係。目前徐女士在iGroup旗下新創團隊ies Research中擔任諮詢角色, 協助研究者提高其研究能見度, 並結合SDG (Sustainable Development Goal, 聯合國永續發展指標) 以提升研究的社會影響力。徐女士同時亦擔任ACCESS@LibraryLearningSpace.com 的主編, 該網站以報導亞太區圖書資訊與數位出版動態為主要任務

UAE - Mohamad Mostafa

Mohamad Mostafa

Mohamad Mostafa is working at Knowledge E as a Publishing Editor and he holds a B.Sc. in Physics from Menoufia University, Egypt. Mohamad has a wide experience in Open Access (OA) and scholarly publishing and through his role at Knowledge E, he participated in the ORCID reviewer team to provide the Arabic interface and reviewed the translated outreach materials.

During his time at Knowledge E, Mohamad conceived a new initiative named ’Think. Check. Attend.‘ with the goal to help researchers choose the right conference to attend and present their research papers, which he presented for the first time at the annual meeting of the Asian Council of Science Editors. He also provided the first translation of the Think. Check. Submit. initiative into a non-English language and has delivered workshops in both Arabic and English to researchers, librarians, and journal editors at different universities across the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.

His areas of expertise cover OA journals publishing and development, publication ethics, indexing databases and aggregators, and copyright policies. He has trained audiences to recognize good publishing practices among publishers and journals before submitting their manuscripts as well as has trained them on the various Crossref services.

يعمل محمد مصطفي لدي نوليدچ إي كمحرر نشر وهو حاصل علي بكالوريوس علوم الفيزياء من جامعة المنوفيه بجمهورية مصر العربية. يمتلك محمد خبره واسعة في مجالات الوصول الحر والنشر الأكاديمي. خلال عمله لدي نوليدچ إي قام محمد بمشاركة فريق مراجعة أوركيد لتقديم الواجهه باللغة العربية

أثناء مدة عمله في نوليدچ إي، ابتكر محمد مبادرة جديدة تدعي “فكر.راجع.احضر” وذلك بهدف مساعدة الباحثين علي حسن اختيار المؤتمرات لحضورها وتقديم أوراقهم البحثية. وكان محمد قد أزاح الستار عن المبادرة للمرة الأولي أثناء التجمع السنوي للمجلس الآسيوي للمحررين العلميين. كذلك قام محمد بتقديم اول ترجمات مبادرة “فكر.راجع.ارسل” للغة اخري غير الإنجليزية. يقوم محمد بتقديم ورش عمل باللغتين العربية والإنجليزية للباحثين والمكتبيين ومحررو الدوريات في مختلف الجامعات في منطقة الشرق الأوسط تشمل السعودية والإمارات ومصر.

تشمل مجالات خبراته نشر وتطوير الدوريات العلمية بنظام الوصول الحر، أخلاقيات النشر، قواعد البيانات، وسياسات حقوق الملكية الفكرية. قام محمد بتدريب الحضور علي كيفية التعرف علي الممارسات الجيدة للنشر ما بين الناشرين والدوريات العلمية ليتسنى لهم حسن الاختيار قبل تقديم أوراقهم البحثية، كذلك قام بالتدريب علي مختلف خدمات كروس رف.

Ukraine - Anna Danilova

Anna Danilova

Anna Danilova, assistant to the Head of subscription agency “Ukrinformnauka”, is a leading specialist of Publishing House “Academperiodyka”, founded under the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine. Her primary focus is maintaining online platforms for the scientific journals of NAS of Ukraine; since 2014 she has been providing technical support for submission of the scientific publication metadata to Crossref. Anna takes active part in the organization and holding of conferences, seminars and workshops throughout Ukraine, where all attendees have an opportunity to get detailed information about Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), additional Crossref services and guidance about submission of scientific publications to the database. She is an author of a number of articles, educational and training materials.

Данілова Анна - заступник директора передплатного агентства «Укрінформнаука», провідний спеціаліст Видавничого дому «Академперіодика» Національної академії наук України. Сфера її діяльності включає в себе роботу з інтернет-ресурсами наукових періодичних видань НАН України, а з 2014 року – забезпечення технічної підтримки процесів депонування метаданих наукових статей і монографій в базу даних Crossref. Анна бере активну участь в підготовці й проведенні конференцій, семінарів та майстер-класів в різних містах України, на яких усі бажаючі мають можливість отримати детальну інформацію про цифрові ідентифікатори DOI, додаткові сервіси Crossref, підготовку ресурсів наукових видань до депонування. Окрім цього, вона є автором низки статей та навчально-методичних посібників.

Ukraine - Andrii Zolkover

Andrii Zolkover

Zolkover Andrii is a Ukrainian scientist, founder and the Head of the Editorial Board of the Publishing House «Internauka» (Ukraine). The publishing house “Internauka” is actively engaged in the production of scientific publications, monographs, manuals and the organization of scientific conferences. Additionally, great attention is paid to the introduction of digital technologies into the Ukrainian scientific and publishing industry. «Internauka» is a Crossref Sponsoring Member, publishing both its own content and that of the organizations it sponsors. Internauka supports publishers, universities, research institutions, libraries in registering content with Crossref in order to make their research outputs easier to find, cite, link and assess. It also provides further information and education on Crossref services.

Золковер Андрій – є українським вченим, засновником та Головою редакційної ради Видавничого дому «Інтернаука» (Україна). Видавничий дім «Інтернаука», окрім випуску наукових видань, монографій, навчальних посібників та організації наукових конференцій, активно займається впровадженням цифрових технологій в українську науково-видавничу галузь. Видавничий дім “Інтернаука” - є фінансуючою організацією (Sponsoring Member) реєстраційного агенства Crossref та сприяє видавництвам, університетам, науковим установам, бібліотекам у присвоєнні індивідуального префіксу в системі бібліографічних посилань Crossref, а також проводить інфораційно-роз’яснювальну роботу про сервіси Crossref.

USA - Lauren Lissaris

Lauren Lissaris

Lauren Lissaris  has dedicated much of her career to the dissemination of valuable content on a robust platform. She takes pride in her achievements as the Digital Content Manager at JSTOR. JSTOR provides access to more than 10 million academic journal articles, books, and primary sources in 75 disciplines. JSTOR is part of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization helping the academic community use digital technologies to preserve the scholarly record and to advance research and teaching in sustainable ways.

Lauren successfully works with all aspects of journal content to effectively assist publishers with their digital content. This includes everything from XML markup, content registration/multiple resolution, and HTML website updates. Lauren has been involved in hosting current content on JSTOR since the program’s launch in 2010. She continues to collaborate with organizations to successfully contribute to the evolution of digital content. The natural spread from journals to books has set Lauren up for developing and planning the book Content Registration program for JSTOR. She is a member of the Crossref Books Advisory Group and she helped successfully pilot Crossref’s new Co-access book deposit feature.

Uzbekistan - Fayziev Shokhrud Farmonovich

Shokhrud Fayziev

Fayziev Shokhrud Farmonovich is head of the Tadqiqot e-portal, which works with internationally recognized scientific journals, and promotes the development of scientific practices. Tadqiqot publishing house is involved in the production of scientific publications, monographs, manuals, and the organization of scientific conferences.

Shokhrud’s work focuses on improving and advising on scientific research processes, which has included running a number of seminars within the scientific community. He has worked with Crossref since 2017, promoting the use of digital identifiers for scholarly content, explaining the use and benefits of DOIs at scientific conferences and seminars in Central Asia. In addition to English, Shokhrud also speaks in Persian and Russian.

You can contact Shokhrud via the Tadqiqot contact form.

Файзиев Шохруд Фармонович, халқаро илмий жамиятда тан олинадиган журналларда фаолият олиб борувчи ва илмий тадқиқот натижаларини амалиётга татбиқ этиш билан илмий соҳани ривожлантиришга хизмат қилувчи www.tadqiqot.uz электрон порталининг раҳбари. “Тадқиқот” нашриёт уйи илмий нашрлар, монографиялар, ўқув қўлланмалари ва илмий анжуманлар материялларини ташкил этишда фаол иштирок этмоқда. Файзиев Шохруд Фармонович инглиз тилидан ташқари, форс ва рус тилларида гаплаша олади. Унинг консултатив фаолияти илмий тадқиқотлар олиб бориш жараёнига қаратилган бўлиб, университет тадқиқотчиларининг илмий фаолиятларини такомиллаштиришда тадқиқот журналлари нашрларида чоп этиш хизматлари ва дастурларига бағишланган кўплаб илмий семинарлар олиб борди. 2017 йилдан Марказий Осиёда илк бор, конференциялар ва семинарларда рақамли идентификаторлар DOI дан фойдаланиш қоидалари ва технологияларини тарғиб эта бошлади.

Venezuela - Velma Vilchez

Velma Vilchez

Velma Vilchez is a technologist, dedicated to implementing and adapting software platforms for the dissemination of information. Velma works for Enfoque Digital, an organisation that is dedicated to the provision of editorial services, marking, visibility consultancy and positioning in the academic environment, Open Access, and content preservation. Enfoque Digital hope to soon become a Crossref sponsor assisting smaller publishing organisations in Venezuela to become Crossref members.

Velma also sits on the editorial committee of Journal of Management Studies, working hard to enhance the visibility of science that is produced in country. She has experience using platforms such as Open Journals System (OJS), KOHA, DSPACE, and ORFEO. Velma is happy to offer her expertise about the services offered by Crossref, you can contact her on Twitter @velmavi or on LinkedIn.

Velma Vilchez tecnologa, dedicada a realizar implementaciones y adaptaciones a plataformas de software para la difusión de la información, forma parte de la empresa: Enfoque Digital que se dedica a la prestación de servicios editoriales, marcaje, asesorías de visibilidad y posicionamiento en el entorno academico, Open Access, preservación de contenidos, entre otros y pronto patrocinadores Crossref.

Es parte del comite editorial de Journal of Management Studies, trabaja arduamente para hacer visible la ciencia que se produce en el país, tiene experiencia en plataformas como, Open Journals System, KOHA, DSPACE, ORFEO, etc. Esta en disposición de asesorar a todo lo que requiera sobre los servicios ofrecidos por Crossref. Se puede contactarla por Twitter @velmavi o LinkedIn.

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