A growing number of our members are organizations who work with or publish on behalf of groups of smaller publishers who fit a specific criteria. If you are one of these entities, you might be considering how you can also offer Crossref services to the publishers you work with.

We have a couple of options that might help - we have two categories of organizations that work with us on behalf of publishers they represent – Sponsoring Publishers and Sponsoring Affiliates. Both types of sponsor work directly with us in order to provide administrative, billing, technical and if applicable, language support to publishers and societies. In turn, we’re keen to support these organizations too, by running LIVE events and other outreach with them and listening to their feedback on what they need from us.

If you’re interested in this option, you can read on to find out how being a Sponsoring Affiliate and a Sponsoring Publisher differ and which definition you fall under. Not sure? Get in touch and we’ll work with you to figure out the best fit.

There are two categories of organizations that work with us on behalf of represented publishers – Sponsoring Publishers and Sponsoring Affiliates.

  1. Sponsoring Publishers you publish your own content as well as content on behalf of other organizations (we call these sponsored publishers).
  2. Sponsoring Affiliates you are not a primary publisher but you provide publishing services for of publishing organizations (we call these represented members).

Sponsoring Publishers and Sponsoring Affiliates both:

  • Facilitate content registration with Crossref on behalf of represented publishers
  • Handle billing on behalf of represented publishers
  • Pay one annual fee which covers all of the sponsored publishers/members you work with based on the total annual publications revenue of those members
  • Work at regional, national or international level and can provide support and promotion of Crossref activities and services

Sponsoring Publishers:

  • Are considered Crossref members and may vote in Crossref Board elections
  • Sign one agreement with Crossref covering all publishing activities

Sponsoring Affiliates

  • Are not Crossref voting members themselves, but each represented member is a Crossref member and may vote in our elections
  • Have agreements with Crossref and with each sponsored member
  • Sign a renewal agreement with us each year
  • Submit an annual report of your sponsoring activities to Crossref. This helps us keep track of what you’re working on and to find out what we can do to help and support.

For more information see our fees page and contact our outreach team with any questions.

Last Updated: 2017 March 11 by Rachael Lammey