Article numbers or IDs

Adding other identifiers

Journal articles and other scholarly works often have an ID such as an article number, eLocator, or e-location ID instead of a page number. In these cases, do not use the <first_page> tag to capture the ID - instead, use the <item_number> tag with the item_number_type attribute value set to article_number.

Example article number or ID

<publication_date media_type="online">
   <item_number item_number_type="article_number">3D9324F1-16B1-11D7- 8645000102C</item_number>

Internal and other identifiers

You can include identifiers that are not explicitly defined in our deposit schema section within the optional <publisher_item> section. <publisher_item> is also used to capture article or e-location IDs. This option should only be used for identifiers that identify the item being registered. Use relationships to capture identifiers for related items.

Examples of identifier types include:

  • PII
  • SICI
  • DOI
  • DAI
  • Z39.23
  • ISO-std-ref
  • std-designation
  • report-number
  • other

Example of an identifier

   <identifier id_type="**pii**">s00022098195001808</identifier>

Publication IDs

Every publication in our system is assigned a unique publication ID. These are used mostly for internal purposes, but may be useful when retrieving data in bulk or identifying a specific title. Publication IDs may be retrieved using OAI-PMH, or from the browsable title list.

Find publication IDs using an OAI-PMH request

An OAI-PMH ListSets request will return titles and publication IDs for journals, books, conference proceedings, and series-level data:

J (journal) is the default set, set=B must be specified to retrieve book or conference proceeding titles, and S for series-level titles. Sets may be further limited by member prefix. Learn more about OAI-PMH.

The publication ID is listed within the <setspec> element, after the set and member prefix. For example, within the following set, 24 is the publication ID for Journal of Clinical Psychology:

   <setName>Journal of Clinical Psychology</setName>

Find publication IDs using the browsable title list

The browsable title list includes the publication ID next to each title in the search results. Select the Purple id icon icon to reveal the ID. For most purposes, publication IDs are always preceded by the publication type (J, B, or S for journal, book, or series).

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