Meet our ambassadors in Africa

The Crossref Ambassador Program is an exciting and important program initiated in early 2018, and one which fully embraces a key strategic focus—to adapt to expanding constituencies.

Our Ambassadors are enthusiastic volunteers who work within the global academic community in a variety of ways—as librarians, researchers, publishers, and societies,—and all of whom share a strong belief in the mission-driven work we do to improve scholarly research communication. They support us by using their industry expertise, local knowledge, and translation skills to represent Crossref at regional events—providing training to our members in different languages, locations and time zones.

See who is in Africa:

Algeria - Younes Saaid

Younes Saaid

Younes Saaid is a skilled researcher with a masters degree in Linguistics and Language Contact, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Didactics of English for Specific Purposes at the University of Oran 2, Algeria. His expertise lies in language contact,language teaching methodologies, and English for Specific Purposes. Younes actively contributes to the field through indexing academic journals, enhancing research visibility. He also plays a vital role in the Algerian Scientific Journals Platform (ASJP), promoting Algerian research and managing the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform for various journals.

يونس سعيد هو باحث مثابر يحمل درجة الماستر في اللسانيات وتواصل اللغات، ويزاول حالياً دراساته العليا في درجة الدكتوراه في تعليم اللغة الإنجليزية لأغراض محددة في جامعة وهران 2، الجزائر. تتركز اهتماماته البحثية في مجالات التواصل اللغوي، ومنهجيات تدريس اللغات، واللغة الإنجليزية لأغراض محددة. يساهم يونس بنشاط في المجال من خلال فهرسة المجلات العلمية وتعزيز رؤية الأبحاث. يلعب أيضًا دورًا حيويًا في منصة المجلات العلمية الجزائرية، والترويج للبحوث الجزائرية وإدارة منصة نظام المجلات المفتوحة لعديد المجلات.

Cameroon - Audrey Kenni Nganmeni

Audrey Kenni

I am Audrey Kenni Nganmeni, editor at the Pan African Medical Journal in charge of legal affairs and focal person of the journal with Crossref, a journal based in Cameroon, Africa. I am very glad to be part of Crossref ambassadors where I will learn more about Crossref services, benefit of diverses training and help Crossref with my French skills.

Je suis Audrey Kenni Nganmeni, éditrice au Pan African Medical Journal en charge des affaires juridiques et point focal de la revue avec Crossref. Je suis basée au Cameroun en Afrique. Je suis très heureuse de faire partie des ambassadeurs Crossref où je pourrai en savoir plus sur les services Crossref, bénéficier de diverses formations et aider Crossref avec mes compétences en français.

Egypt - Ahmed Moustafa

Ahmed Moustafa

Ahmed Moustafa is an Academic Publishing professional with wide expertise in Scholarly Publishing. He holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry/Geology from Cairo University in Egypt and is now the Executive Director of Andromeda Publishing and Academic Services in the UK. He first joined the leading open-access publisher, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, from 2010 until 2019. Ahmed supports openness and integrity of research, as well as integration and collaboration between the different societies of the publishing community. He is a member of the Creative Commons Global Network and the Industry Partnership Committee of the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors.

أحمد مصطفى، متخصص في النشر الأكاديمي ولديه خبرة واسعة في صناعة النشر العلمي. حصل على درجة البكالوريوس في الكيمياء/الجيولوجيا من جامعة القاهرة في مصر وهو الآن المدير التنفيذي لشركة اندروميدا للنشر والخدمات الأكاديمية في المملكة المتحدة. بدأ حياته المهنية بالانضمام إلي رائد النشر مفتوح الوصول "غير مقيد الوصول إليه"، مؤسسة هنداوي للنشر، من عام 2010 حتى عام 2019. يدعم أحمد انفتاح ونزاهة البحث، فضلاً عن التكامل والتعاون بين مختلف مؤسسات مجتمع النشر. وهو عضو في شبكة المشاع الإبداعي العالمية ولجنة الشراكة الصناعية إحدي لجان الجمعية الدولية للمحررين الإداريين والتقنيين.

Ghana - Richard Bruce Lamptey

Richard Bruce Lamptey

Richard Bruce Lamptey is the Librarian of the College of Science Library and a Deputy Librarian in the KNUST Library System. He is knowledgeable in digital libraries, data curation, digital repositories, information management, and open access / open data issues. Very much results-driven, go-getter, follow transformational leadership principles. Has supported national and institutional open access awareness raising and advocacy workshops that have resulted in several open access repositories in the country. Through his work, the first open access mandate in the country was introduced by Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He holds PhD, MPhil, MA and Diploma (Library and Information Studies). He is very passionate about Knowledge sharing, interested in equity in scholarly communications and research, alternative metrics, grey literature and open access.

Kenya - Mercury Shitindo

Mercury Shitindo

With over 18 years of management experience, Ms. Shitindo is a researcher and bioethicist. She currently chairs the Africa Bioethics Network, is an editor at the African Journal of Bioethics, serves on the BCA-WA-ETHICS II Project Advisory Board, and is a Technical Expert for Global Impact. She is an alumnus of the WCG IRB International Fellows Program and trains Open Peer Reviewers. She promotes human rights and human dignity in African society through research, writing, and capacity-building. She volunteers at Africans Rising as a Regional Resource Mobilizer and is a Crossref Ambassador. Her research aims to promote equitable access to necessities, education, and health by endorsing ethical research conduct and upholding human rights and dignity.

Akiwa na uzoefu wa usimamizi wa zaidi ya miaka 18, Bi. Shitindo ni mtafiti na mtaalamu wa maadili. Kwa sasa ni mwenyekiti wa Mtandao wa Maadili ya Kibiolojia Afrika, ni mhariri katika Jarida la Afrika la Maadili ya Kibiolojia, anahudumu katika Bodi ya Ushauri ya Mradi wa BCA-WA-ETHICS II, na ni Mtaalam wa Kiufundi wa Athari za Kiulimwengu. Yeye ni mhitimu wa Mpango wa Kimataifa wa Wenzake wa WCG IRB na hufunza Wakaguzi Huria wa Rika. Anakuza haki za binadamu na utu katika jamii ya Kiafrika kupitia utafiti, uandishi, na kujenga uwezo. Anajitolea katika Africans Rising kama Mhamasishaji wa Rasilimali za Kanda na ni Balozi wa Crossref. Utafiti wake unalenga kukuza upatikanaji sawa wa mahitaji, elimu, na afya kwa kuidhinisha mwenendo wa utafiti wa kimaadili na kuzingatia haki za binadamu na utu.

Nigeria - Blessing Abumere

Blessing Abumere

Blessing Oghenero Abumere is the Executive Director of Journal Issues, a growing global open access publisher based in Nigeria. His passion for information dissemination and sharing led him into publishing. He has been in academic publishing since 2009. Blessing ensures that his team work with authors all over the world to provide intellectually viable content, with an emphasis on developing countries. He has developed end-to-end publishing processes for journals.

Blessing is delighted with Crossref’s persistent and tireless efforts in developing novel tools to make content easy to find, cite, link, and access. He is constantly exploring new technologies, methodologies and practices to improve the quality and dissemination of scholarly content. He enjoys reading and listening to music in his spare time.

Senegal - Oumy Ndiaye

Oumy Ndiaye

Dr. Oumy Ndiaye, a certified gender and ethics expert, is a health economist at Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar. Her areas of expertise include health financing, inequalities in access to care, sexual and reproductive health, and children’s health. She has led numerous projects and programs in this field, and has collaborated with the United Nations and the international NGO FIND as an international consultant. Dr. Ndiaye has published several articles and a significant work on demographic dividend and development. Currently, she is spearheading a project on violations of the rights of domestic workers in French-speaking West Africa.

Le Dr Oumy Ndiaye, experte certifiée en genre et en éthique, est économiste de la santé à l’Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar. Ses domaines d’expertise incluent le financement de la santé, les inégalités d’accès aux soins, la santé sexuelle et reproductive et la santé des enfants. Elle a dirigé de nombreux projets et programmes dans ce domaine, et a collaboré avec les Nations Unies et l’ONG internationale FIND en tant que consultante internationale. Le Dr Ndiaye a publié plusieurs articles et un ouvrage important sur le dividende démographique et le développement. Actuellement, elle mène un projet sur les violations des droits des travailleuses domestiques en Afrique de l’Ouest francophone.

Tanzania - Baraka Manjale Ngussa

Baraka Ngussa

Baraka Manjale NGUSSA holds a PhD in Education (Curriculum and Teaching) from the University of Eastern Africa Baraton, Kenya. He is an experienced educator, researcher, and administrator in higher learning institutions particularly at the University of Arusha in Tanzania where he currently serves as the Director of Human Resources and Administration. He has been the President for Tanzania Adventist Authors and Writers Association (TAAWA) since 2019. He has a wide experience in teaching, publication and supervision and has authored over 60 publications including books, journal articles, encyclopedia sections, and book chapters. Baraka is the founder, CEO and Chief Editor of the East African Journal of Education and Social Sciences (EAJESS) which is indexed by African Journals Online (AJOL). His research areas include curriculum and teaching, educational management, and leadership. As Crossref Ambassador, Baraka’s passion is to provide his expertise in supporting academic journals in Africa to acquire and maintain high quality standards.

Baraka Manjale NGUSSA ana Shahada ya Uzamivu katika Elimu (Mitaala na Ufundishaji) ya Chuo Kikuu cha Afrika Mashariki, Baraton kilichoko Kenya. Baraka ana uzoefu mwingi katika ufundishaji, utafiti na uongozi katika Elimu ya Juu hasa Katika Chuo Kikuu cha Arusha ambako kwa sasa ni Mkurugenzi wa Rasilimali watu na Utawala. Amekuwa Rais wa Chama cha Watunzi wa Waandhishi wa Kiadventista nchini Tanzania tangu mwaka 2019. Ana uzoefu mpana katika kufundisha, uandhishi na usimamizi wa tafiti, na ana machapisho zaidi ya 60 ikiwa ni pamoja na vitabu, sura za vitabu pamoja na makala mbalimbali. Baraka ni muasisi na mhariri mkuu wa jarida la Afrika Mashariki la Elimu na Sayansi Jamii ambalo limewekwa katika African Journals Online (AJOL). Maeneo yake ya utafiti ni katika mitaala na ufundishaji, utawala wa elimu pamoja na uongozi. Akiwa Balozi wa Crossref, lengo lake ni kutoa uzoefu wa kitaalamu ili kuwezesha majarida yaliyoko Afrika Kushiriki katika mtandao wa Crossref wa kiulimwengu wa majarida ya kitaaluma.

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