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LIVE22 online, October 26, 2022

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Annual Meeting & Board Election #CRLIVE22 will be held October 26, 2022, 16:00 UTC (universal coordinated time). Registration is open, so please sign up to join us.

We invite all our members, friends and partners across the world to join us for this year’s Annual Meeting. The agenda will include the results of our board election as well as strategic updates from Crossref team, opportunities to interact with colleagues and to celebrate our global community.

We’re looking to bring back popular features from our past in-person events, including flash talks, posters and product demos. Further details of the agenda will be updated here in September.

 Call for Abstracts

We’ll open the virtual floor of LIVE22 to highlights from our members and teams across the Crossref community. Please submit abstracts (up to 250 words) of posters or talks you’d like to cover and encourage colleagues to share their stories too by September 10.

For more information about our call for abstracts please visit our submission page.

LIVE21 online, November 9, 2021

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Hosted by Rosa Morais Clark, our annual meeting, LIVE21, was held online on November 9th at 9:00 UTC (universal coordinated time). All our members, from the 140+ countries where our members are based, and everyone in our community were invited to hear the results of our board election as well as strategic updates from our leadership team.

Here are some of the outputs from the full session:

  • Ed Pentz talked about our strategic goals to help clarify our vision and strategy;
  • Geoffrey Bilder explained our path to POSI by reviewing practical steps we’ve taken to work towards more assured sustainability and broader governance;
  • Ginny Hendricks gave highlights of the year - new partnerships, community trends, significant news such as upgrading our REST API and the growth of grant metadata; and explained our vision of the ‘Research Nexus’ - an articulation of what we envision when all research objects are connected via multidirectional relationships and assertions;
  • Bryan Vickery shared our first public roadmap, our plans for improving the security of our technology, and priorities for 2022;
  • Lucy Ofiesh led our annual meeting and board election results, looked at our financial performance and the 2022 draft budget.

Please check out the materials from LIVE21 below, and cite the outputs as Crossref Annual Meeting LIVE21, November 9, 2021 retrieved [date], []:

LIVE20 online, November 10, 2020

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Crossref turned 20 in 2020 and despite the challenges in the world lately, it felt like a natural milestone to take our annual meeting, LIVE20, online. It meant that we could welcome even more people than usual, from the 140 countries where our members are based, to hear the results of our board election as well as some updates from our team.

Hosted by Rosa Morais Clark, LIVE20 event took place on November 10th at 15:00 UTC (universal coordinated time). Here are some of the outputs of the full session that includes:

  • Ed Pentz gave an overview of “the big picture” including the milestone board motions in July 2020 that commit to the collaborative development of open infrastructure for the benefit of the whole community.
  • Ginny Hendricks gave an update from the Outreach team including technical support, trends such as handling ~220 new members every month, where new members are coming from lately (Africa!), and some special programs and projects such as grants.
  • Bryan Vickery introduced the Product team and what they’ve been working on and planning. Featuring ease-of-use and simplifying-services!
  • Lucy Ofiesh provides an overview of the sustainability model of Crossref, the latest financial data, and describes the make-up of the board and some key governance matters. Lucy then goes on to announce the results of the 2020 board election. The new board term starts March 2021.

Please check out the materials from LIVE20 below, and cite the outputs as Crossref Annual Meeting LIVE20, November 10, 2020, retrieved [date],

LIVE19 in Amsterdam, November 13-14, 2019

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The theme for LIVE19––approaching the 20th anniversary of Crossref––was Have your say and it included an afternoon of scene-setting talks from Ed on our strategy and trends, and Ginny on research into the value of Crossref. They also set out some thoughts in the blog post A turning point is a time for reflection. We also heard flash talks on that same subject of the value of Crossref, in a session entitled “In their own words” from: Todd Toler of Wiley; Catriona Maccallum of Hindawi; Anna Danilova of Ukrinformauka; Christian Gutknecht of the Swiss National Science Foundation; and Ludo Waltman of CWTS at Leiden University.

Roundtable group workshops on the second day were designed around an extended annual report as a “fact file” which shows data and trends alongside key questions.

Christian also wrote up his takeaways from LIVE19 (in German), as did Ludo who includes three top recommendations for Crossref from a science studies perspective.

Day 1 - Recording
Recorded sessions from November 13, 2019
Ed Pentz and Ginny Hendricks - “Welcome”, “Perceived value of Crossref”, “Strategic scene-setting” (PDF)
Catriona Maccallum of Hindawi - “In our own words: Hindawi” (PDF)
Todd Toler of Wiley - “Crossref’s Value in an era of Open Science” (PDF)
Anna Danilova of Ukrinformauka - “Cooperation of SA “Ukrinformnauka” with Crossref (PDF)
Christian Gutknecht of the Swiss National Science Foundation - “Crossref from a funder perspective” (PDF)
Ludo Waltman of CWTS at Leiden University - “Researcher and metadata user view” (PDF)

Day 2 - Recording
Recorded sessions November 14, 2019
Slides for Workshop 1
Slides for Workshop 2
Slides for Workshop 2
Slides for the Workshop ‘rollup’

Get the feel of the event by listening to talks from the session entitled “In their own words…” from: Todd Toler of Wiley, Catriona Maccallum of Hindawi, Anna Danilova of Ukrinformauka, Christian Gutknecht of the Swiss National Science Foundation, and Ludo Waltman of CWTS at Leiden University. The podcast also includes some of our guest’s comments about the value of Crossref.

Please note there will be no in-person event around the November 2020 annual election, which will instead be announced virtually. We want to take stock of the feedback from LIVE19, gather more from others throughout 2020, and following up on the value research outputs we’ll be ready to report progress in 2021. Please check to see if there will be a LIVE local near you instead.

LIVE18 in Toronto, November 13-14, 2018

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The theme of LIVE18 was `How good is your metadata?` where Crossref staff and invited speakers inspired us with their metadata tales of woe and wonder. It was two full days packed with a mixture of plenary sessions, the results of our members' newly elected board members, and interactive activities.

Watch the recorded sessions from day one 13 November, 2018
Watch the recorded sessions from day two 14 November, 2018

LIVE17 in Singapore, November 14-15, 2017

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We focused on the theme of `Metadata + Relations + Infrastructure = Context`. We had our fullest program yet, with the broadest representation yet - researchers, editors, journal and book people, publishing execs, librarians, and funders. We talked a lot about relationships: between metadata; between research outputs; and between the scholarly community.

Watch the recorded sessions from day one 14 November, 2017
Watch the recorded sessions from day two 15 November, 2017

The annual meeting archive

Browse our archive of annual meetings with agendas and links to previous presentations from 2001 through 2015. Its a real trip down memory lane!

Please contact us with any questions.

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