Meet our ambassadors in Americas

The Crossref Ambassador Program is an exciting and important program initiated in early 2018, and one which fully embraces a key strategic focus—to adapt to expanding constituencies.

Our Ambassadors are enthusiastic volunteers who work within the global academic community in a variety of ways—as librarians, researchers, publishers, and societies,—and all of whom share a strong belief in the mission-driven work we do to improve scholarly research communication. They support us by using their industry expertise, local knowledge, and translation skills to represent Crossref at regional events—providing training to our members in different languages, locations and time zones.

See who is in the Americas:

Argentina - Evangelos Vlachos

Evan Vlachos

Evangelos (Evan) Vlachos is a Greek/Argentine paleontologist working as a CONICET researcher on the Museo Paleontol├│gico Egidio Feruglio, Trelew, Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina. Born and raised in Greece, Evan completed his studies with a PhD in Vertebrate Paleontology in the School of Geology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, specializing in fossil turtles and tortoises. Since 2015, he lives permanently in Argentina, focusing on the past diversity of turtles and the extinction events that shaped it. He is an active contributor to the PaleoBiology Database, and actively involved in the production process of the peer-reviewed journals of the Asociaci├│n Paleontol├│gica Argentina, including management of the Open Journal Systems and Crossref metadata deposition.

Evangelos (Evan) Vlachos es un paleont├│logo griego/argentino que trabaja como investigador del CONICET en el Museo Paleontol├│gico Egidio Feruglio, Trelew, Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina. Nacido y criado en Grecia, Evan complet├│ sus estudios con un doctorado en Paleontolog├şa de Vertebrados en la Facultad de Geolog├şa de la Universidad Arist├│teles de Tesal├│nica, Grecia, especializ├índose en tortugas f├│siles. Desde 2015, vive permanentemente en Argentina, centr├índose en la diversidad pasada de tortugas y los eventos de extinci├│n que le dieron forma. Es un colaborador activo de PaleoBiology Database y participa activamente en el proceso de producci├│n de las revistas revisadas por pares de la Asociaci├│n Paleontol├│gica Argentina, incluida la gesti├│n de Open Journal Systems y el dep├│sito de metadatos Crossref.

╬č ╬Ľ¤ů╬Č╬│╬│╬Á╬╗╬┐¤é (╬ĺ╬▒╬│╬│╬ş╬╗╬̤é) ╬ĺ╬╗╬Ȥç╬┐¤é ╬Á╬»╬Ż╬▒╬╣ ╬ş╬Ż╬▒¤é ╬ł╬╗╬╗╬Ě╬Ż╬▒¤é/╬Ťü╬│╬Á╬Ż¤ä╬»╬Ż╬┐¤é ¤Ç╬▒╬╗╬▒╬╣╬┐╬Ż¤ä╬┐╬╗¤î╬│╬┐¤é ¤Ç╬┐¤ů ╬Á¤ü╬│╬Č╬Â╬Á¤ä╬▒╬╣ ¤ë¤é ╬Á¤ü╬Á¤ů╬Ż╬̤ä╬«¤é ¤â¤ä╬┐ CONICET ¤â¤ä╬┐ Museo Paleontol├│gico Egidio Feruglio, Trelew, Chubut, ╬á╬▒¤ä╬▒╬│╬┐╬Ż╬»╬▒, ╬Ťü╬│╬Á╬Ż¤ä╬╣╬Ż╬«. ╬ô╬Á╬Ż╬Ż╬Ě╬╝╬ş╬Ż╬┐¤é ╬║╬▒╬╣ ╬╝╬Á╬│╬▒╬╗¤ë╬╝╬ş╬Ż╬┐¤é ¤â¤ä╬Ě╬Ż ╬Ľ╬╗╬╗╬Č╬┤╬▒, ╬┐ ╬ĺ╬▒╬│╬│╬ş╬╗╬̤é ╬┐╬╗╬┐╬║╬╗╬«¤ü¤ë¤â╬Á ¤ä╬╣¤é ¤â¤Ç╬┐¤ů╬┤╬ş¤é ¤ä╬┐¤ů ╬╝╬Á ╬┤╬╣╬┤╬▒╬║¤ä╬┐¤ü╬╣╬║¤î ¤â¤ä╬Ě╬Ż ╬á╬▒╬╗╬▒╬╣╬┐╬Ż¤ä╬┐╬╗╬┐╬│╬»╬▒ ╬ú¤Ç╬┐╬Ż╬┤¤ů╬╗¤ë¤ä¤Ä╬Ż ¤â¤ä╬┐ ╬Ą╬╝╬«╬╝╬▒ ╬ô╬Á¤ë╬╗╬┐╬│╬»╬▒¤é ¤ä╬┐¤ů ╬Ťü╬╣¤â¤ä╬┐¤ä╬Á╬╗╬Á╬»╬┐¤ů ╬á╬▒╬Ż╬Á¤Ç╬╣¤â¤ä╬Ě╬╝╬»╬┐¤ů ╬ś╬Á¤â¤â╬▒╬╗╬┐╬Ż╬»╬║╬̤é, ╬╝╬Á ╬Á╬╣╬┤╬»╬║╬Á¤ů¤â╬Ě ¤â¤ä╬╣¤é ╬▒¤Ç╬┐╬╗╬╣╬ޤë╬╝╬ş╬Ż╬Á¤é ¤ç╬Á╬╗¤Ä╬Ż╬Á¤é. ╬Ĺ¤Ç¤î ¤ä╬┐ 2015, ╬Â╬Á╬╣ ╬╝¤î╬Ż╬╣╬╝╬▒ ¤â¤ä╬Ě╬Ż ╬Ťü╬│╬Á╬Ż¤ä╬╣╬Ż╬«, ╬Á¤â¤ä╬╣╬Č╬Â╬┐╬Ż¤ä╬▒¤é ¤â¤ä╬Ě╬Ż ¤Ç╬┐╬╣╬║╬┐╬╣╬╗¤î¤ä╬̤ä╬▒ ¤ä¤ë╬Ż ¤ç╬Á╬╗¤ë╬Ż¤Ä╬Ż ╬║╬▒¤ä╬Č ¤ä╬┐ ¤Ç╬▒╬Á¤ü╬╗╬ޤî╬Ż ╬║╬▒╬╣ ¤â¤ä╬▒ ╬│╬Á╬│╬┐╬Ż¤î¤ä╬▒ ╬Á╬ż╬▒¤ć╬Č╬Ż╬╣¤â╬Ě¤é ¤Ç╬┐¤ů ¤ä╬Ě ╬┤╬╣╬▒╬╝¤î¤ü¤ć¤ë¤â╬▒╬Ż. ╬ú¤ů╬Ż╬Á╬╣¤â¤ć╬ş¤ü╬Á╬╣ ╬Á╬Ż╬Á¤ü╬│╬Č ¤â¤ä╬Ě ╬▓╬Ȥâ╬Ě ╬┤╬Á╬┤╬┐╬╝╬ş╬Ż¤ë╬Ż PaleoBiology Database ╬║╬▒╬╣ ¤â¤ů╬╝╬╝╬Á¤ä╬ş¤ç╬Á╬╣ ╬Á╬Ż╬Á¤ü╬│╬Č ¤â¤ä╬Ě ╬┤╬╣╬▒╬┤╬╣╬║╬▒¤â╬»╬▒ ╬┤╬Ě╬╝╬┐¤â╬»╬Á¤ů¤â╬Ě¤é ¤ä¤ë╬Ż ¤Ç╬Á¤ü╬╣╬┐╬┤╬╣╬║¤Ä╬Ż ¤ä╬̤é Asociaci├│n Paleontol├│gica Argentina, ¤â¤ů╬╝¤Ç╬Á¤ü╬╣╬╗╬▒╬╝╬▓╬▒╬Ż╬┐╬╝╬ş╬Ż╬Ě¤é ¤ä╬̤é ╬┤╬╣╬▒¤ç╬Á╬»¤ü╬╣¤â╬Ě¤é ¤ä╬┐¤ů Open Journal Systems ╬║╬▒╬╣ ¤ä╬̤é ╬║╬▒¤ä╬Č╬Ş╬Á¤â╬̤é ╬╝╬Á¤ä╬▒╬┤╬Á╬┤╬┐╬╝╬ş╬Ż¤ë╬Ż ¤â¤ä╬┐ Crossref.

Argentina - Sandra Gisela Mart├şn

Sandra Gisela Mart├şn

Sandra Gisela Mart├şn holds a PhD in Library Science and Documentation, a Master’s degree in Digital Documentation, a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Library Science and Documentation. Since 2003 she has been Director of the Library System of the Catholic University of C├│rdoba. She teaches in the Bachelor’s Degree in Library Science at the National University of C├│rdoba, Argentina. She also teaches in doctoral, master’s and specialization courses on information technology, information search and retrieval, scientific production, scientific journals, citations and bibliographic references in academic writing. She is a member of the IFLA Bibliography Section, the OCLC Global Council and the Editorial Board of re3data. Author of several scientific articles and numerous conference presentations.

Sandra Gisela Mart├şn es Doctora en Bibliotecolog├şa y Documentaci├│n, M├íster en Documentaci├│n Digital, Licenciada en Inform├ítica y Licenciada en Bibliotecolog├şa y Documentaci├│n. Desde el a├▒o 2003 es dirige del Sistema de Bibliotecas de la Universidad Cat├│lica de C├│rdoba. Ejerce la docencia en la Licenciatura en Bibliotecolog├şa de la Universidad Nacional de C├│rdoba, Argentina. Adem├ís, es profesora en carreras de doctorado, maestr├şas y especializaciones sobre temas de tecnolog├şas de la informaci├│n, b├║squedas y recuperaci├│n de la informaci├│n, producci├│n cient├şfica, revistas cient├şficas, citas y referencias bibliogr├íficas en la escritura acad├ęmica. Es miembro de la Secci├│n Bibliograf├şa de la IFLA, del Consejo Global de OCLC y del Consejo Editorial de re3data. Autora de diversos art├şculos cient├şficos y con numerosas presentaciones a congresos.

Brazil - Edilson Damasio

Dr. Edilson Damasio

Edilson Damasio has been a librarian since 1995, holding a PhD in Information Science from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro-UFRJ/IBICT. He currently works in the Department of Mathematics Library of State University of Maring├í-UEM, Brazil. With 20 yearsÔÇÖ experience in scientific metadata and publishing, is expertise is wide-ranging including knowledge of scientific communication, Crossref services, research integrity, misconduct prevention in science, publishing in Latin America, biomedical information, OJS-Open Journal Systems, Open Access journals, scientific journal quality and indexing, and scientific bibliographical databases. He is enthusiastic about presenting and disseminating information about Crossref services to his community in Brazil and working within the wider community, exchanging ideas and experience. You can contact Edilson via Twitter @edilsondamasio or on LinkedIn.

Eu sou bibliotec├írio desde 1995, Doutor em Ci├¬ncia da Informa├ž├úo pela Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro-UFRJ/conv├¬nio IBICT. Eu trabalho na Biblioteca do Departamento de Matem├ítica da Universidade Estadual de Maring├í-UEM. Com 20 anos de experi├¬ncia em metadados cient├şficos e editora├ž├úo, entre outros. Meus conhecimentos s├úo diversos sobre comunica├ž├úo cient├şfica, cientometria, metadados XML, servi├žos Crossref, integridade em pesquisa, preven├ž├úo de m├ís condutas na ci├¬ncia, editora├ž├úo, editora├ž├úo na Am├ęrica Latina, informa├ž├úo biom├ędica, OJS-Open Journal Systems, revistas de Acesso Aberto, qualidade de peri├│dicos cient├şficos e indexa├ž├úo, bases de dados bibliogr├íficas. Gosto de disseminar meu conhecimento a outras regi├Áes e pessoas e de trabalhar em comunidade junto as institui├ž├Áes e outros pa├şses, de planejar novas apresenta├ž├Áes, de trocar experi├¬ncias como palestrante ou convidado e trabalhar na dissemina├ž├úo do conhecimento para todos.

Brazil - Bruna Erlandsson

Bruna Erlandsson

Bruna graduated in 2012 in Editorial Production and since then has been actively involved in scientific publication. As co-owner of the company Linceu Editorial, Bruna has supported Brazilian journals in improving their quality by teaching them the best way of presenting rich metadata. She acted as a facilitator at ABEC-IBICT-Crossref partnership, supporting hundreds of journals to get their own DOI prefix. She has been elected to join the council of The Brazilian Association of Scientific Editors, as well as the editorial board of publication ÔÇśScience EditorsÔÇÖ from The Council of Science Editors (CSE) and is currently in the final stage of the CSE Publication Certificate Program. She expects, as an Ambassador, to improve dissemination of knowledge and teaching on how to explore and use all the tools offered by Crossref.

Bruna graduou-se em 2012 em Produ├ž├úo Editorial e, desde ent├úo, tem se envolvido em publica├ž├úo cient├şfica de forma bastante atuante. S├│cia-propriet├íria da empresa Linceu Editorial, tem apoiado peri├│dicos na melhoria da qualidade por meio da ado├ž├úo de padr├Áes internacionais para apresenta├ž├úo de metadados. Atuou como facilitadora na parceria ABEC-IBICT-Crossref, a qual possibilitou a atribui├ž├úo de DOI a centenas de peri├│dicos no Brasil. Faz parte do Comit├¬ Editorial da revista Science Editors publicada pelo Council of Science Editors (CSE) e ├ę membro do conselho deliberativo da Associa├ž├úo Brasileira de Editores Cient├şficos (ABEC). Participa tamb├ęm do CSE Publication Certificate Program, encontrando-se na fase final da certifica├ž├úo. Espera, como embaixadora, disseminar o conhecimento e ensinar como explorar e usar todas as ferramentas oferecidas pela Crossref.

Colombia - Nicol├ís Mej├şa Torres

Nicol├ís Mej├şa Torres

Nicol├ís Mej├şa Torres is a professional social communicator, who specializes in editorial production and bibliometrics. Since 2020 he has been an associate editor for Palabra Clave, a social science communications journal. He has been working with the Universidad de La Sabana as Scientific Journal Coordinator, a role that has given him the chance to work with Open Journal Systems (OJS). He has also worked with different high-impact databases for scientific journals, such as Scopus, SciVal, and Web of Science, and has been using Crossref as a tool to improve the value of the metadata of all publications of his institution. He likes to discover new technologies and tools, useful for both his life and work. He is an amateur enthusiast for bibliometric data and wants to use it to explore new paths for the journals he manages and the disciplines they impact.

Nicol├ís Mej├şa Torres es profesional en comunicaci├│n social. Se ha especializado en producci├│n editorial y bibliometr├şa. Desde 2020 es editor asociado de Palabra Clave, una revista de comunicaci├│n en ciencias sociales. Trabaja con la Universidad de La Sabana como el coordinador de revistas cient├şficas. En ese rol ha podido trabajar con Open Journal Systems (OJS); tambi├ęn, trabaja con bases de datos de alto impacto para revistas cient├şficas, como Scopus, SciVal y Web of Science. Se han involucrado con Crossref como una herramienta que mejora el valor de los metadatos de las publicaciones en su instituci├│n. Le gusta descubrir nuevas tecnolog├şas y herramientas que le sirvan en su vida y trabajo. Es un entusiasta por la bibliometr├şa y le gusta explorar con datos nuevos caminos y comportamientos de revistas cient├şficas de su instituci├│n y las disciplinas que impactan con lo que publican.

Colombia - Arley Soto

Arley Soto

Arley Soto is a professional in Information systems, Librarianship and Archives. He is also the co-founder of BITECA Ltda, a company that provides services for libraries and publishers since 2006, and his current role as innovation manager is to explore new products, services and tools that contribute to enhance the scholarly communication processes in Latin America. He is constantly exploring new technologies, methodologies and practices that improve the quality and dissemination of scholarly content, like new functionality for OJS, OCS, OMP, XML, DOI, ORCID, Crossmark and other editorial activities. He has also completed The European Master in Digital Libraries from the University of Oslo and Akershus, Tallin University and University of Pharma in 2016, with a thesis about the digital preservation of Colombian academic journals. Currently he is exploring the field of Web Archiving as well as Mobile Human-Computer Interaction in Scholarly Contexts.

Arley Soto es profesional en Sistemas de informaci├│n, bibliotecolog├şa y archiv├şstica. En 2016, complet├│ el M├íster Europeo en Bibliotecas Digitales de la Universidad de Oslo y Akershus, la Universidad de Tallin y la Universidad de Pharma, con una investigaci├│n sobre la preservaci├│n digital para revistas acad├ęmicas colombianas. Es cofundador de BITECA Ltda., una compa├▒├şa que brinda servicios a bibliotecas y editoriales desde el a├▒o 2006. Su rol actual como gerente de innovaci├│n es explorar y gestionar nuevos productos, servicios y herramientas que contribuyan a mejorar los procesos de comunicaci├│n acad├ęmica en Am├ęrica Latina. Estudia y examina nuevas tecnolog├şas, metodolog├şas y herramientas que permitan mejorar la calidad y difusi├│n del contenido acad├ęmico, tales como las funcionalidades para OJS, OCS, OMP, XML, DOI, ORCID, Crossmark y otras actividades editoriales. Adicionalmente, se encuentra interesado en analizar temas relacionados con la preservaci├│n de sitios web y la interacci├│n con dispositivos m├│viles en contextos acad├ęmicos.

Colombia - Juan Felipe Vargas Mart├şnez

Juan Felipe Vargas Mart├şnez

Juan Felipe Vargas Mart├şnez, Systems Engineer and Senior Management Specialist, has worked for more than 10 years in contributing to the editorial work of scientific publications. Previously, he was component coordinator of ÔÇśSistema Nacional de Acceso Abierto al ConocimientoÔÇÖ (National System of Open Access to Knowledge) in Colombia and has served as assistant and editorial advisor for various scientific publications in Colombia, Ecuador and Spain. Currently, Juan Felipe works as Co-Founder and Director of Journals & Authors, a company that, has supports scientific publications to improve their editorial quality and scientific dissemination through the optimization of editorial processes. Journals & Authors holds a regional meeting of academic journal editors, through which it provides training in editorial work and generates an integrated space within academia to address and discuss the new challenges of scientific publishing. Juan Felipe also acts as coordinator of journal management processes in Open Journals System, metadata deposit in Crossref, Crossmark, and databases.

Juan Felipe Vargas Mart├şnez, Ingeniero de Sistemas, Especialista en Alta Gerencia, ha trabajado por m├ís de 10 a├▒os contribuyendo a la labor editorial de las publicaciones cient├şficas. Fue coordinador de componente del Sistema Nacional de Acceso Abierto al Conocimiento (Colombia) y se ha desempe├▒ado como asistente y asesor editorial para diversas publicaciones cient├şficas en Colombia, Ecuador y Espa├▒a. Es cofundador y actualmente director de Journals & Authors, empresa que por m├ís de 5 a├▒os viene apoyando las publicaciones cient├şficas en el mejoramiento de la calidad editorial y la difusi├│n cient├şfica a trav├ęs de la creaci├│n de metodolog├şas que permitan la optimizaci├│n de los procesos editoriales. Journals & Authors realiza un encuentro regional de editores de revistas acad├ęmicas, a trav├ęs del cual busca capacitar en la labor editorial y generar espacios de integraci├│n entre la academia para abordar y discutir los nuevos retos de la edici├│n cient├şfica. Coordinador de procesos de gesti├│n de revistas en Open Journals System, dep├│sito de metadatos en Crossref, Crossmark y bases de datos.

Mexico - Amanda Falcone

Amanda Falcone

Amanda Falcone is an editor and translator. She holds a B.A. in English Studies, particularly interested in literature and postcolonial theory. She also holds a degree in Reading PromotionÔÇökeen to know the reading habits of university students, she carried out a research stay on digital reading at the University of Salamanca, Spain. Since 2014 she has worked for the Publishing House of the University of Veracruz in the acquisition of foreign rights and recently, she has focused on the display of scientific works in open access. She speaks Spanish, English, and Italian.

Amanda Falcone es editora y traductora. Estudi├│ la licenciatura en Lengua Inglesa con inter├ęs particular por la literatura y la teor├şa poscolonial. Tambi├ęn tiene una especializaci├│n en Promoci├│n de la Lectura, motivada por conocer los h├íbitos lectores de los estudiantes universitarios, lo que la llev├│ a realizar una estancia de investigaci├│n sobre lectura digital en la Universidad de Salamanca, Espa├▒a. Desde 2014 ha trabajado para la Editorial de la Universidad Veracruzana en la gesti├│n de derechos de autor y recientemente se ha enfocado en la puesta a disposici├│n de las obras cient├şficas en acceso abierto. Habla espa├▒ol, ingl├ęs e italiano.

Mexico - Guillermo Chávez

Guillermo Chavez

Guillermo Ch├ívez, Deputy Director of Academic Journals and Digital Publications at UNAM, oversees strategies to bolster academic and scientific publications. He has led multiple projects on digitization, repositories, and information systems. With over 15 years of experience, he’s an advocate for open access publishing, the use of open-source platforms like OJS, OMP, and DSPACE, and the adoption of interoperable standards. He also coordinates the LATINDEX System and teaches at UNAM’s School of Librarianship.

Guillermo Ch├ívez, subdirector de Revistas Acad├ęmicas y Publicaciones Digitales de la UNAM, supervisa las estrategias para impulsar las publicaciones acad├ęmicas y cient├şficas. Ha liderado m├║ltiples proyectos sobre digitalizaci├│n, repositorios y sistemas de informaci├│n. Con m├ís de 15 a├▒os de experiencia, es un defensor de la publicaci├│n de acceso abierto, el uso de plataformas de c├│digo abierto como OJS, OMP y DSPACE, y la adopci├│n de est├índares interoperables. Tambi├ęn coordina el Sistema LATINDEX y es docente en la Escuela de Biblioteconom├şa de la UNAM.

Mexico - Maria Ramos-Escamilla

Maria Ramos

Dr. Maria Ramos-Escamilla, a PhD in Economics from the Instituto Polit├ęcnico Nacional, has trained over 5000 postgraduates worldwide and authored over 200 works in international economics and fractal modelling. She has participated in numerous international research groups, earning recognition in economics and finance. With 25 years of experience, she has edited over 100 indexed journals across continents and is currently the General Director of ECORFAN-MEXICO, S.C. At Crossref, her mission is to aid researchers in globally connected written science.

La Dra. Maria Ramos-Escamilla, Doctora en Econom├şa del Instituto Polit├ęcnico Nacional, ha capacitado a m├ís de 5000 posgraduados en todo el mundo y es autora de m├ís de 200 trabajos en econom├şa internacional y modelado fractal. Ha participado en numerosos grupos de investigaci├│n internacionales, obteniendo reconocimiento en econom├şa y finanzas. Con 25 a├▒os de experiencia, ha editado m├ís de 100 revistas indexadas en todos los continentes y actualmente es la Directora General de ECORFAN-MEXICO, S.C. En Crossref, su misi├│n es ayudar a los investigadores en la ciencia escrita conectada globalmente.

USA - Lauren Lissaris

Lauren Lissaris

Lauren Lissaris has dedicated much of her career to the dissemination of valuable content on a robust platform. She takes pride in her achievements as the Digital Content Manager at JSTOR. JSTOR provides access to more than 10 million academic journal articles, books, and primary sources in 75 disciplines. JSTOR is part of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization helping the academic community use digital technologies to preserve the scholarly record and to advance research and teaching in sustainable ways.

Lauren successfully works with all aspects of journal content to effectively assist publishers with their digital content. This includes everything from XML markup, content registration/multiple resolution, and HTML website updates. Lauren has been involved in hosting current content on JSTOR since the program’s launch in 2010. She continues to collaborate with organizations to successfully contribute to the evolution of digital content. The natural spread from journals to books has set Lauren up for developing and planning the book Content Registration program for JSTOR. She is a member of the Crossref Books Advisory Group and she helped successfully pilot Crossref’s new Co-access book deposit feature.

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