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Some of our services have changed…

At Crossref we’re always evaluating the products, tools and services we provide, and from time to time we need to sunset things. This might be because we’ve changed our policies, developed newer technologies to replace the old, or because the usage of the service no longer warrants the cost of ongoing maintenance. An archive of the changes we’ve made recently is below. We always give advanced warning so those using the services can prepare - please check out our community forum or blog as that’s where upcoming changes are generally announced nowadays. Contact our support team with any questions.


24 November 2020

Click-through Service for text and data mining

The Click-through Service for text and data mining was a registry of additional TDM license agreements, posted by Crossref members, which researchers could review and accept and then use the API token provided when requesting full-text from the publisher.

Given the low take-up of the service by both publishers and researchers, its goals are no longer being met. Therefore we will retire the service on 31 December 2020. Until that date, it will still operate for the two publishers and various researchers who use it while they finish implementing their alternative plans. For more details on this, and our continuing support for text and data mining, please read the blog post Evolving our support for text-and-data mining.

Note, Crossref will continue to collect member-supplied TDM licensing information in metadata for individual works, and researchers can continue to find this via the Crossref APIs.

03 November 2020

Guest service query accounts

Crossref provides various interfaces for query services.

The Crossref Query Services interfaces are:

Registered Crossref Members, Libraries and Affiliates are able to use these interfaces with their previously supplied system account credentials.

Following a recent change, guest users no longer need to register for a free Guest Services Query account. You must include your email address in your queries. The purpose of requiring an email address is simply to monitor usage to balance system demand and to identify problems.

This brings querying our XML API and Open URL services inline with our REST API.

Note, if you are not a member, you still need to supply your email address in the query; this is only used to contact you if there is a problem with your query.

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