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Improving the discoverability and impact of research across the globe is central to the future of open research. We understand that your time is limited. That’s why we have a clear process for registering your references with Crossref using our Simple Text Query, built with you in mind.

Give your content the recognition it deserves

We know how hard it is to find time. Once your content is registered through the web deposit form, use our Simple Text Query to add your references. Learn more about how to use our Simple Text Query using our handy guide:

Make your research more visible, evaluated, and likely to be cited. By registering your references you improve the discoverability of your work, facilitate evaluation, and assist with citation counts and accuracy.

References matter:

  • Used by thousands of organisations
  • Guide researchers to your content
  • Contribute to the evaluation of research
  • Progress your metadata strategy

Start registering references today.

  1. Already submitted your article metadata? Now register your article references to improve discoverability of your article:
  2. Ready to submit your article metadata? Add your metadata using our Web Deposit form and then register your references with our Simple Text Query.

Need more help? Explore our step by step instructions.

Why is registering references important?

By registering your references, you provide context and help readers understand the methodology and sources in your content, supporting the scholars to build upon it. Make your content more accessible and discoverable to a wider audience and increase the chances of it being cited.

Help with research assessment. Your authors will benefit from accurate citations as it contributes to the impact of their research. Many citation counting services use references as a way of tracking citations.

Thanks to the recent changes to our Citedby service, which is now open for all members to use, your references not only support your readers in their research, but now more than ever before – they can help guide others to your content as well.

Top tips for submitting your references:

  • Work with authors to make sure that your references are complete and accurate. This includes each source’s author, title, publisher, publication date, and – if available – the DOIs.
  • Use a consistent citation style. This will make it easier for readers to find your references and understand how to cite them in their own work.
  • Submit your references straight after you register your content DOIs so they are included in citation databases and citations are counted accurately.

Looking for support? Use our community forum or email <a href=" references email support"></a>.

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